Teen Fashion: Metallic Fashion Series: Golden Glow

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog

I always hear the saying “It’s easier said than done”. I believe that in most cases this saying is true. I have been making polyvore outfits for the metallic series so far, however some of you may be thinking that it looks good but might be hard for you to incorporate a metallic piece into your wardrobe. I decided to make an outfit with pieces that I own to show that incorporating metallics does not have to be difficult and it can be done in a classy way. I must admit that I was a little unsure about buying the gold jacket because I thought I would look too flashy and tacky. I later convinced myself, bought it and challenged myself into getting out of my comfort zone. I immediately took it into my closet and started playing around with all the different outfit options I could do with just one jacket. I love this outfit because the colors are soft and elegant. The addition of the jacket gives it a fun look. I used a gray blouse with a lace V-neck over a light pink pant. The earrings were gold with a stone that would change colors depending on the lighting and the light pink and gold necklace looked like a collar. The shoes were a light pink as well with a few gold studs in the front. We took the pictures when the sun was going down which gives a neat golden glow to the photos of this teen fashion blog. I believe this is a perfect outfit to wear to a party because it shows that you are ready to have fun, yet at the same time you look like you won’t go completely wild. Metallics can be used for any sort of event, it all depends on how you use them. You guys already know I have taken the step of including metallics into my wardrobe, do you have any metallics on your closet? If not, what would you like to include?

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