Metallic Fashion Series: Commanding Metallic

Metallic outfit teen fashion blog

I am sad to say that this is the last outfit of the series, but happy to inform that this is the first series to many more. So far in this series I have used two outfits using silver, one outfit using a metallic blue, two gold outfits, and a copper outfit using some rose gold in it as well.

This last outfit is a greenish bronze metallic color. When I first saw the shirt my mind started thinking military inspired, therefore I did. I used a military printed pant, but instead of using the different shades of green I used a pant that had light blue to add some unexpected color to the outfit. I used the gray heels because they had a really cool pattern which went well with the military print. The gray was part of the color palette I was trying to keep. The flats are a light gray which still goes with the rest of the colors in the outfit. The accessories had a dark military green which was in the shirt and pants and had a military sort of design. The purse had the dark green as well with the khaki that are both found in the pants.

You are now ready to command those metallic colors like a general. So, at ease! I don’t know anyone  in the army but I still respect each soldier like the heroes they are. A shout out to all our troops!

Metallic Fashion Series: Shiny Like a Penny

metallic outfit teen fashion blog
We are coming close to the end of the metallic series. Even though I have had lots of fun creating these outfits, I am ready to start doing new outfits for different inspirations and hopefully do more series such as this one. So far I have done a lot of gold and silver and I just want to break away from those two colors. For this outfit I decided to use a copper color and go a little more bold with the metallic instead of a smaller piece such as some shorts or a jacket. Wearing metallic colors is like having a spotlight shine down on you the whole time you wear the piece. The more metallic you wear (as long as you know how to use them right) the brighter that spotlight will shine over you. I added the copper dress and created an outfit around it with more toned down colors because the dress is already bright enough. This dress is very versatile, the sky is the limit when in comes to mixing and matching this dress. I decided to use black and some lighter looking metallic. The black blazer breaks up all the copper at the top. The heels I used for this dress have rose gold and silver which went amazingly against the black background. I used a black and gold sandal because the design was eye-catching and made the outfit look elegant. All the accessories have black and rose gold in them which keeps everything on the same color palette. I used a rose gold and black belt over the copper dress to add even more flare. The purse has a light pink (like a rose gold without a shine), gray, and black which still sticks to the color palette. Sometimes it’s harder to make a bold step but it does pay off once people see you in it. Have you ever worn something that you weren’t sure about but once you wore it you felt amazing in it? What was it?

Metallic Fashion Series: Silver Lining

Metallic outfit teen fashion blog

I’m back with the Metallic Series that I interrupted because of FFF (Fab Fifty Friday). Recently I have done two outfits with gold, a silver outfit, and a metallic blue outfit. I love the way metallic look, especially when you stand in the light and all you can do is shine and look glamorous. Plus I’m the type of girl who likes attention, a metallic piece of clothing attracts that attention I’m looking for.

I decided to use a silver short for this outfit to make it a bit more casual. When I saw this shorts, all I could think was I need them! I have lived in warm climates all my life (14 long years), over the years I have come to appreciate shorts and how they keep you cooler. Along with the shorts I added a purple tweed blazer to go on top. I chose this blazer because it has some silver details in it and since it is mostly purple it tones down what could be a shocking silver look with the shorts. The addition of the blazer makes the outfit more elegant and gives unity to the look. The shoes are purple with little details on the front to add some fun to the outfit. The purse is purple as well and it has a cute paisley print which adds some variety. The jewelry is all silver and purple which ties up everything into one piece. I love how purple and silver go together. I love that color combination so much that my room is full of purple, silver, and white.

I can see that growing a teen fashion blog requires lots of dedication and patience. Although I blog because I really enjoy putting outfits together and sharing them with everybody the truth is that I’m also looking to gain followers, not for egotistical reasons but in hopes that a college will notice me and offer me a scholarship. Followers are not coming as fast as a 14-year-old teen would like which can be a little disheartening. The silver lining of the week was that I was chosen as one of the “Brilliant Blogger Set of the Week” by for my Silver Rights Movement set, which was super exciting and brought a couple of visitors to the site.

Only two more metallic sets to go for this series. Hoping you are enjoying it as much as I am.

