The Fox Says Style

The Fox Says Style teen fashion blog
The Fox Says Style by teen fashion blog featuring orange hats
A few months ago a YouTube video was uploaded all the way from Norway and instantly went viral. It’s called ” What does the fox say?” by Ylvis. The song may sound stupid but that’s what brings a smile to my face. The video includes a man singing about how no one knows what the fox sounds like and ends up creating all these outrageous sounds that the fox says. The video ends with an animated singing fox running off leaving the audience wondering . I know it sounds dumb but once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head. I must admit I must be partly crazy to find something so odd amusing. This outfit was created in honor of the fox, I made sure to use the colors you would find in a typical fox’s fur. The sweater features a fox at the top and an orange necklace that looks like a collar. The orange cropped trousers add some fun to the outfit and tie the necklace and the fox on the sweater together. The Fedora, watch, purse, and sun glasses are all orange as well to add the youth element to the outfit. The earrings are actually blocks with all the colors of the outfit. The shoes have mostly gray in them to break up all the orange going on in the outfit already. So what is the fox saying to you?

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