FFF:Fab 50 Friday

FFF:Fab 50 Friday
FFF:Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog
Happy Friday everybody! Usually I am usually more excited about it being Friday, but it’s the summer so weekdays or weekends don’t make a difference. This summer hasn’t been full of traveling for me which I miss dearly. I miss our family camping trips that we would take to other places. I miss all the road trips we would take and see all the interesting things on the way. The last family trip we took was to Washington D.C. last year and I had a lot of fun. I love the memories we always tend to make and the traditions we have. One tradition we have is that everywhere we stop we get fudge from a local candy shop.

I decided to do a destination inspired outfit as my Fab Fifty outfit today. Today’s Fab destination would be Palm Springs because I found a shirt that said Palm Springs and it was super cute. I paired it up with a black and white polka dotted pencil skirt. For those cool summer nights in the desert I threw in a nice denim jacket to cover yourself up with. To finish off the outfit I added some black loafers for both look and comfort. Loafers are like a slipper inside a cute shoe! Love them! The whole outfit cost $49.00 and it’s perfect for the summer. I can see this outfit being worn to a night party for some reason, I just think that it would look great under a certain light. I would also wear this to walk around town or go on vacation. What I love about this outfit is how comfortable it looks to wear, and how nice it must be to walk around in. Definitely a great outfit to do some touristic things.

FFF: Fab 50 Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday
FFF: Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog 

For this Fab Fifty I decided I wanted to make an outfit that would look great on the water front. The first thing that came to mind when I thought water front was a sailor. The thing is that I’m not going to put a sailor outfit as a Fab Fifty because it’s way too expected, and kind of a bore. I decided to give a little flirt and flair to the original sailor outfit and make it something that a person can actually wear out to public places. Plus I have been on many vacations that have water fronts but never had the perfect outfit for it. So being able to create an affordable Fab Fifty Friday will help spark up some inspiration outfits for the next time I go on vacation.

For this outfit I found a black and white tube top under a white cardigan, both are from H&M. I paired it with some navy blue slacks that are also from H&M. The shoes as well come from H&M and they’re white with lace on top. I was really lucky to be able to find a majority of an outfit at H&M. But don’t get me wrong, just because I was able to find an outfit in the same store so quickly doesn’t mean I didn’t go take small sneak peaks at other stores. The only reason I was able to find the necklace and didn’t settle for anything at H&M was because I went to Charming Charlies as well to look at their stuff and found the perfect necklace! I love the color navy blue and coral together, the colors just go so well together. The whole outfit cost $50.99 which was a really good deal.

I know that I’ve never really mentioned the background pictures except for when I do Inspiration Mondays, but I was so lucky to find these pictures. The sail boat helped me paint that water front outfit picture in my head and matched the outfit very well. The whole picture together looks as if I created a post card which is a really cool look.

This outfit is perfect to wear to all sorts of places. I already know that I’m getting close to the age of getting a job so if I ever needed an outfit to wear for a day on the job this would be perfect. This is also a great outfit to wear when on vacation, you can enjoy the view in a comfortable yet stylish way. I definitely wish I owned this outfit last year when I went to Tennessee and walked along the river side.

FFF: Fab 50 Friday

FFF: Fab 50 Friday $50 outfit teen fashion blog
FFF: Fab 50 Friday by Teen Fashion Blog
 Lately here in Georgia it’s been raining pretty much every day so I decided to do a Fab Fifty inspired by the sun to brighten up my mood. Seeing skies of gray really isn’t all that pleasing when I was looking forward to a summer of sun and endless fun. I’m starting to miss the warm rays and the heat that we usually get down here. It hasn’t been very hot down here, at least not like last summer where I would go outside and feel as if I was melting. It seems like the sound of thunder is becoming more and more familiar this summer. Hopefully as a few more days go by we’ll start to see more and more sunlight break through the dark clouds and shed a little more light on us.
For this outfit I used these floral shorts with all sort of vibrant colors in them from persunmall for $19.99. I paired it up with this very loose yellow shirt from persunmall as well for $9.99. I love this shirt for this outfit because it’s very fun just like summer is. The shoes are a dark blue that is found in the shorts with a gold outline for $16.99 at Target. The bracelet is gold and black which looks really well with the shirt for $2.00 at Claire’s. This outfit would be perfect for walking around town or going to the mall with friends. You can even use it as an awesome outfit for going to the beach or the lake.

