Teen Fashion: First Impressions: Open House Outfit

Back to School Outfit teen fashion

Back to School Outfit teen fashion

Back to School Outfit teen fashion

Every year when I go to Open House I always make sure to dress up. Just like when going to an interview for a job, you make sure to look good because it’s all about first impressions. I like my teachers to think that I am well put together and organized because that is what they are going to think of me when I walk into school on the first day. I enjoy getting ready for something since the whole summer I stayed in shorts and a t-shirt most of the time. What I like most about the outfit is the pastel colors paired up with the darker colors. I love the light pink and gold color and how it contrasted so well with each other. I also loved the long striped cardigan over the outfit, it added visual interest.

How do you guys like my hair? I cut it a few weeks back, but it’s a lot shorter now. I have to admit I get frustrated sometimes when trying to style it, but it looks good in the end. It feels so good not having to manage so much hair. 🙂 Besides a change now and then is not bad. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Teen Fashion: First Impressions: Open House Outfit

  1. This was such a nicely done post! 🙂 Love the way your pink shirt contrasts with the pleather skirt. Super edgy and cute!

    • Thank you so much! I love that blush color a lot, for some reason it screams romance and elegance, but once you pair with that black material is unexpected. So awesome to see somebody that has similar taste to mine. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, super cute! The skirt and cardigan go so well together. I also like the flower belt and the little trim pieces on the top. Of course this outfit looks so much better with a beautiful smile =D

    Are you single?!?

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