FFF: Fab 50 Friday

$50 outfit teen fashion blog
FFF: Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog featuring plastic earrings
$50 Outfit

Fab Fifty is back! I have to admit that today has not felt like a Friday to me at all, but it never feels like a Friday to me. The only day that feels right to me are Mondays, just because I know I have to wake up early in the morning after two days of sleeping in. The thing that usually allows me to process that it’s actually Friday is writing and creating my Fab 50 Fridays every week. I enjoy doing them because it’s pretty much shopping online on my budget!

When I went looking through H&M I found this $20 black dress. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and it would be really fun to work with. I decided to use gold accessories with the dress because I like those two colors together. I used a black and gold belt because if I was going to only use gold and black accessories I didn’t want the outfit to look too dark. I loved the black and gold earrings, I thought that they would go really well with the boots and the dress. The reason I decided to add the nails and the makeup is because the nails looked really pretty to me and I thought the makeup looked amazing for this outfit. If I had the skills to do my nails like that, I would be experimenting will all sorts of colors. Have a pretty weekend everybody!

Total Goddess: A Percy Jackson Outfit

Total Goddess: A Percy Jackson Outfit teen fashion blog
At school I am always overhearing conversations among some of my friends about the book series Percy Jackson. I spent my last summer studying Greek mythology so i know a good bit about the gods and goddesses stories. The stories are very unique and interesting to know. Why is a 13-year-old studying Greek mythology during her summer recess? Because my mom made me. 🙂 She said that I need to be cultured and that was one of the things I studied last summer. Maybe I can share with you what other things I studied last summer. I read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief but haven’t had time to read any of the other books yet. There are already movies over the first two books out, they aren’t as good as the book, but I don’t believe any movie is.
In Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, the main character’s name is Percy Jackson. Percy has always been a kid who got into trouble and never did good because he thought he was dyslexic. Percy doesn’t find out he is a demi god until him, his friend Grover, and his mom get attacked by a Minotaur. The Minotaur perishes Percy’s mom. Percy and Grover stumble on to camp half blood where he meets Chiron and Anna Beth. Percy knows he is a demi god but he didn’t know whose son he was. He later figures out during a game of capture the flag (when a projection of a trident appeared above him), he was the son of Poseidon. That meant that Percy inherited Poseidon’s water powers, he has the same powers Poseidon has, yet not as powerful. That is bad news for Percy because the three god brothers (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) had an oath where they would no longer have children. Poseidon needed help from his son at the time because Zeus kept accusing Poseidon of taking the bolt. What Poseidon asks of Percy is to find the bolt and prove him innocent, which meant he had to go to the underworld because Poseidon thinks that Hades might have taken it. Percy didn’t want to go at first, but he figured that was the only way to get his mom back after the Minotaur perished her. Grover (a satyr that protects him) and Anna Beth (daughter of Athena) went along with him on his journey. They battle many obstacles trying to gather little pearls that will let them into the underworld.
I started thinking about how cool it would be to create a Percy Jackson outfit, it was fun to research. I used a white shirt with a long blue and flowy skirt because Percy Jackson had water powers that were inherited from his father. I used blue and gold cuff links because when I think about Greek outfits from mythology times, I have always seen cuff links being used. The earrings to me looked like they had a design you might find on some pottery or plates they used to make. The head band also looked very Greek as well so I included it in the outfit. The purse is silver and gold to go along with all the accessories. I kept the shoes blue because I wanted to keep the attention on the rest of the outfit. I would love to wear this outfit because it would make me feel like I’m a water goddess myself, that’s until I try doing some cool trick and it doesn’t work.

Teen Fashion: Don’t Cry, Blue Skies Outfit

Blue on blue outfit teen fashion blog

Blue on blue outfit teen fashion blog

Blue on blue outfit teen fashion blog

Blue on blue outfit teen fashion blog

Do you want to know what I don’t understand? Blue is a color that can represent sadness ( I feel blue), I don’t understand why they used that color for feeling sad because there are a lot of people who like this color. I have a lot of friends and family whose favorite colors are blue, or at least branched to blue in a way, such as teal. I have to admit I like the color a lot, if you were to look into my closet you would find a lot of blue shirts and blouses. I love the color blue because it goes with so many colors, why do you think people wear blue jeans all the time?

