Teen Fashion: Bohemian Glitz Outfit

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Recently for Chorus I had to go to graduation and sing as part of a mandatory assignment. I wasn’t too happy that I had to stay till around nine at night on the last day of school but then it resulted on a shopping trip to get the outfit we had to wear. My chorus teacher asked that we wear either khaki pants and a white shirt or we go with a nice simple white dress. We were aloud to wear any shoes and accessories we wanted so that allowed me to have fun and play with making an outfit. I always hear about how hard the hunt for a perfect white dress can be but I was able to find my dress within one day after looking in two stores that didn’t have the dress for me. Almost my entire outfit came from Rue 21, the shoes came from Marshalls. I was kind of glad that singing at graduation resulted in me getting an absolutely beautiful dress which is also perfect for this amazing upcoming summer.

When you look at this outfit you may not see much bohemian because of the jewelry. The dress alone is sort of Bohemian because of the flower print lace and because of how it flows. It’s loose and free and if I paired it up with a dream catcher necklace or a head band that ran across my forehead you would be able to see the bohemian. Instead of going that route I went with a more glitzy side because I love my shiny things. I went with this necklace because it was long and brought in a lot of attention to the top of the dress and kind of added a surprising element since people wouldn’t really expect to take a dress such as this one in that sort of direction. The earrings match the necklace perfectly but what I love about them is how they look like they are floating and not connected to my ear! The bracelets had to have some white incorporated into them because then it would be too much gold. I did the same thing with adding white to the shoes because it added more attention to the outfit and jewelry rather than the feet and it didn’t over power the outfit with more gold. These shoes were very comfortable for having a small heel on them. I was able to walk around all day without feeling any foot pain! I was able to look glitzy with a dash of bohemian without walking around as if I was a new born horse trying to stand up for the first time.

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

Fab Fifty Friday: FFF
Fab Fifty Friday: FFF by teen fashion blog featuring black sandals

Hey guys! I know I have not been posting much lately to this teen fashion blog, it’s getting closer to final exams and homework is just starting to pile on. Today is Friday, which means it’s a Fab Fifty Friday. I always get super excited to post these fifty dollar outfits because I can look at a really cute outfit and not hate the fact that I may not be able to afford everything . I mean an outfit, accessories, and shoes is an amazing deal for only fifty dollars. The best part is that some outfits may look a hundred times that price.

This Fab Fifty Friday I’m using a cute green dress that I found at persunmall.com! The dress was way too fabulous to turn down and only for 28 dollars! I immediately started working on an outfit for this dress and I found some more amazing deals. The shoes were super cute and only 15 dollars! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the prices, it almost felt too good to be true. The earrings were only 8 dollars, it’s not one of the best deals I have seen at Charming Charlie but it wasn’t bad for these earrings either. I love this outfit because of how elegant and modern it is. The cuts in the dress are very simple but clean and there are no patterns which makes the dress super chic. This look added up to be 50.99 which is only 99 cents over the budget, but hey just go look in some jean pockets or under you couch and I’m sure you’re bound to find some extra change laying around. Graduations are coming up and this would be an amazing outfit for that special event! Look classy and sophisticated on one of the biggest moments of your life!