Inspiration Monday: Vintage Color Shells

Inspiration Monday: Vintage Color Shells teen fashion blog

For this Inspiration Monday I decided I was going to create an outfit using shells because just this weekend I went to Lake Lanier and saw a few shells in the water that reminded me of this picture. Lake Lanier is a big beautiful lake in Georgia which had really clear blue water and amazing things to do there.

Lake Lanier was an amazing place to go and hang out. They have a golf course, a water park, the lake, restaurants, boat rentals, stables, and camping grounds. When I went to the lake I went with a few of my parents friends and we had a lot of fun. We went and checked out the boat show that was taking place while we were there and the shore a bit. We then went and chilled out a bit by the lake in this shaded area and played horseshoes. After that we went to a different part of the lake where there were tables and ate lunch there. We also went and walked in the lake and skipped stones across the water. I was able to skip it up to four times, which was pretty good for my first time. We also rode down a hill in a wheel barrel which was one of the weirdest things we did. It was a lot of fun to see the faces of some of the people who were going down. To end the day we went to this restaurant that had a lot of seafood and I got a piña colada and some crab legs that I became a pro at opening. I had so much fun and got to experience things I have not done before which was pretty cool.

I know that when you guys take a look at the picture and then the outfit you may think that it did not fit and that you would have gone with something more nautical. When I saw this picture I thought of a vintage outfit for some reason, but I guess it may have been the colors that made me think vintage. This outfit is very 50’s inspired and girly at the same time. The dress is a brown like some of the shells and the starfish in the picture. Plus I used a simple color dress so that I could use colored accessories and it wouldn’t be too much. I also included pearls in the bracelet, earrings, and in the necklace along with a pink and green ribbon. I got the pink and green from some of the shells in the picture. I also incorporated pink in the gloves and the shoes. I also added a darker brown hat that almost looked like the orange shells. The purse I added because it had a lot of the colors from the picture and it tied all the colors together. I just love this outfit because it’s super chic and girly! I wish I could dress like that every day.


Teen Fashion: Cool and Warm Enough

Cool and warm enough 1

Cool and Warm Enough 2

Cool and Warm Enough 3

Spring Break is now over and we went back to school Monday. I hated having to wake up early because I got used to sleeping in till noon. It was kind of funny walking into school Monday because I would look around and find people with really bad tans or people who got sun burned. Plus everyone was walking around as if they were the living dead because they were so tired. All this week we have been going full throttle in our classes  now that our EOCTs (End of Course Test) are coming up. The teachers have been so stressed out with trying to get everything covered which sucks for the students because these are the times we get double the homework. But summer is just around the corner and I’m super excited for the break but after a few days I start to miss my friends and my classmates.

This outfit was taken during spring break in Madison, GA.  The city was such a beautiful place and there were flowers everywhere which I loved. I will be talking about the city and a few things we did while we were there in one of my upcoming posts so you guys can get a feel for it. It was such a cool place and I definitely would recommend for people to take a nice trip there.

Spring break was kind of cold for us down here in Georgia so I had to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants to go to Madison. I wore a white tank top with a long black and gray striped cardigan over it. I also pared it with a white, black, and gray beaded necklace. I also added dark purple pants to the outfit to give it an unexpected color. The shoes matched the gray in the top of the shirt. The outfit was perfect to go walking in because when it was cold I had the cover up and once it got warmer I could just take off the cover up and just wear the tank top and the outfit would still look nice. Once I got home I had to do some serious washing because the pollen got all over my clothes, the shoes looked yellow instead of gray by the time we were done walking.

FFF:Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF:Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog featuring woven headbands
It’s Friday! Since this week was spring break, I had a Friday without worrying about tests that I would have to take today or projects that needed to be turned in. Instead of at school I pretty much spent the whole day outside walking around town and just hanging out in my backyard. The weather was perfect today, not cold and not too hot. My mom, my sister, and I went out today with one of my mom’s friends to take pictures of random things we thought were pretty. It was really cool because I got to use the knowledge I learned in the summer about art, such as the rule of thirds. We also found this little cupcake shop that won cupcake wars and catered for the MTV awards called Smallcakes Cupcakery. The cupcakes there were full of flavor, very moist, and really pretty. Once we got home I was still too addicted to the weather outside so I put on some shorts to go walk around  my house. I took my dog out for a walk, went walking in the woods behind my house, and rode my bike for a bit. When my dad came home we threw the frisbee around for about an hour. To end the day we all got cleaned up and went out to dinner at this amazing Thai place near our house and finished with a delicious soba smoothie.

My day was so free and peaceful that I decided to incorporate my mood into a Fab Fifty Friday outfit. I found this dress and instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so girly and so me! I also added the oxfords because they were pretty. I love oxfords because they are super comfortable to walk in. I have had this obsession lately for these thin headbands, I don’t really know why because they are more for the boho style and that is not my type of style. I love this outfit because it is so simple with the colors and the patterns but it’s still very girly and classy. This outfit definitely looks like something I would find myself pulling out of my closet. Some people tend to think that having one color in an outfit is just too much, but if you do it right and mix textures and patterns you can end up with something really cute and stylish.

Teen Fashion: Crawfish Boil Outfit

Teen fashion blog cardigans and necklaces

Teen fashion blog cardigans and necklaces

Teen fashion blog cardigans and necklaces

Have you guys ever seen what crawfish look like? Recently I just went to a crawfish bake at a friend’s house. I was a little skeptical at first because when I would see them on TV they always looked like a cross between a spider and a crab. Also I would hear people talking about how the right way to eat crawfish was by sucking out the juices in the head, which did not sound very appetizing to me at all. When we were getting ready to eat the crawfish my mom’s friend dumped out the crawfish and everything that was cooked with on a table. I looked into the big pile of miniature looking lobsters and I could see potatoes, shrimp, sausage, garlic, and corn. It looked and smelled great! I started off with some of the potatoes and shrimp and finally built up the courage to try the crawfish. My dad had to show me how to open it up, which is a really messy process. I then ate it and it tasted a bit similar to crab. I liked the flavor of it, but I think I’m more of a shrimp girl. Life is all about experiences after all! so crawfish boil, checked.

