Back to School Geek Style: Doctor Who

TheCityGirls, FeerieDoll, bellalise,ConsultingFanGeeks, clpstudio

TheCityGirls, FeerieDoll, bellalise, ConsultingFanGeeks, clpstudio

Today I’ve decided to write a post for the geek and nerd in some of us. The first thing I want to talk about is the word fandoms. If you’re a nerd like me, you belong in some sort of fandom (or many fandoms). To belong to a fandom means you have to be a hardcore fan, you love something so much you freak out. This freak out is common among girls, it’s called fangirling. The first time I heard fangirling was when this girl in my class was telling me how she fangirls about One Direction and started freaking out and lecturing me about each of the boys. I’m not a One Directioner so I didn’t see what the big hype was about and I thought fangirling was pretty stupid. Then it hit me! Shows such as Doctor Who and The Walking Dead knocked at my door. Books like The Hunger Games and The Fault in our Stars started breaking down my windows! I had come down with the fangirling disease . Once you become a fangirl you can never go back, you become part of a fandom and there is no escaping. I became a fangirl a long time ago and I belong to more fandoms than all of my fingers and toes put together. Some of the main fandoms I belong to are: The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Reign, Hunger Games, Disney, and The Fault in our Stars.

The fandom I’m going to talk about today is Doctor Who. This is one of my main fandoms where I shriek at the mention of The Doctor. I’m pretty lucky to have my whovian friends because I would not be able to rant about each individual show to people who don’t watch the show. Today I started looking for when season 8 of Doctor Who is coming out, and sure enough it’s coming out August 23 on the BBC channel. I have no words to describe how excited I was when I read about how soon season 8 is. I’m excited to see how the 12th doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) is going to do. Clara remains the companion for this season. Also I heard of rumors about the Doctor’s worse enemy, the Master, making a comeback in this season.

Doctor Who is a really famous British show on the BBC Channel. If you like Doctor Who then you also might be interested in the show Sherlock and Supernatural. If you’re someone who loves these shows, then you belong to the superwholock fandom. Doctor Who is actually an alien. He mentions often in the show that he has two hearts. He is the last surviving Time Lord from Gallifrey. Gallifrey and all other time lords were destroyed in the Great Time war against the Daleks. Daleks are another one of the doctor’s main enemies, and their mission is to take over the universe and exterminate the doctor. Some other aliens that come up a lot are the Cyberman, Sontarans, and scariest of all the Weeping Angels. All of the shows the Weeping Angels come up in have me at the edge of my seat but they are indeed my favorite alien. The only way to make sure you don’t get caught by a Weeping Angel is by looking at it the whole time and no blinking. If you blink the angel takes its true form and attacks you. The way it kills you is by sending you back in time and has you live your life to death. To me that’s the best death someone could go through because you still get to live your full life, just in a different time period. If I was caught by a weeping angel, I would want to be sent back to the Renaissance time period because that sounded like a really fun and interesting time period. There were so many geniuses of music, art, and literature in this time period. On the way to my school we pass a cemetery that has a few angel statues. Every time my bus passes by the cemetery I turn to my friend and whisper don’t blink in her ear. My friend nearly had a heart attack the first few times I did it. 🙂

The Doctor often gathers companions to travel with him in the Tardis (phone booth) and to help him keep balance in all the universe. My favorite companions have been Amy and Rory so far because they go along with the doctor really well. Plus Amy and Rory were the cutest couple ever! I hear about how Disney gives girls an untrue picture of men, but Rory is just amazing! Pretty sure Doctor Who has Disney beat!

Geekcetera, StylishGeek

Geekcetera, StylishGeek

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keepWEARME, ghjiuynbma, kaieldesigns, JeweLust, AlliMidoriCrafts, chasingatstarligh, MardiganEnterprises,  TheTrendyGeek, oneeyedfox, TimeMachineJewelry, PandemoniumTreasures, StoneByAllison

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StarworksDesign, princessnightmare, ItsABowThing12, TimeMachineJewelry,

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cottonlicious, Chinacase, SilentCicada, Giftcase, TheThreeLimes, TheCityGirls

Above I have a bunch of Doctor Who merchandise that will bring out your inner geek when going back to school. The reason I chose these certain items is because they are stylish and great pieces that you can do a lot with. The key with these things is moderation! Wear one item at a time because wearing all Doctor Who items won’t look all that good. I made sure to include all sort of things that anybody needs when going back to school. There are clothes, jewelry, pens/pencils, cases, book bags, and water bottles. I will admit I saw these different items and died a little inside.

Now that you all know what the fangirling is and what fandoms are, I want you think of what geeky fandoms you may be involved in. Make sure to leave comments about any fandoms you may be in. I would love to find out what type of fandoms you are all involved in. Maybe I’m in them as well.

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Doctor Who: A Happy Regeneration

Dr. Who outfit teen fashion blog
Dr. Who: A Happy Regeneration by teen fashion blog featuring word wall art

Last weekend I was invited to a birthday party that a friend of mine was hosting. The party theme was a Doctor Who party, so I guess you could say it was more of a regeneration party. She had planned out every little detail according to the show and I though she did really well with planning out the party herself. On her birthday cake she wrote out her name in Gallifrey, which is a language used in the show. She had multiple games using characters from Doctor Who such as pin the face on the Cassandra and weeping angel tag.  The decorations all consisted of Tardis blue and she had Bad Wolf written all over the place. She also tried to use food that you might have been able to find on the show. On one of the episodes the doctor was craving custard and fish fingers, what my friend did was get vanilla pudding and make cinnamon and sugar cookies in the shape of fish fingers. She dressed as the Doctor as well while she was hosting the party. The party was lots of fun and everyone participated in all the games and we all had a blast.

I have recently gotten into Doctor Who and my perspective at everything has changed. Now I can never look at a statue without thinking it’s a weeping angel and that it will attack me once I blink. The show is very different from anything I have seen before, I don’t understand how people are able to come up with ideas such as these. The show features a wide variety of aliens, some are good and some are the Doctor’s worst enemies. Basically the Doctor is a Time Lord, which is a form of alien species that has gone extinct due to the great time war between Time Lords and Daleks. The Doctor was able to escape on the Tardis before the Daleks got to him, the Tardis is the Doctor’s time machine. The Doctor and his companions, humans he picks to travel with him, try to keep the universe in balance. The Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates, but he has a certain amount of regenerations he can use. I like the show because it always makes me think and it throws in lots of plot twists that I never see coming. I highly recommend people to watch the show.

This outfit is of course inspired by the show. I used the dark blue color in the outfit because it is the symbolic color for the show and because the Tardis is blue. I used lace up shoes because the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) usually wears lace up boots. I used a pocket watch necklace because in one of the shows they used a pocket watch with Gallifrey written all over it. I’m not going to tell you why the pocket watch was in the show, as River Song would say “spoilers!”. The earrings are Tardis blue as well to go along with the outfit. When I found the Tardis purse I knew that I had found the inspiration piece. This outfit is perfect to include in a teen fashion blog because of the big craze it’s been getting among teenagers. My favorite Doctor would have to be the 11th Doctor because of how odd he was compared to the other ones. Just by saying “bow ties are cool” he has caused many fans to go out and get bow ties in order to be like him. Do you watch Doctor Who? If so, which Doctor do you favor the most and why?