I’m Finally a Senior!




After three interesting years of high school, I am quickly approaching my final year at a pace I’m not too comfortable with. With being a senior comes a lot of responsibilities and tasks that need to be checked off the to-do list. There are campus tours that need to be done, capstone projects that need to be started, SATs to study for as well as take, applications to send off to colleges, senior dues to pay off, a GPA to keep up, a show choir to lead now that I’ve been appointed captain (I’m super stoked about this), and on top of all that, balance a job on my plate. I will say that trying to write this list down got me breathing a little heavier, but every senior has to go through this. I should be able to do it too.

From the list, I’ve started campus tours. I visited Kennesaw State University a few weeks ago. I didn’t take any pictures, which I currently regret, because I was like a kid in a candy store. The campus is super cool and KSU seemed technologically advanced and offers good programs. In a few days I will be visiting the University of Georgia and I’m quite excited to see what’s in store. Another exciting milestone is that I started working. My first official job! I work as a cashier at a local pizza restaurant and I’ve been loving it. I’m the kind of person who will take working over sitting at home watching TV any day! Plus as a cashier I also take in orders, so it’s been definitely helping me build confidence when speaking to new people and enhancing my customer service skills.

A project that I’ve recently started is starting to take my senior pictures. I still have yet to sign up with a studio to get both my yearbook and cap and gown pictures. When it comes to the scenes my mom and I decided to do our own, ones that catered more to who I am and backgrounds that express the real Allyson. Like everything I do, I like to add a bit of a twist. My mom and I thought it would be a good idea to do some pictures at home since it’s where I live and spent my entire high school life in. We decided to do more of a high fashion shoot for my pictures, so we waited on a rainy day to take some cool shots. What I like about the pictures is that they have a range from almost playful to something a little gothic. I look like one of those chicks from horror movies who’s about to haunt someone (honestly those shots were my personal favorite). The rest of my senior picture scenes are still yet to be taken and ideas are still being brought to the table. Honestly, I think I need a scene surrounded by Disney characters. Those who know me will tell you that Disney movies make up my life. What can I say? I’m still a five year old at heart, despite the fact, I may need to face some responsibilities that require a tad bit of growing up.

Back to School Geek Style: Doctor Who

TheCityGirls, FeerieDoll, bellalise,ConsultingFanGeeks, clpstudio

TheCityGirls, FeerieDoll, bellalise, ConsultingFanGeeks, clpstudio

Today I’ve decided to write a post for the geek and nerd in some of us. The first thing I want to talk about is the word fandoms. If you’re a nerd like me, you belong in some sort of fandom (or many fandoms). To belong to a fandom means you have to be a hardcore fan, you love something so much you freak out. This freak out is common among girls, it’s called fangirling. The first time I heard fangirling was when this girl in my class was telling me how she fangirls about One Direction and started freaking out and lecturing me about each of the boys. I’m not a One Directioner so I didn’t see what the big hype was about and I thought fangirling was pretty stupid. Then it hit me! Shows such as Doctor Who and The Walking Dead knocked at my door. Books like The Hunger Games and The Fault in our Stars started breaking down my windows! I had come down with the fangirling disease . Once you become a fangirl you can never go back, you become part of a fandom and there is no escaping. I became a fangirl a long time ago and I belong to more fandoms than all of my fingers and toes put together. Some of the main fandoms I belong to are: The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Reign, Hunger Games, Disney, and The Fault in our Stars.

The fandom I’m going to talk about today is Doctor Who. This is one of my main fandoms where I shriek at the mention of The Doctor. I’m pretty lucky to have my whovian friends because I would not be able to rant about each individual show to people who don’t watch the show. Today I started looking for when season 8 of Doctor Who is coming out, and sure enough it’s coming out August 23 on the BBC channel. I have no words to describe how excited I was when I read about how soon season 8 is. I’m excited to see how the 12th doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) is going to do. Clara remains the companion for this season. Also I heard of rumors about the Doctor’s worse enemy, the Master, making a comeback in this season.