I was looking for the next outfit to take a picture of and I kept thinking to myself that I needed to be creative. It took me a while to finally realize to put two different patterns but the same color. I used a dark blue and black striped shirt and a checkered dress for the outfit. Yes, I did say dress. If you have an old strapless dress that does not fit length wise, get creative and turn it into a skirt. All you need to do is role the top half of the dress down to your waist, but make sure it’s not all bulged at the bottom. I also used these light blue shoes, they almost look purple. I thought this outfit was great because it’s fun and interesting to look at. It’s something different that many people don’t tend to think about. Honestly, not many people would think to put blue on blue on blue. The accessories are simple because there is already so much going on in the outfit. Just a simple silver chain necklace and studs will do.

I wanted to take a second to talk about the photo shoot. We decided to take it at an airport near the house where they have a lot of smaller planes. When we went there, this very kind man allowed us to take pictures by one of the planes. He was so nice and helpful! I didn’t think we were going to be able to get in and do it, but he let me pose beside the plane. He even let me get into it and try on the headsets. Not the ideal accessory for the outfit, but still lots of fun to wear. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I could not stop smiling or laughing, which was good for the photos. I was so interested in the plane and I could not believe I was actually there posing next to and inside the plane. I was kind of hoping a little that he was going to offer me a quick plane ride, but that was getting my hopes way to high.

DIY Denim Bracelet

DIY denim bracelet teen fashion blog

DIY denim bracelet teen fashion blog

DIY denim bracelet teen fashion blog

I have been wanting to do some do it yourself crafts for a while now, and I finally decided to do something. My first craft is a denim bracelet. I decided to make it out of denim because I could do so many things with it. You don’t have to be a big crafter to be able to do one of these bracelets. All that is required is some patience and effort, but it all pays off when you want to wear it.  I wanted to do a bracelet that I know would be hard to find in stores, that way I don’t have to waste time looking for something that I can simply make. I wanted to do something different with my bracelet, I didn’t want to just get colored string and make those thin friendship bracelets.

For this craft you will need:

  • hot glue gun and stick of glue
  • fabric glue
  • old jeans (to cut fabric from)
  • scissors
  • bracelet (from the dollar store)
  • colored string of your choice (I chose bright green)


  1. Get your hot glue gun connected and heated up. I also recommend that you have an empty cereal box or something similar for putting the glue gun on top so nothing gets ruined.
  2. Take your pair of jeans and cut according to how much fabric you will need to go around the circumference of the bracelet. Use the bracelet as the guide to measure how much you will need, cutting too much or too little can affect the outcome of the bracelet.
  3. Fold the denim around the bracelet and hot glue it to the inside. Make sure it does not show on the outside and that there are no wrinkles before gluing. You are going to do this all around the bracelet till the two pieces of cloth equally connect.
  4. Once the whole bracelet is covered in denim, take your colored string and make sure it’s untangled. Tightly wrap the string around the area where the two ends of the denim piece meet. If you don’t do it tightly, the string will look odd. A bright color is always preferred because it contrasts better against the denim.
  5. Cut a thin piece of denim to cover the hot glue on the inside of the bracelet. Once this is all finished let it dry for at least 4 hours. I gave it a day just to be safe.
  6. Admire your beautiful bracelet.

I am definitely looking forward to creating an outfit for you guys so you can see how I played with it. Bracelets are just the beginning to endless do it yourself crafts that can look amazing as long as you try to not rush the project. This craft took about 30 minutes with some help from my mom, we both got burned a bit by the gun, but at least we got burned together :D. You all can look forward to even more crafts that I will be doing, I had lots of fun and I just love looking at the results I got. Things that you make yourself you tend to appreciate more because you are the one taking time to do it, but it is always worth it in the end.

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Zebra Plate

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Zebra Plate teen fashion blog
Time flies when you are having fun…NOT! Finally back to school today after two weeks of recess due to a winter storm and winter break. I have to admit it felt good to be able to go back to school today and see my friends. What is not cool is the teachers piling on the homework to try and catch us up due to all the days missed. Luckily I anticipated the teachers’ frenzy and used the days that I was out of school to get ahead with my blog posts. Yay! This is my 50th post in a row and I didn’t want to miss it. One of my goals when I started the blog was to write sixty days in a row. Ten more days and I should be able to accomplish it.
My inspiration for this outfit was this cute zebra plate my mom pinned to one of her decoration boards. I liked the shades of blue used and the modern overall feeling of the plate. As I have mentioned before inspiration can come to you from pretty much anywhere, even a plate. 🙂 I tried to use different shades of blue to capture the hues of the plate. I felt I needed to work with a zebra pattern so I used a more modern version of the pattern with the top. My vision of modern also included a mix of styles in the outfit, grunge, preppy, modern and punk. Sometimes eclectic outfits like this one turn out  to be even more special because they are extremely unusual and unique.

