FFF:Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

FFF:Fab Fifty Friday by teen fashion blog featuring woven headbands
It’s Friday! Since this week was spring break, I had a Friday without worrying about tests that I would have to take today or projects that needed to be turned in. Instead of at school I pretty much spent the whole day outside walking around town and just hanging out in my backyard. The weather was perfect today, not cold and not too hot. My mom, my sister, and I went out today with one of my mom’s friends to take pictures of random things we thought were pretty. It was really cool because I got to use the knowledge I learned in the summer about art, such as the rule of thirds. We also found this little cupcake shop that won cupcake wars and catered for the MTV awards called Smallcakes Cupcakery. The cupcakes there were full of flavor, very moist, and really pretty. Once we got home I was still too addicted to the weather outside so I put on some shorts to go walk around  my house. I took my dog out for a walk, went walking in the woods behind my house, and rode my bike for a bit. When my dad came home we threw the frisbee around for about an hour. To end the day we all got cleaned up and went out to dinner at this amazing Thai place near our house and finished with a delicious soba smoothie.

My day was so free and peaceful that I decided to incorporate my mood into a Fab Fifty Friday outfit. I found this dress and instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so girly and so me! I also added the oxfords because they were pretty. I love oxfords because they are super comfortable to walk in. I have had this obsession lately for these thin headbands, I don’t really know why because they are more for the boho style and that is not my type of style. I love this outfit because it is so simple with the colors and the patterns but it’s still very girly and classy. This outfit definitely looks like something I would find myself pulling out of my closet. Some people tend to think that having one color in an outfit is just too much, but if you do it right and mix textures and patterns you can end up with something really cute and stylish.

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