Doctor Who is a really famous British show on the BBC Channel. If you like Doctor Who then you also might be interested in the show Sherlock and Supernatural. If you’re someone who loves these shows, then you belong to the superwholock fandom. Doctor Who is actually an alien. He mentions often in the show that he has two hearts. He is the last surviving Time Lord from Gallifrey. Gallifrey and all other time lords were destroyed in the Great Time war against the Daleks. Daleks are another one of the doctor’s main enemies, and their mission is to take over the universe and exterminate the doctor. Some other aliens that come up a lot are the Cyberman, Sontarans, and scariest of all the Weeping Angels. All of the shows the Weeping Angels come up in have me at the edge of my seat but they are indeed my favorite alien. The only way to make sure you don’t get caught by a Weeping Angel is by looking at it the whole time and no blinking. If you blink the angel takes its true form and attacks you. The way it kills you is by sending you back in time and has you live your life to death. To me that’s the best death someone could go through because you still get to live your full life, just in a different time period. If I was caught by a weeping angel, I would want to be sent back to the Renaissance time period because that sounded like a really fun and interesting time period. There were so many geniuses of music, art, and literature in this time period. On the way to my school we pass a cemetery that has a few angel statues. Every time my bus passes by the cemetery I turn to my friend and whisper don’t blink in her ear. My friend nearly had a heart attack the first few times I did it. 🙂

The Doctor often gathers companions to travel with him in the Tardis (phone booth) and to help him keep balance in all the universe. My favorite companions have been Amy and Rory so far because they go along with the doctor really well. Plus Amy and Rory were the cutest couple ever! I hear about how Disney gives girls an untrue picture of men, but Rory is just amazing! Pretty sure Doctor Who has Disney beat!

Geekcetera, StylishGeek

Geekcetera, StylishGeek

keepWEARME, ghjiuynbma, kaieldesigns, JeweLust, AlliMidoriCrafts, chasingatstarligh, MardiganEnterprises, TheTrendyGeek, oneeyedfox, TimeMachineJewelry, PandemoniumTreasures, StoneByAllison

keepWEARME, ghjiuynbma, kaieldesigns, JeweLust, AlliMidoriCrafts, chasingatstarligh, MardiganEnterprises,  TheTrendyGeek, oneeyedfox, TimeMachineJewelry, PandemoniumTreasures, StoneByAllison

StarworksDesign, princessnightmare, ItsABowThing12, TimeMachineJewelry,

StarworksDesign, princessnightmare, ItsABowThing12, TimeMachineJewelry,

cottonlicious, Chinacase, SilentCicada, Giftcase, TheThreeLimes, TheCityGirls

cottonlicious, Chinacase, SilentCicada, Giftcase, TheThreeLimes, TheCityGirls

Above I have a bunch of Doctor Who merchandise that will bring out your inner geek when going back to school. The reason I chose these certain items is because they are stylish and great pieces that you can do a lot with. The key with these things is moderation! Wear one item at a time because wearing all Doctor Who items won’t look all that good. I made sure to include all sort of things that anybody needs when going back to school. There are clothes, jewelry, pens/pencils, cases, book bags, and water bottles. I will admit I saw these different items and died a little inside.

Now that you all know what the fangirling is and what fandoms are, I want you think of what geeky fandoms you may be involved in. Make sure to leave comments about any fandoms you may be in. I would love to find out what type of fandoms you are all involved in. Maybe I’m in them as well.

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Strange Addictions: Disney Dudez


I decided that I was going to write about something a little different today! I have a fast and growing addiction to… Disney Dudez. You’re all probably thinking what’s that? The real question is who is that? Well my friends, I’m here to inform you that Disney Dudez is the best youtube video (at least in my opinion) made by a popular youtuber Todrick Hall.  Heck! The Disney Dudez videos are my favorite youtube videos of all time right now! When I tell you I’m obsessed, I mean that I seriously can’t stop listening to them! I have their songs on repeat at all times! Now I’m not one who has ever like boy bands, I really don’t like One Direction (sorry to all you Directioners). The only reason I love Disney Dudez so much is because I am a huge Disney fanatic and because they harmonize so stinking well! Plus the stories are kind of cute. So far they have created three videos to the Disney Dudez series and I really hope they decide to make many more because I can live off of them! The Disney Dudez are played by IM5 which is a real life boy band.