Omegle for Teens

omegle logo teen fashion blog

Do you like to talk to strangers? There is a site very similar to Chatroulette called Omegle that allows you to video chat with random strangers. A few weeks back I was at a party and my friends were on the Omegle site. I didn’t know what it was, but later learned that you video chat with people you don’t know. I didn’t like the idea of it, so I tried to steer clear of it as much as possible.

Like I mentioned before, Omegle is a site where you can talk to random people online face to face. The site is free and it requires no registration whatsoever. Chats are completely anonymous, unless you feel like sharing personal information about yourself. You don’t choose who you get to chat with, Omegle does that for you. People usually use this site when they get bored, a lot of  people who actually use Omegle tell me that it’s a good way to cure boredom. Also some people tell me that it’s a good way to talk to people without them judging you because they don’t know you so they have nothing to judge. You must be 13 years or older in order to be able to use Omegle.  There is a moderated and an unmoderated section. The moderated section is for people 17 and under, unmoderated is for 18 and older. If you are looking to go into the unmoderated section then who knows what could happen. You also have the option to either message or video chat when you first get on the page. You can also type in what you feel like talking about and they will try and match you up with someone who wants to talk about the same topic.

omegle teen fashion blog

Omegle can actually affect the safety of teens in various ways. Something some people don’t know is that somebody can save the chats. If you decide to message on Omegle, the stranger has the option of saving everything you said. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like somebody saving my conversations.  Be Web Smart says that “the time your chat began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag assigned to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag”  are saved for 120 days.  This is used for law enforcement to find spammers, but you are giving out this information willingly. Plus, what’s to stop a hacker from finding that IP address and tracing it back to your computer. On Qibly it said “currently, monitoring is only in a testing phase; but even when it is fully implemented, it will not be perfect, and you may still encounter misbehaving users in video chat.” This shows that even if you go into the monitored section, you still can come across things that may not be appropriate for teens. There have been multiple sex offenses on Omegle, not only on the adult section but as well on the section that is meant for teens. There have been people pranking on Omegle where they would pretend they are celebrities. This could be a way for sexual predators to get close to under aged girls. I wouldn’t like some random creep staging himself as Channing Tatum, then doing something really bad. The thing is that sometimes a few celebrities or even youtube stars go on there, you can never tell what is real anymore.

I have never liked the concept of Omegle. All our lives we have been told not to talk to strangers, but then here comes a site where you can chat face to face with some random person you don’t know. There are endless possibilities of what could happen on the other side of the chat! Somebody could be hacking into the Omegle system looking for your computer’s IP address. Somebody on the other side could be a sex offender and you would never know it.  A person could do something that is not appropriate whatsoever, it doesn’t matter if you are in the moderated section or not. I went on this Omegle review site and this is why I think it is completely unsafe, the things I have mentioned has actually happened to people:


I know I don’t control people’s decisions, but I believe people have the right to know. I let people know my opinion about Omegle, but if you still feel like you want to do it, try to be safe, even though the safest way to go is not going on Omegle at all.  Nothing can really stop you from ending up with some jerk who wants to send rude and highly inappropriate pictures to you. Something that I have found common among many reviews is strangers asking you what your asl is. I found out that asl stands for age, sex, and location. This is all things that somebody should not need to know. You should never tell a stranger any personal information because you never know what they are going to do with it. Also be aware of where you are doing the video chat from, don’t do it anywhere that can possibly give your location away to the stranger. Omegle in all is not a safe site, the safest you can be is staying away from it. You never know what can happen and I don’t believe these risks are worth anything.

