FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

Teen Fashion Blog $50 outfit

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog featuring button fly shorts

Here in Georgia the weather has been pretty warm. I was looking at the clothing people are wearing around my school and I noticed that the shorts and skirts were coming back out, jeans were being rolled up, and sandals were being worn. It felt good to see all the clothing for spring because I was honestly getting tired of all the scarfs and boots. Plus spring break is next week and I’m super excited for it! The only thing that sucks is that it’s going to get back down into the 60 degree weather, not the kind of outside weather I was looking for. I know I’m not going anywhere special for spring break, but I’m just glad to spend some time away from all the school work. A few of my friends have told me about how they are going to Florida, which is a pretty common spring break destination.

I made a Fab Fifty Friday for those of you who need clothes for spring break and are on a budget. This outfit consists of a black tank top and blue shorts, I know that some of you may be thinking that $50 for a tank top and shorts is a lot but most of the budget was used on the slip-on shoes, which are from the Peter Pilotto collection for Target (meaning they are real designer shoes). I also put in a scarf that had the blue, yellow, and white from the shoes. I added a yellow bracelet because since it’s a tank top, the arms would look really bare without it. I am super excited to get this spring break started, go #SB2014!

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