Inspiration Monday: Do What You Love

Inspiration Monday: Do What You Love teen fashion blog

Ever since I was smaller I have always been told this same phrase over and over: “Do What You Love”. When I was smaller what I loved was dressing up and Disney Princesses, so at that time I was pretty sure that what I loved was pretending to be a princess. I would dream up purple castles and endless closets of dresses and jewels. This is where the dream of being a princess sprouted up because it’s what I loved and all I ever wanted. Sad to say, I’ve grown up a lot from those days. I no longer dream of purple castles or a tiara. I don’t find it as what I love anymore. I still have to confess to loving Disney Princesses and endless closets filled with clothes. What I truly love is fashion and everything around the word. I dream of going to fashion shows instead of balls and working as a fashion buyer for a top known store instead of running a kingdom. I never knew what step to take to get more into fashion so I just stuck to shopping for a while. I later wanted something a bit bigger than that where I could actually learn a lot more. One day I was in the car with my mom and she started talking to me about running my own blog. I loved the idea but I was a bit afraid because I didn’t  know what skills were needed to run one. She later convinced me to take a chance and do what I love. So I did and now I’m where I am today. Learning more about the fashion world every day and learning a few writing tricks as well that can help me for school.

Doing what you love can become a job for you. Some people may realize what they truly love a little later in life but that’s fine as long as you try to take action to do it. My mom just recently decided to follow her dreams of working in the events industry and she is super happy. She likes to create table settings and plan parties, so what did she do? She’s starting to move toward what she loves. She’s been reading all sorts of book on event planning and took an internship to learn even more. My mom is now doing wedding events and she loves them! She always comes back with stories of how interesting some of the weddings were. She has a very creative mind and surrounding herself with beauty is her passion.

I’ve learned that doing what you love should be incorporated into what you do for a living because if your job is something you enjoy doing, then it feels more like a hobby. I always see shows about characters coming home from work all drained and upset and I don’t want to end up like that in the future. I want to be able to come home with a smile and talk about how amazing my day was just like my mom does when she comes home from one of her events. So follow your heart to what it loves and your life will be filled with more joy and less stress.

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