I have decided to link a few websites so that you guys can read more about this website:




Modern Grunge

Modern Grunge outfit teen fashion blog
Modern Grunge by teen fashion blog featuring a peg trousers

Today I created another outfit using one of the trends found on the catwalks of Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2014. One of the main patterns found among the clothing was plaid. As I have stated before I thought that Tommy Hilfiger did the best using the plaid pattern. The way he styled the clothing was just amazing and I loved every piece he put out there. I would definitely not mind wearing his pieces! I also decided to use leather in the outfit as well, the leather is found in the vest over the plaid long sleeve shirt. I made sure to use black, red, white, and blue in the outfit because they were the main colors found among the trends.

This outfit is very unusual and it has a grunge look. I decided to add the leather vest on top of the plaid shirt because it added a cool effect to the outfit. I used a rose cameo on top of the vest because it goes with the color scheme and I have been wanting to work with a cameo for a while. All of the other accessories are black as well. The shoes and purse are leathery like to go along with the vest. I decided to go with the blue and plaid gloves because it added an unexpected twist to the outfit. Who doesn’t like a surprise?

FFF: Fab 50 Friday

$50 outfit teen fashion blog
FFF: Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog featuring leather handbags
$50 Outfit

I had a lot of fun with this outfit because I decided to play around with the color of the year. This year’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid. I decided to find an outfit using the color so I could kill two birds with one stone by telling you an interesting fact (what the color of the year is) and by giving you a nice Fab Fifty Friday outfit. I also decided to play with one of the trends from Fashion Week, stripes!

This week I decided to make an outfit that would be perfect for both spring and summer and totally appropriate for a teen. I found this dress and thought that it was super pretty. I don’t know why, but I have this weird thing for high low dresses. Anyways, when I found the dress I thought that it would be perfect to use the radiant orchid on, so I made sure to make the accessories that color. I decided that I wanted to use a hat because the outfit would have looked plain without it. Another weird thing I like are fedoras, the thing is that when I try to wear one it doesn’t look good on me because it doesn’t go along with my face shape. I have been looking at this shoe for a long time now, I just love the little strap that wraps around the ankle!

Teen Birthday: Blue and Green Beetle Outfit

Birthday Outfit teen fashion blog

teen birthday outfit teen fashion blog

teen birthday outfit teen fashion blog

A few weeks ago I went to a birthday party for one of my friends. It was really fun because my whole group of friends was there and we just all got to hang out. Also my friend who was throwing the party goes to a different school so it was nice to see her again. The first part of the party was spent watching Four Weddings as we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Her mom had baked some chocolate mint cupcakes for the party and they were amazing. She also had a lot of snacks to keep us satisfied, and I must say that I was very satisfied.  My favorite part of the party would have to be being able to spend time with all of my friends, I believe that night was needed because high school has split us up a bit.

For this outfit I made sure to keep it very simple because it was somebody else’s birthday, meaning all the attention is meant to be on the birthday girl. I used a blue, black, and white striped shirt with a dark green button up shirt on top. I needed to put a top layer because it was cold outside at the time. I used a long chain necklace with a beetle on it because the shirt was very simple and nothing was really going on in it. The blue and gold necklace added some fun to the look. I used gray oxfords because it was unexpected for that outfit. The outfit was very comfortable so I had no troubles with it at the party. I like to try and stay stylish yet comfy when I go to a party, how do you dress for a party?

Cape Walk

Cape Walk teen fashion blog
Cape Walk by teen fashion blog on Polyvore

Yesterday I wrote about the trends I noticed on fashion week fall/winter 2014. I want you guys to be aware of the trends that are coming this next fall and winter, plus starting now allows some of you to stock up on clothing that you may need for those trends. It’s better to get them while they’re not on trend. Yesterday I talked about the top 5 repeated colors, patterns, and fabrics. I also decided to talk a bit about how I noticed that many designers used cropped tops in their collections.

Today I wanted to take the time to talk about capes because I noticed them a lot on the runways. I’m not talking about capes you might find on super heroes, but stylish ones that vary in all shapes and sizes. There were some capes that I looked at and thought of the show Reign. The women in that show are often found wearing capes, and some of the ones on the models looked like the ones you might find on the show. There were all sorts of lengths, there were some that touched the ground and there were others that barely passed the shoulders. All sorts of fabrics were used to create all these different capes. Some of the capes can be worn with a more casual outfit, others can be used for more formal events. How cool would it be to walk into a party with a nice dress and a cape that flows right behind you? Maybe people will start seeing capes as more of a way to style clothing instead of only being used for costumes. A girl with a teen fashion blog can only wish. 🙂