FFF:Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF:Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog featuring woven headbands
It’s Friday! Since this week was spring break, I had a Friday without worrying about tests that I would have to take today or projects that needed to be turned in. Instead of at school I pretty much spent the whole day outside walking around town and just hanging out in my backyard. The weather was perfect today, not cold and not too hot. My mom, my sister, and I went out today with one of my mom’s friends to take pictures of random things we thought were pretty. It was really cool because I got to use the knowledge I learned in the summer about art, such as the rule of thirds. We also found this little cupcake shop that won cupcake wars and catered for the MTV awards called Smallcakes Cupcakery. The cupcakes there were full of flavor, very moist, and really pretty. Once we got home I was still too addicted to the weather outside so I put on some shorts to go walk around  my house. I took my dog out for a walk, went walking in the woods behind my house, and rode my bike for a bit. When my dad came home we threw the frisbee around for about an hour. To end the day we all got cleaned up and went out to dinner at this amazing Thai place near our house and finished with a delicious soba smoothie.

My day was so free and peaceful that I decided to incorporate my mood into a Fab Fifty Friday outfit. I found this dress and instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so girly and so me! I also added the oxfords because they were pretty. I love oxfords because they are super comfortable to walk in. I have had this obsession lately for these thin headbands, I don’t really know why because they are more for the boho style and that is not my type of style. I love this outfit because it is so simple with the colors and the patterns but it’s still very girly and classy. This outfit definitely looks like something I would find myself pulling out of my closet. Some people tend to think that having one color in an outfit is just too much, but if you do it right and mix textures and patterns you can end up with something really cute and stylish.

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

Teen Fashion Blog $50 outfit

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog featuring button fly shorts

Here in Georgia the weather has been pretty warm. I was looking at the clothing people are wearing around my school and I noticed that the shorts and skirts were coming back out, jeans were being rolled up, and sandals were being worn. It felt good to see all the clothing for spring because I was honestly getting tired of all the scarfs and boots. Plus spring break is next week and I’m super excited for it! The only thing that sucks is that it’s going to get back down into the 60 degree weather, not the kind of outside weather I was looking for. I know I’m not going anywhere special for spring break, but I’m just glad to spend some time away from all the school work. A few of my friends have told me about how they are going to Florida, which is a pretty common spring break destination.

I made a Fab Fifty Friday for those of you who need clothes for spring break and are on a budget. This outfit consists of a black tank top and blue shorts, I know that some of you may be thinking that $50 for a tank top and shorts is a lot but most of the budget was used on the slip-on shoes, which are from the Peter Pilotto collection for Target (meaning they are real designer shoes). I also put in a scarf that had the blue, yellow, and white from the shoes. I added a yellow bracelet because since it’s a tank top, the arms would look really bare without it. I am super excited to get this spring break started, go #SB2014!

FFF: Fab 50 Friday

$50 outfit teen fashion blog
FFF: Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog featuring a gold bead necklace
$50 Outfit

Recently I have noticed that I have posted a lot of Polyvore outfits that were really expensive. A lot of us don’t have the budget for designer clothes. I think that a teen fashion blog should include looks for everybody’s budgets so I decided that I’m going to try to start FFF or Fab 50 Fridays. Some of us just want cute outfits but we don’t have the money to buy a hundred or hundreds of dollars outfits so I’m going to be showing you how it is possible to get stylish outfits for 50 dollars or less. My mom keeps telling me that I might not be able to do it for long with inflation but I’ll try.

The first Fab 5o Friday is an outfit you can find at Target clearance racks or online. I honestly love the clothes they sell at Target because they have a lot of layering pieces and so much to choose from. Some of my favorite outfits I have gotten from Target. This outfit consists of a tribal patterned pant with multiple colors. This pant is a perfect piece to have in your closet because of all the different outfits you can create. I decided to pick a white shirt with black stripes because let’s face it mixing patterns is one of my signatures and because the white pops more against all the colors of the pant. I added a red-orange necklace because it pops against the white and because it’s one of the colors found in the pant. I added a blue loafer because it is also another color found in the pant. This outfit is perfect for either the spring or summer because of the bright colors and thin fabric. What is the latest outfit you made for under 50 dollars?