The First Disney Dudez video has the boys dressed up as the Disney Princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Belle, and Jasmine. The Disney Princesses are shown at first breaking up with the boys, all for different reasons. Then the boys are back to… well, boys! They are in this classroom talking about how it sucks that their girls broke up with them. Then all of a sudden Mickey Mouse who is the janitor walks in and starts telling the boys that the only way to get over their broken hearts is by starting a boy band. Then they all start singing Disney songs but they throw in a twist! They sing famous Disney princess songs but along to other boy band tunes. For example: Aladin sang “A Whole New World” along to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. In the end, the girls are impressed by their amazing voices and slick moves and decide to get back together with them. I first found this video by going on the humor section of Pinterest. Once again I thank Pinterest for the miracle of amazing entertainment!


The second Disney Dudez is about how Prince Charming has left Disney Dudez and the boys have to find another member for the group. They have a casting call and we see characters such as Tarzan, Sebastian, Pinocchio, and Daffy Duck. When the boys are about to give up, here walks in Elsa. When I first saw this all I could think was “what the heck is Elsa doing in a boy band casting?!” Elsa starts singing “Let it go” for her/his audition. When Elsa first sings it’s horrific and ear shattering. Then the boys start singing about how Elsa needs some work. During this song we see Elsa transform into Prince Philip and busts out some very sick moves! Then they sing “Do you want to build a boy band?” which went along to the tune of “Do you want to build a boy band?” Prince Philip is then taken in into Disney Dudez and they end the video with all the boys harmonizing to Let it go which made me smile so hard! This was my favorite Disney Dudez video because I liked the harmonization of all the boys, I love the Frozen songs,it made me laugh, and because they brought in Elsa. Elsa is my favorite princess/queen because I feel like I can relate to her, plus she has an amazing dress!



The third Disney Dudez I will admit was not as good as the first two. In the third Disney Dudez the Disney princess are back to breaking up with the boys, but this time because they let fame get to their heads. Mickey then walks in and explains to them how they have let fame get to their heads and help the boys come up with ideas to getting their girls back. They then decided that they were going to perform in their concert with their hearts out their for the girls. They sing more Disney Songs but with a modern and hipper twist to it. Long story short, the boys impress the girls enough with their vocal chords that the girls come crawling back.




Now I’ve decided that I was going to let you in on which one of the Disney Dudez is my favorite. I mean whenever there is a band you know that we each are all bound to love one more than the others. This one that stood out to me the most was the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. To me he is one of the cutest boys there and his voice is amazing! Plus in all of his videos he is super funny and he seems to have a lot of personality. His real name is Dana Vaughns. He is the youngest member of IM5 and is only 16. I have to say that the first time I saw him play Belle he made me laugh really hard and that when I fell in love with that Disney Dude.

The reason I decided to write this post is because these videos bring some joy to my life and when I feel down I can watch them and then immediately have a smile on my face. I wanted to share them with you guys hoping you all would feel the same way about them as I do. I also want you guys to leave some comments on what your opinions are of the videos if you’ve watched them and who is your favorite character/band member and why?

For the Love of Fashion Series: Unwrapping a Teen Girl’s Heart

Disney Inspired Dates
Disney Inspired Dates by teen fashion blog on Polyvore
Top 3 Valentine's Day Gifts Teen Girls Want

I decided that I wanted to do a post about Valentine’s Day gifts for teen girls when I heard some guys talking about how complicated it is to get gifts for girls. I thought that boys would benefit from the inside information and score major points with their girlfriends. I knew that all of us girls have different tastes and things we like so I decided to survey my girl friends. After collecting all of their information I discovered that we are truly not that complicated.  I asked all of my girlfriends the same question: What would you like for Valentine’s Day from a boy? I gave them a maximum limit of $50.00. There were many gifts that were repeated multiple times throughout the survey.

Before I give out the Valentine’s day gift ideas for teen girls, I should emphasize that you should really get to know the girl you like well as some of the answers my friends gave me were very specific of their taste. By knowing your girl better it makes the process of planning out or buying her gift easier on you. Sometimes if you pick up on a certain item she talks about a lot that she does not own yet, that can be a great gift that will make her super happy and it’ll let her know that you truly listen when she talks to you. Some of the girls have told me things they wanted that not every girl would want. For example, one girl told me she wanted a Taco Bell gift card or tickets to a special event, another girl told me about a shirt she wanted that had to with a certain fandom she was in. Knowing your girl better can also build a better relationship between the two of you. All girls are different, so don’t expect to make every girl happy with the same gift.

