Me, Myself, and I: Chorus Girl

Me, myself and I chorus fanatic

The first Sunday of every month I am going to start posting a post that tells you guys a little more about me. I think that it’s important that all of my readers know something about me, it helps you guys get an idea of the type of person I am.  I am going to be talking about hobbies, things I like, goals for my future, interesting stories about things I have experienced in my life so far, and anything else that will help you guys create a better picture of who I truly am. I have already mentioned a lot of things in my about section, but with these posts I will go more into depth about certain things and mention some more stuff you have not read before.

I love to sing and I love music, the feeling I get when I sing feels unreal. I sing so much around my house that I’m pretty sure that it’s starting to bother my family. Music is a big part of my life, I just love listening to the rhythm and trying to match it with my voice. I use music and singing as my stress reliever, because I think about the lyrics instead of what I’m worrying about. I love singing and music so much that I even joined chorus back in 5th grade. I got in and loved it ever since. Even though I didn’t join chorus in 6th and 7th grade, I got back into chorus in 8th grade. In chorus, we treat each other like family. Some of the people have arguments between themselves, but they always make up in the end. Recently I tried out for show choir, and I am happy to say that I got in! I’m super excited because ever since I watched the show Glee, all I ever wanted was to join a singing group like that. I love the concept of dancing along to music that I hear on the radio. I am so excited to start show choir because I have met a few of the upperclassmen in there and they are some pretty cool people! I plan to stay in chorus and show choir every year I am in high school. It feels good to have a class where I don’t have to stress about home work or upcoming tests.

Me, myself, and I chorus fanaticSomething I don’t like about chorus is the attire. We have to wear this all black dress that is really simple with black flats. Not a very fun dress and not something I would wear by choice. My dad always make comments on how creepy I look because of the dress. One of the pictures above shows the full dress that I have to wear to every concert. The other picture shows a small part of the chorus on stage getting ready to sing one of the Festival pieces. In chorus right now we are working on Broadway pieces that will be preformed at our spring concert. We will be recreating the Tony Awards at our school with the Rhoades Awards! Mrs. Rhoades is our chorus teacher and she is really preppy and nice, she is a huge Broadway and Disney princess fanatic. The group I am in right now will be performing a Thoroughly Modern Milly song medley. Our opening and ending will be Anything Goes, which is all chorus groups dancing and singing. Maybe one of these days I will be able to post a YouTube video of one of our performances so you guys can get a better picture of what our chorus groups are like.

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