Back to School Geek Style: The Walking Dead

MissMotleys, sacchetto, NovelCreations, BucktoothedBunny

MissMotleys, sacchetto, NovelCreations, BucktoothedBunny

A show that has a lot of people raving about it is The Walking Dead. The show has more followers than I ever thought it would get considering it is after all a cliché end of the world show. I will give it to them, it is one of my favorite shows of all time. If I miss a show, then a fit is thrown! I’ve watched it since it came out and I’ve seen every single episode (more than once). Every time a Walking Dead marathon comes on, I’m on top of it with a bowl of popcorn in my hand and my undivided attention. I will say that I love The Walking Dead more than Doctor Who, you can’t go wrong with zombies. If you give a me a really good show/movie with zombies in it, then I am hooked and watching it.

This show doesn’t need very much explaining since it’s taking place during the zombie apocalypse. Pretty much the whole time all they’re trying to do is survive from both the dead and the living. There is always lots of drama and action in this series which makes for a really entertaining hour. There have been many times where I would be watching and then suddenly, boom! Something super epic happens and it leaves me in shock for the rest of the night. I really recommend this show unless you’re not good with gruesome things or scared of zombies, because then you’ll have nightmares. It’s actually really odd for me to love this show so much because I don’t take the sight of blood well, I always feel dizzy when I see it. I have actually fainted at the sight of blood in the past (but that is another story). When it comes to The Walking Dead I don’t mind it at all and sort of like seeing the blood everywhere, adds to the action.

My favorite character in this show and my favorite character of all time is Daryl Dixon. He’s a butt kicking redneck that has confidence and bravery, yet still has the sweetest and softest side to him. I’ve stuck by Daryl since the beginning but as episodes went on, I started to fall in love with him. When I tell you that Norman Reedus is my celebrity crush, I truly mean it. He’s just so amazing and if he ever dies it will be the end of my heart. I swear that if they kill Daryl I will revolt, start a riot, and stop watching the show. Well maybe I won’t stop watching, but I won’t enjoy it without him. I’m not ever going to be emotionally prepared if they do decide to kill him. I will be a sobbing mess and it will not be pretty. Plus, that will ruin my whole year because they decided to kill my favorite character of all time and I will never forgive the writers of The Walking Dead. Fangirling much!!!!?

wildwestjewelryshop, SpoonChick, MauveMagpie, wholesalejewelrysale,TheGeekStop, ICEMILWAUKEE, TheZombieShoppe, CreationsbyAccident

wildwestjewelryshop, SpoonChick, MauveMagpie, wholesalejewelrysale,TheGeekStop, ICEMILWAUKEE, TheZombieShoppe, CreationsbyAccident

ScavengedVintage, Studio867, EmbellishedWhimsy, figure8lasers, sacerandsavive

ScavengedVintage, Studio867, EmbellishedWhimsy, figure8lasers, sacerandsavive

I’ve added some Walking Dead bags, clothes, jewelry, and cases for those of you who feel like zombies when walking into school (do you see what I did there?). I have to admit that finding zombie pieces that are wearable and stylish was really difficult. As you can imagine a zombie theme does not scream style but I did manage to find some that I would totally wear and style in a chic way. Like I’ve mentioned before, the key to wearing your favorite geeky clothing and looking stylish at the same time is moderation. Walking in with Walking Dead everything is not going to look all that great and it may seem a bit weird for others. If I had to choose something from all of this merchandise, it would be the Team Daryl T-shirt. Looks like Edward and Jacob are going to have to move aside, there’s a new team in town and he’s locked and loaded.

Make sure to leave comments on your favorite fandoms and what you personally fangirl about. It can be about any book, show, or movie. Let your true geek colors show and write it down. I enjoy reading all of your comments and I’ll make sure to comment back.

Most of the items selected are from etsy which is a super awesome source to find weird and unique items that not everybody is going to already own. Give some love to the etsy featured stores below.


















Infectious Fashion: A Walking Dead Outfit

Walking Dead Outfit teen fashion blog

The second half of Walking Dead’s season 4 is next Sunday and I am super excited about it. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV series. The Walking Dead is a hit series that airs on AMC every Sunday at 9 pm. My family and I are all die-hard fans, we have become emotionally attached to some of the characters on the show so when something is about to go down, we freak out and scream. I never thought I was going to become so addicted to the show, but to my surprise I can’t go without watching an episode. AMC always does reruns of episodes from all earlier seasons before the new episodes. My family and I make sure to watch the reruns before the season starts, that way everything stays fresh in our mind and we don’t miss anything.

The Walking Dead is a show about the zombie apocalypse. I’ve heard people say that zombies are over rated, but after they watch the show they change their minds. The main character is Rick, he was a cop before the apocalypse and got shot on the job. When he woke up, he was in his hospital bed confused about what was happening around him. His mission in the series is to keep his family and group safe from the flesh-eating monsters. Not only do they have to worry about zombies, but other humans as well. They come out of each challenge they meet either stronger or weaker than before.

I created an outfit that I would wear for a viewing of the show, or for a Walking Dead party. I used the shoes as the inspiration piece, the shoes have zombie like details in them. I used the shirt  because the colors and pattern felt a little dark and mysterious. I also used the black leather skirt because when I see black leather I think of things that are dark and bad. I used the blue found in the shoes for the accessories which helped break up the darkness of the colors in the outfit. The purse is a hot and vibrant pink to attract more attention to the outfit and to add an unexpected twist. While I was looking through Polyvore I found the phone case which said “YOLO unless you’re a zombie.” The phone case made me laugh so I thought it would be fun to include it along with the outfit. My favorite character in the series would have to be Daryl by far! Daryl is very tough and manly, yet he has this amazing soft side that just makes me melt inside. If you watch the Walking Dead, who would you want in your group?