I hate to break it to you guys, but if you thought that buying something like a bear will make her the happiest girl in the world, you are wrong. Girls prefer actions over gifts. You may be thinking that it’s going to be even harder for you to prepare. It might be, but girls love it when guys put a lot of thought into their gift and they don’t just throw something together. Some girls told me that they want their guy to take them out on dates. Us teenage girls have grown up with Disney movies all of our lives and to this day we like to watch them, so we tend to base our perfect dates off of what we might have wanted when we were watching a certain movie as little girls. There were many variety of dates that I was given, and most of them I would like to go on myself with a guy. Some of the girls wanted their guy to take them out on a date where they first met. I think that will definitely impress a girl because it’ll let her know that you remembered and that it was important to you as well. I have also gotten girls who wanted a picnic date, a date on the beach, a carnival date where the guy gives her a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel, a movie date, a dinner date, a midnight boat ride, go to a dance together, and take a walk somewhere pretty. One of my friends caught me completely by surprise when she said she wanted to have an Xbox date with her guy sitting right next to her as they killed people on Battlefield. Like I said before, don’t try to plan this date without any knowledge of the girl you want to take out.

Something that I saw a lot of girls wanting as well is a love letter or a song/poem written by the guy himself. We like things with emotion, we like romance. We want you to do things that show your feelings. Girls think it’s the cutest thing when a guy builds the confidence to sing to you and only you. It makes each individual girl feel special. Girls find it super adorable when a guy gets her a locket containing his and her picture inside. We like lockets because we will always be able to remember our special guy and it stays close to our hearts. Lockets can cost from about ten dollars all the way to thousands of dollars. We honestly don’t care based on price, but more on the thought and the effort to get that locket.

Us girls also appreciate the classics, things such as chocolate, flowers, or even a small stuffed bear that says “Be Mine”. Small little gifts make grand gestures. Since teenagers are all new to dating, something simple as a rose will mean the world to that girl you want to make happy. You can never go wrong with chocolate, unless she hates chocolate or is allergic to it. Either way, just letting the girl know that you were thinking about her on Valentine’s Day will fill her with joy. Sometimes all a girl needs is to feel special, and guys can give girls that special feeling.

Frozen Grounds

Frozen Grounds- Teen fashion blog
Frozen Grounds by teen fashion blog featuring betsey johnson flats

Everywhere I go people are talking about the movie Frozen. The song “Let it go” has been a huge hit among us teenagers. I went to Pandora to create a Les Miserables station and after a few songs from the actual musical, some songs from Frozen started coming on. Frozen merchandise is everywhere. I found a giant Olaf at one of the stores for five hundred dollars. I have to admit I wanted the giant Olaf to keep in my room, but it is not worth five hundred dollars though. I went to see Frozen  a few weeks ago because I got tired of people saying how much they loved the movie and I had not been able to see it yet. The movie was great, it showed the power of love in some of the most unexpected ways. It also shows how important it is to show love to your family members because they are some of the closest to you, and no matter what they will always love you. The movie teaches young girls multiple life lessons. I have  learned to appreciate the people in my life and to keep them as close as I can.

I decided to make an Elisa inspired outfit because I thought her singing was great and her character was strong. Elsa transformed into a long blue dress in the beginning of the movie while creating her ice castle and singing “Let it go”. I used a short blue dress because it was a better fit for a teenage girl. I also chose ice blue shoes and a purse because Elsa did have ice powers, therefore making the color appropriate. The reason I chose to use jewelry with blue and silver crystals is because, with the earrings it looked like you would have crystals hanging from your ears. I love the colors in the jewelry because; I bet when the light hits the crystals, they will sparkle like snow does. I feel like I am more like Elsa in the movie because I am always serious. If you touch me I’m always cold, I’m head strong, and I do truly love my sister and would do anything for her. If you have seen Frozen, which character do you feel like you relate to the most?