For the Love of Fashion Series: Unwrapping a Teen Girl’s Heart

Disney Inspired Dates
Disney Inspired Dates by teen fashion blog on Polyvore
Top 3 Valentine's Day Gifts Teen Girls Want

I decided that I wanted to do a post about Valentine’s Day gifts for teen girls when I heard some guys talking about how complicated it is to get gifts for girls. I thought that boys would benefit from the inside information and score major points with their girlfriends. I knew that all of us girls have different tastes and things we like so I decided to survey my girl friends. After collecting all of their information I discovered that we are truly not that complicated.  I asked all of my girlfriends the same question: What would you like for Valentine’s Day from a boy? I gave them a maximum limit of $50.00. There were many gifts that were repeated multiple times throughout the survey.

Before I give out the Valentine’s day gift ideas for teen girls, I should emphasize that you should really get to know the girl you like well as some of the answers my friends gave me were very specific of their taste. By knowing your girl better it makes the process of planning out or buying her gift easier on you. Sometimes if you pick up on a certain item she talks about a lot that she does not own yet, that can be a great gift that will make her super happy and it’ll let her know that you truly listen when she talks to you. Some of the girls have told me things they wanted that not every girl would want. For example, one girl told me she wanted a Taco Bell gift card or tickets to a special event, another girl told me about a shirt she wanted that had to with a certain fandom she was in. Knowing your girl better can also build a better relationship between the two of you. All girls are different, so don’t expect to make every girl happy with the same gift.

I hate to break it to you guys, but if you thought that buying something like a bear will make her the happiest girl in the world, you are wrong. Girls prefer actions over gifts. You may be thinking that it’s going to be even harder for you to prepare. It might be, but girls love it when guys put a lot of thought into their gift and they don’t just throw something together. Some girls told me that they want their guy to take them out on dates. Us teenage girls have grown up with Disney movies all of our lives and to this day we like to watch them, so we tend to base our perfect dates off of what we might have wanted when we were watching a certain movie as little girls. There were many variety of dates that I was given, and most of them I would like to go on myself with a guy. Some of the girls wanted their guy to take them out on a date where they first met. I think that will definitely impress a girl because it’ll let her know that you remembered and that it was important to you as well. I have also gotten girls who wanted a picnic date, a date on the beach, a carnival date where the guy gives her a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel, a movie date, a dinner date, a midnight boat ride, go to a dance together, and take a walk somewhere pretty. One of my friends caught me completely by surprise when she said she wanted to have an Xbox date with her guy sitting right next to her as they killed people on Battlefield. Like I said before, don’t try to plan this date without any knowledge of the girl you want to take out.

Something that I saw a lot of girls wanting as well is a love letter or a song/poem written by the guy himself. We like things with emotion, we like romance. We want you to do things that show your feelings. Girls think it’s the cutest thing when a guy builds the confidence to sing to you and only you. It makes each individual girl feel special. Girls find it super adorable when a guy gets her a locket containing his and her picture inside. We like lockets because we will always be able to remember our special guy and it stays close to our hearts. Lockets can cost from about ten dollars all the way to thousands of dollars. We honestly don’t care based on price, but more on the thought and the effort to get that locket.

Us girls also appreciate the classics, things such as chocolate, flowers, or even a small stuffed bear that says “Be Mine”. Small little gifts make grand gestures. Since teenagers are all new to dating, something simple as a rose will mean the world to that girl you want to make happy. You can never go wrong with chocolate, unless she hates chocolate or is allergic to it. Either way, just letting the girl know that you were thinking about her on Valentine’s Day will fill her with joy. Sometimes all a girl needs is to feel special, and guys can give girls that special feeling.

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