Monday Inspiration Outfit: Pink and Blue Table Setting

Monday Inspiration Outfit teen fashion blog

Do you know what day it is today? I know I do, it is inspiration Monday! I’m pretty sure that with all the Pinterest viewing I do, it should become an official hobby. I just think that it’s interesting to see things that other people like, gives me other perspectives sometimes. I get a lot of inspirations from things that I find on there, I also try a lot of recipes. By the way, don’t go on Pinterest when you are hungry. During Christmas time my mom found a lot of food recipes on Pinterest and they all turned out to be amazing. I have to say, I think Pinterest might be my drug. It grips me and keeps me in its death lock.

The most recent piece that interested me was this table setting. I know what you’re thinking, what is a teenage girl doing looking at table settings? Well my mom’s passion is creating tablescapes, so when she sees something she likes and pins it, I can see it on my wall as well. She’s always posting really pretty tablescapes, but I thought I would have a little more fun working with this one. I also thought the colors went really great together.

The dress is very modern and futuristic, kind of like the vases used to hold the flowers. I used this square blue purse because it looks like the napkins used. The shoes on the bottom are pink and silver, it is a little odd, but it is definitely fun and shows you’re ready for a party. The rest of the accessories are blue and silver. Inspiration comes from everywhere, anything can become a work of art.

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Holiday Cookie Sacks

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Holiday Cookie Sacks teen fashion blog
One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is to go through Pinterest and look at the wide variety of things people have interests in. Every now and then I find a few things that catch my eye and I pin. I was browsing through the crafts section and all of a sudden I saw these cookie sacks. I thought they were super cute and that they would be good for putting gifts in or even for decoration. I also like the contrast of the green and the red against the brown bags.  I was inspired by the bags because they were very seasonal and I like creating seasonal outfits now and then. I like how the bags include a small amount of red, yet it catches enough attention. Also the way they are displayed and created is really creative. In the outfit I made sure to use that small amount of red so that I get the same outcome as the bags. I want to give a big thank you to Lisa from for letting me use her picture in my post. Check her website when you have a chance, she has a lot of pretty things. I often get inspirations and I like to turn them into outfits. What do you like to do with your inspirations?

Frozen Grounds

Frozen Grounds- Teen fashion blog
Frozen Grounds by teen fashion blog featuring betsey johnson flats

Everywhere I go people are talking about the movie Frozen. The song “Let it go” has been a huge hit among us teenagers. I went to Pandora to create a Les Miserables station and after a few songs from the actual musical, some songs from Frozen started coming on. Frozen merchandise is everywhere. I found a giant Olaf at one of the stores for five hundred dollars. I have to admit I wanted the giant Olaf to keep in my room, but it is not worth five hundred dollars though. I went to see Frozen  a few weeks ago because I got tired of people saying how much they loved the movie and I had not been able to see it yet. The movie was great, it showed the power of love in some of the most unexpected ways. It also shows how important it is to show love to your family members because they are some of the closest to you, and no matter what they will always love you. The movie teaches young girls multiple life lessons. I have  learned to appreciate the people in my life and to keep them as close as I can.

I decided to make an Elisa inspired outfit because I thought her singing was great and her character was strong. Elsa transformed into a long blue dress in the beginning of the movie while creating her ice castle and singing “Let it go”. I used a short blue dress because it was a better fit for a teenage girl. I also chose ice blue shoes and a purse because Elsa did have ice powers, therefore making the color appropriate. The reason I chose to use jewelry with blue and silver crystals is because, with the earrings it looked like you would have crystals hanging from your ears. I love the colors in the jewelry because; I bet when the light hits the crystals, they will sparkle like snow does. I feel like I am more like Elsa in the movie because I am always serious. If you touch me I’m always cold, I’m head strong, and I do truly love my sister and would do anything for her. If you have seen Frozen, which character do you feel like you relate to the most?