Teen Fashion: Metallic Fashion Series: Golden Glow

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog

I always hear the saying “It’s easier said than done”. I believe that in most cases this saying is true. I have been making polyvore outfits for the metallic series so far, however some of you may be thinking that it looks good but might be hard for you to incorporate a metallic piece into your wardrobe. I decided to make an outfit with pieces that I own to show that incorporating metallics does not have to be difficult and it can be done in a classy way. I must admit that I was a little unsure about buying the gold jacket because I thought I would look too flashy and tacky. I later convinced myself, bought it and challenged myself into getting out of my comfort zone. I immediately took it into my closet and started playing around with all the different outfit options I could do with just one jacket. I love this outfit because the colors are soft and elegant. The addition of the jacket gives it a fun look. I used a gray blouse with a lace V-neck over a light pink pant. The earrings were gold with a stone that would change colors depending on the lighting and the light pink and gold necklace looked like a collar. The shoes were a light pink as well with a few gold studs in the front. We took the pictures when the sun was going down which gives a neat golden glow to the photos of this teen fashion blog. I believe this is a perfect outfit to wear to a party because it shows that you are ready to have fun, yet at the same time you look like you won’t go completely wild. Metallics can be used for any sort of event, it all depends on how you use them. You guys already know I have taken the step of including metallics into my wardrobe, do you have any metallics on your closet? If not, what would you like to include?

Metallic Fashion Series: Gold Rush

Metallic Outfit teen fashion blog
Metallics Fashion Series: Gold Rush by teen fashion blog featuring a bangle bracelet
Lots of school homework today so I’m in a bit of a rush. Having a teen fashion blog can be a bit stressful, lots to do! The gold, black and white color palette in this set is an all time classic. The metallic in the outfit is coming from the pants and the gold detail in the jacket. Even though the pant is metallic gold, the fabric is not the shiny, glossy kind so the look is still very elegant. Because I used a metallic pant, I made sure to use accessories that wouldn’t overtake from the impact of the gold pant. In my opinion, choosing shiny accessories would have given this outfit a not so refined look. Don’t be afraid to add a couple of metallic pieces to your wardrobe, just be careful with the selection of the color and material of the fabric. Choosing the right fabric is critical to achieving an elegant look. As you can see with this outfit, if you are bold enough you can take the metallic look to the office. What is the boldest piece of clothing you own?

Metallic Fashion Series: Every Day Metal

How to incorporate metallic in your outfit teen fashion blog
Metallic Fashion Series: Every Day Metal by teen fashion blog featuring a leather tote
I have recently started my metallic series and so far I have had fun looking at all the different metallic clothing. This will now be my second outfit in the series and I believe that it is a perfect outfit for just going out to the store or just to hang out with friends at the movies. Do you know how to incorporate metallics in your outfits? If you feel like metallics are something that may be a little to edgy for you, you can always start of with a bit of metallic in the outfit. The only metallic you will find in this outfit is the metallic blue in the sneakers. The purse used for the outfit is completely metallic but still looks amazing and not too much where the outfit looks like it’s too much for the eye. I always think that painting your nails can be an added accessory to any outfit. That’s why I added a metallic orange paint for your nails because it makes a cute and bold statement. Since it’s still winter I added a cute turquoise hoodie with orange lettering. The orange pants tie up the letters in the hoodie with the orange in the sneaker. The bracelets and the earrings had all the colors found in the outfit. I love metallics because I like attention, and the bright shiny colors grab it for me when I wear it. What do you incorporate in your outfits to grab the attention of the viewers?

Metallic Fashion Series: Silver Rights Movement

Metallic outfit teen fashion blog
As we all know, today is Martin Luther King day.  Martin Luther King inspired people all around the world to stand up for what they believe in and to stick by it. He fought against segregation between blacks and whites and wanted equal rights for people of all races. He led multiple civil rights movements and stood tall for his beliefs. I admire his leadership skills, his confidence, and the ability to move the masses. I decided to do the Silver Rights Movement in honor of Dr. King.
This week I’m starting the first outfit series of my teen fashion blog, the metallic series. I decided to incorporate metallic colors into my outfits because some people get the idea that metallics are too flashy and/or tacky. If you know how to play with metallic colors the right way and don’t put too much you can create a really amazing outfit. I want to show everyone how to incorporate metallics into your closet in a fashionable way. The metallic color in this outfit is silver which can be very modern when appropriately styled. The shape and simplicity of the colors in the skirt make it very modern. The shirt is a black and white fringed sleeveless blouse which is tucked  into the skirt. The shirt is a variation of a tuxedo shirt. To go over the shirt I added a silver blazer to incorporate a little more silver and give the outfit a little edge. The heels are mostly silver with black square outlines and the flats are mostly black with a bit of silver. The jewelry is all silver and black, all the shapes are different which makes the outfit visually interesting. The clutch is ombre, it fades from black to white. The clutch adds more circles to the outfits, yet again adding more shapes. Martin Luther King became a role model to multiple people all over the world. Do you have a role model?