Allyson Dollar Teen Fashion Blogger

I wore my first bow a couple of hours after my birth. My mom loved bows and for some reason it’s almost like that day I knew accessories were a part of me, as if I knew they completed who I was. Some of the earliest memories I have as a child are running around in a pink princess gown, a tiara with matching accessories, and plastic heels that completed the ultimate princess outfit. I have always wanted to be a princess, but not for the reasons of finding prince charming or ruling a kingdom of my own; I wanted the ball gowns, the tiaras, the never-ending closet of clothes and jewels. Even though the days of running around with a wand in my hand are over, I still dream of those never-ending closets of clothes and the glistening tiara over my head. I will hold on to this dream as long as I live.

I was born and semi raised in Puerto Rico. I lived on this little island for the first eight years of my life and it is there where some of my fondest memories lie; memories of my childhood and the family that I love very much. My first school was a private school with mandatory uniforms. All the girls wore the same boring plaid uniforms. It was then that I started to develop my love for fashion and sense of style. I guess I was forced to look for a way to separate myself from the rest early on. We moved to Florida when I was eight years old and lived there for four years. We then moved to Georgia where we have lived since. I have moved many times and have attended six schools so far. Even though I have left many good friends behind, every time we move I gain new ones. I guess it is a good thing that I am a flexible person.

I live with my mom, dad, and younger sister in the suburbs of Atlanta. My mom was raised in Puerto Rico and my dad was raised in Georgia. I guess I can say I’m puertorrigian. They are both very smart and talented, but my fashion sense is all mom. My sister was born one year and a half after me and she has always been my partner in crime. We have always been the best of friends. When we were younger, we would always play dress up together and pretend we were the most powerful princesses out there.

My style of clothing is modest eclectic, although most of my clothes are of a more modern style. I combine pieces from different styles always trying to show the less skin as possible. Yes! There are exceptions. Did I say beach? I’m a sucker for layering and accessories, even during the summer. I think that life is too short to follow trends, I would rather buy a piece of clothing that makes a statement and won’t ever go out of style. I tend to dress casual elegant because it makes me feel classy. I extremely dislike T-shirts. I feel that I  can do so much more with a nice blouse that I can wear for multiple occasions. I don’t like to wear loose pieces of clothing, they make me look awkward and always feel like the clothes are wearing me. The origin of my clothes doesn’t matter, as long as they look good when I wear them, they are good for layering, and they are timeless. I often wonder why I love fashion so much. I feel like it is one of the few things I can’t mess up. I like mixing and matching colors and patterns in unexpected ways. My style represents me, people know me for my clothing choices and image. Without fashion I would not be complete. Fashion gives me an outlet to create, it gives me joy, it makes me feel unique and talented. When I get upset I go into my closet and organize or look at the clothes I have and make outfits in my head. I don’t mean to sound all cliché but I am nothing without fashion. All my future goals turn around my passion. My immediate goal is to help other girls find their unique and classy selves and do some modeling. In the near future I would like to become a fashion buyer for a large department store. And since I’m putting all of my dreams out there, I would also like to visit the major fashion capitals of the world. Hey, a girl can dream!

My name is Allyson Dollar and I like cardigans and necklaces! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog.

P.S. – I hate gossip, girl drama, bullying and twerking.