Inspiration Monday: Cherry Swimsuit

Inspiration Monday: Cherries Swimsuit
Today is yet another Inspiration Monday, but I’m going to give you guys a little something different. A few selected fashion bloggers and I were chosen by to participate in their Uniquely You challenge. The challenge was that they would give us a piece of clothing, and we would have to create a story (outfit) using that one piece we were given. The winning look will be displayed on ModCloth’s Wanelo page with a link back to the outfit creator’s blog. Challenge accepted! I thought that it was really cool how she reached out to me to join the challenge and I couldn’t wait to get the piece. One of the catches was that I had to create an outfit that would look good on plus size women as well.
The one piece I was given to work around was a bathing suit with a cherries fabric. I created two stories for the challenge because I was stuck in between two outfits. I also decided that it was best to include both because all women have different personalities and style. I used dresses for the stories because I thought they were chic to go along with the bathing suit and they were easy to slip on over the suit. Also, from my previous experiences of going to the beach or the pool, my family would usually go out to eat because we were too tired to cook after a long day of swimming so it was easier to just get dressed nicely and go eat. I used all the red and the green from the cherries found in the bathing suit in the outfit because I like to match my bathing suit to my outfit.