Not much to say about the outfit. We were finally getting rid of the winter weather so wearing a dress was super welcomed. In addition I wore it to such a messy feast because I was meeting my mom’s friend for the first time and I wanted to look presentable. I always hear that the first impression is the most important impression. I posted a picture of the crawfish boil on Instagram so follow me at cardigansandnecklaces to see that picture and other random pictures. 🙂

Inspiration Monday: Cherry Swimsuit

Inspiration Monday: Cherries Swimsuit
Today is yet another Inspiration Monday, but I’m going to give you guys a little something different. A few selected fashion bloggers and I were chosen by to participate in their Uniquely You challenge. The challenge was that they would give us a piece of clothing, and we would have to create a story (outfit) using that one piece we were given. The winning look will be displayed on ModCloth’s Wanelo page with a link back to the outfit creator’s blog. Challenge accepted! I thought that it was really cool how she reached out to me to join the challenge and I couldn’t wait to get the piece. One of the catches was that I had to create an outfit that would look good on plus size women as well.
The one piece I was given to work around was a bathing suit with a cherries fabric. I created two stories for the challenge because I was stuck in between two outfits. I also decided that it was best to include both because all women have different personalities and style. I used dresses for the stories because I thought they were chic to go along with the bathing suit and they were easy to slip on over the suit. Also, from my previous experiences of going to the beach or the pool, my family would usually go out to eat because we were too tired to cook after a long day of swimming so it was easier to just get dressed nicely and go eat. I used all the red and the green from the cherries found in the bathing suit in the outfit because I like to match my bathing suit to my outfit.

Me, Myself, and I: Chorus Girl

Me, myself and I chorus fanatic

The first Sunday of every month I am going to start posting a post that tells you guys a little more about me. I think that it’s important that all of my readers know something about me, it helps you guys get an idea of the type of person I am.  I am going to be talking about hobbies, things I like, goals for my future, interesting stories about things I have experienced in my life so far, and anything else that will help you guys create a better picture of who I truly am. I have already mentioned a lot of things in my about section, but with these posts I will go more into depth about certain things and mention some more stuff you have not read before.

I love to sing and I love music, the feeling I get when I sing feels unreal. I sing so much around my house that I’m pretty sure that it’s starting to bother my family. Music is a big part of my life, I just love listening to the rhythm and trying to match it with my voice. I use music and singing as my stress reliever, because I think about the lyrics instead of what I’m worrying about. I love singing and music so much that I even joined chorus back in 5th grade. I got in and loved it ever since. Even though I didn’t join chorus in 6th and 7th grade, I got back into chorus in 8th grade. In chorus, we treat each other like family. Some of the people have arguments between themselves, but they always make up in the end. Recently I tried out for show choir, and I am happy to say that I got in! I’m super excited because ever since I watched the show Glee, all I ever wanted was to join a singing group like that. I love the concept of dancing along to music that I hear on the radio. I am so excited to start show choir because I have met a few of the upperclassmen in there and they are some pretty cool people! I plan to stay in chorus and show choir every year I am in high school. It feels good to have a class where I don’t have to stress about home work or upcoming tests.

Me, myself, and I chorus fanaticSomething I don’t like about chorus is the attire. We have to wear this all black dress that is really simple with black flats. Not a very fun dress and not something I would wear by choice. My dad always make comments on how creepy I look because of the dress. One of the pictures above shows the full dress that I have to wear to every concert. The other picture shows a small part of the chorus on stage getting ready to sing one of the Festival pieces. In chorus right now we are working on Broadway pieces that will be preformed at our spring concert. We will be recreating the Tony Awards at our school with the Rhoades Awards! Mrs. Rhoades is our chorus teacher and she is really preppy and nice, she is a huge Broadway and Disney princess fanatic. The group I am in right now will be performing a Thoroughly Modern Milly song medley. Our opening and ending will be Anything Goes, which is all chorus groups dancing and singing. Maybe one of these days I will be able to post a YouTube video of one of our performances so you guys can get a better picture of what our chorus groups are like.

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

Teen Fashion Blog $50 outfit

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog featuring button fly shorts

Here in Georgia the weather has been pretty warm. I was looking at the clothing people are wearing around my school and I noticed that the shorts and skirts were coming back out, jeans were being rolled up, and sandals were being worn. It felt good to see all the clothing for spring because I was honestly getting tired of all the scarfs and boots. Plus spring break is next week and I’m super excited for it! The only thing that sucks is that it’s going to get back down into the 60 degree weather, not the kind of outside weather I was looking for. I know I’m not going anywhere special for spring break, but I’m just glad to spend some time away from all the school work. A few of my friends have told me about how they are going to Florida, which is a pretty common spring break destination.

I made a Fab Fifty Friday for those of you who need clothes for spring break and are on a budget. This outfit consists of a black tank top and blue shorts, I know that some of you may be thinking that $50 for a tank top and shorts is a lot but most of the budget was used on the slip-on shoes, which are from the Peter Pilotto collection for Target (meaning they are real designer shoes). I also put in a scarf that had the blue, yellow, and white from the shoes. I added a yellow bracelet because since it’s a tank top, the arms would look really bare without it. I am super excited to get this spring break started, go #SB2014!