A Gold Dress and Golden Opportunities




It’s been a while since I’ve last spoken to you all and kept you updated on what’s been going on in my life so I’m going to take this post to cover just that. I can’t say that too much has changed but there are a couple things worth mentioning.

In late July I started my first job working as a cashier working at a local pizza place. I loved it when I first started working and I’m still loving it now. I’ve always been the kind of girl who preferred to be doing work over sitting at home doing nothing productive (although I’ve admittedly slept in till noon all this thanksgiving break; been a while since I’ve been able to do so). Through the time I’ve been working I’ve become really close friends with all of the other teenagers that work there and it can be a lot of fun since my job has a pretty laid back attitude about it.Another positive side is that most nights I do pretty well in tips on top of my usual pay. The only true downside to my job would be cleaning the bathrooms, you won’t believe some of the horror stories I’ve experienced trying to get those stalls looking nice. Don’t worry though, I’ll spare you some of those stories so I won’t strip you of your goodnight’s sleep. All in all though, it has been an amazing experience and I wouldn’t give that or the people I’ve met up for anything.

School wise not much has changed. I’m still taking honors and AP classes as well as my usual show choir class. I will say that some of my AP classes have been obstacles at times but none have been a greater obstacle than taking on a leadership position in show choir. I’ll just leave it at it’s hard being at the top no matter what method of leadership you use because it’ll never agree with everyone. I’ve had a hard time accepting that because I like to make sure that everyone is happy but I’ve come to find that that won’t always be the case. I still love the class, don’t get me wrong. I can never give up singing and dancing no matter how hard it gets, it’s just something that truly appeals to me and makes me happy. It’s hard to tell me that you would pass up the ability to perform to an 80’s hits medley if you were given the chance.

I’m going to stop rambling about my personal life now and tell you a bit about my homecoming outfit because it’s too good to not tell. I found everything I needed (really just the shoes and the dress) in one shopping day. My mom pulled out this gold dress out of the clearance section at Charlotte Russe and we both pretty much died instantly at the sight of the dress. We had multiple options in our head already but we decided to get the dress anyways because it said it was only $15, I wasn’t about to leave it for that price. When we went to check out the lady had told us it was marked down further to $5.90! I’m sorry but this was basically a steal! Our next priority then became searching for shoes in which we found a nice pair of gold heals at the JCPenny clearance section for $15. What I’m basically saying is yes, I did get a dress and shoes for homecoming for less than $25. I’m not gonna lie, I was a happy girl that day. Not only did I save a lot of money, but I felt like I was walking down the red carpet everywhere I went while at homecoming (it was far from the red carpet, it was more like a sweaty gym but you get where I’m coming from). In all I had an amazing night of just dancing and singing “Wrecking Ball” at the top of my lungs with my friends and ending the night with a sleepover that consisted of watching Legally Blonde and Clueless. Definitely a night to remember, now I just gotta wait for Prom to come around!


Teen Fashion: Bohemian Glitz Outfit

DSC_3316_1 reduced

DSC_3304_1 reduced

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DSC_3337_1 reduced

Recently for Chorus I had to go to graduation and sing as part of a mandatory assignment. I wasn’t too happy that I had to stay till around nine at night on the last day of school but then it resulted on a shopping trip to get the outfit we had to wear. My chorus teacher asked that we wear either khaki pants and a white shirt or we go with a nice simple white dress. We were aloud to wear any shoes and accessories we wanted so that allowed me to have fun and play with making an outfit. I always hear about how hard the hunt for a perfect white dress can be but I was able to find my dress within one day after looking in two stores that didn’t have the dress for me. Almost my entire outfit came from Rue 21, the shoes came from Marshalls. I was kind of glad that singing at graduation resulted in me getting an absolutely beautiful dress which is also perfect for this amazing upcoming summer.

When you look at this outfit you may not see much bohemian because of the jewelry. The dress alone is sort of Bohemian because of the flower print lace and because of how it flows. It’s loose and free and if I paired it up with a dream catcher necklace or a head band that ran across my forehead you would be able to see the bohemian. Instead of going that route I went with a more glitzy side because I love my shiny things. I went with this necklace because it was long and brought in a lot of attention to the top of the dress and kind of added a surprising element since people wouldn’t really expect to take a dress such as this one in that sort of direction. The earrings match the necklace perfectly but what I love about them is how they look like they are floating and not connected to my ear! The bracelets had to have some white incorporated into them because then it would be too much gold. I did the same thing with adding white to the shoes because it added more attention to the outfit and jewelry rather than the feet and it didn’t over power the outfit with more gold. These shoes were very comfortable for having a small heel on them. I was able to walk around all day without feeling any foot pain! I was able to look glitzy with a dash of bohemian without walking around as if I was a new born horse trying to stand up for the first time.

Me, Myself, and I: Chorus Girl

Me, myself and I chorus fanatic

The first Sunday of every month I am going to start posting a post that tells you guys a little more about me. I think that it’s important that all of my readers know something about me, it helps you guys get an idea of the type of person I am.  I am going to be talking about hobbies, things I like, goals for my future, interesting stories about things I have experienced in my life so far, and anything else that will help you guys create a better picture of who I truly am. I have already mentioned a lot of things in my about section, but with these posts I will go more into depth about certain things and mention some more stuff you have not read before.

I love to sing and I love music, the feeling I get when I sing feels unreal. I sing so much around my house that I’m pretty sure that it’s starting to bother my family. Music is a big part of my life, I just love listening to the rhythm and trying to match it with my voice. I use music and singing as my stress reliever, because I think about the lyrics instead of what I’m worrying about. I love singing and music so much that I even joined chorus back in 5th grade. I got in and loved it ever since. Even though I didn’t join chorus in 6th and 7th grade, I got back into chorus in 8th grade. In chorus, we treat each other like family. Some of the people have arguments between themselves, but they always make up in the end. Recently I tried out for show choir, and I am happy to say that I got in! I’m super excited because ever since I watched the show Glee, all I ever wanted was to join a singing group like that. I love the concept of dancing along to music that I hear on the radio. I am so excited to start show choir because I have met a few of the upperclassmen in there and they are some pretty cool people! I plan to stay in chorus and show choir every year I am in high school. It feels good to have a class where I don’t have to stress about home work or upcoming tests.

Me, myself, and I chorus fanaticSomething I don’t like about chorus is the attire. We have to wear this all black dress that is really simple with black flats. Not a very fun dress and not something I would wear by choice. My dad always make comments on how creepy I look because of the dress. One of the pictures above shows the full dress that I have to wear to every concert. The other picture shows a small part of the chorus on stage getting ready to sing one of the Festival pieces. In chorus right now we are working on Broadway pieces that will be preformed at our spring concert. We will be recreating the Tony Awards at our school with the Rhoades Awards! Mrs. Rhoades is our chorus teacher and she is really preppy and nice, she is a huge Broadway and Disney princess fanatic. The group I am in right now will be performing a Thoroughly Modern Milly song medley. Our opening and ending will be Anything Goes, which is all chorus groups dancing and singing. Maybe one of these days I will be able to post a YouTube video of one of our performances so you guys can get a better picture of what our chorus groups are like.