The Purse that Traveled the World

purse flea market find teen fashion blog 80's

purse flea market find teen fashion blog 80's

Every once in a while when the weather is nice outside and I have a craving for tacos, (there is a Mexican food truck there with yummy tacos and tortas) I will go to the flea market with my parents.  My mom and dad have creative minds and love to build, refurbish, and create things, so a visit to the flea market allows them to treasure hunt, let their imagination go, and bounce ideas off each other (like the show Flea Market Flip). I have to admit I don’t get too involved when it comes to their projects, but do enjoy looking at the clothes racks and accessories. In the past I have been able to buy things, like a super cute Halloween fairy costume for $5.00, so I never know what I can find. A girl is ALWAYS hopeful.

This past Sunday as my mom looked for crystal (one of her favorite things to look for), I spotted laying down on a box this awesome purse. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing! It was instant attraction! I imagined Carrie Bradshaw in one of the episodes of The Carrie Diaries strolling around Manhattan with it. And then it hit me, “No! What has my mom done to me?”.  All the memories of the past summer came rolling down on me as I remembered the never ending art lectures from my mom. I realized the attraction was coming from an even deeper place. The purse reminded me of art pieces I had studied, it reminded me of Mondrian’s work. The 2013 summer of art appreciation had changed me forever!!!

As I held on to the purse I let my imagination go. In a matter of minutes I thought of the purse’s story and its previous owners. I thought of the era: “the 80’s? It looks like it but I’m not sure”. I imagined the outfits that I could create with it. I imagined a really pale brunette top model in an all white background and clothing admiring the purse. The purse had finally made it to the cover of Vogue. I thought of how awesome it would be to be able to own something that nobody else would have or maybe even feel confident enough to wear. Yep! That was not me, I was certainly confident enough to wear it everywhere. Why not? And then the doubt, really are you going to wear it? Or is it too bright?

I convinced myself it was probably more money than I could afford at the time for a purse that I really didn’t need it, but I decided to ask for the price anyway. I was now way too curious to know how much value would somebody else give to a purse that had clearly been around the world and owned by celebrities and eccentrics alike (at least in my imagination).  As I braced myself to hear the lady spell out the exorbitant price… she said: “3 dollars”. What??? Lady!!! You clearly don’t know what you are talking about! She probably was, but I didn’t want her to devalue my find, to devalue the connection that I now had with it. So I replied to her: “Ok, thank you”. I put the purse down and walked away.

I left her booth, confident that I had done the right thing. I didn’t needed the purse anyway. All of a sudden I heard my inner voice talking to me: “You don’t like it? The price is really good for something so different!”. It was not my inner voice anymore, it was my mom. She then proceeded to give me great advice: “If you like it but don’t need it offer her $2.00, if she accepts you leave with a great bargain, if she says no you were going to leave it anyway. Win-win.”  In a second she had shared a very important lesson, a lesson I will never forget, a lesson about the power of asking. You’ll never know what you can get if you don’t ask. The rest is history, the very nice lady agreed to give it to me for $2.00 and I came home with a purse to play with!

Do you have dreams like these when you go shopping or is it just the delusions of an utterly hormonal and dramatic teenager? 🙂

Etsy Digs: Bike Ride

Etsy Digs: Bike Ride

Stores: ninarossi, hamburgWEST, JWCManAboutTown, RuthlessReuse, and DesignByIsonca

Etsy Digs: Bike Ride

Stores: UnchainedSeattle, AnnesSierraad, PartsAndScraps, EdithEnDat, KatiesBike, and Willowtreework

Today I want to share with you one of my hobbies, Etsy digging. Like with any kind of digging you can either dig for garbage or you can dig for treasures. Since I’m an optimistic I always dig for treasures. I like to spend hours on looking at all the different artistic pieces (although I mainly look at fashion related stuff). You can find some true artistic pieces that are definitely worth talking about. Since I spend a lot of time on Etsy anyways, might as well write a post about what I find so not only I can be amazed but you guys too. These pieces are so amazing that they deserve to be showcased for their artistic quality!

Keep in mind that the pieces I choose are all pieces from my taste and that there are many more recycled accessories that may fit each individual style better. I choose these pieces based on originality and how cute they are. I like recycled jewelry that looks super chic that you would see being sold at a top jewelry store. I  can also see a lot of these pieces being used for outfits on magazines such as Vogue. The way I see it is a bunch of different models using these pieces as their statement piece for their outfit. I don’t know about you but I think that would be a pretty interesting article and a must read.

A bunch of the pieces of jewelry and accessories I see are mostly made of recycled material. I know what you’re thinking, “ewww I don’t want a legitimate trash bag to carry around”, but it’s far from that. I’ve seen a lot of elegant and classy pieces that I wouldn’t mind wearing and that I would enjoy having in my closet. Not only can using recycled items for accessorizing be cute but it’s also great for the environment! We have huge piles of waste lying around hurting the environment so why not reduce the piles by turning some things into wonderful accessories.

Like I mentioned before I usually stay within the fashion area. Some of these pieces I see as statement pieces. Statement pieces have different meanings to different people, but to me it means a piece that will make people look at it twice. These pieces can be a great conversation starter, especially with boys! I mean imagine it! “Yeah, my necklace and bracelet are made of bicycle parts”. What boy can’t relate to a bike?

Etsy Digs: Bike Ride

Stores: BryansRebicycling, LivelyLeafDesigns, UrbanLaceLLC, LINKSbyAnnette, and UnchainedSeattle

Etsy Digs: Bike Ride

Stores: RosePedalsJewelry, RetiredGeneration, LivelyLeafDesigns, and WarbleswithBella

The Etsy finds that I wanted to talk about are all made of bicycle parts. Some of the parts I’ve seen these artists use a lot are the chains, the gears, inner and outer tire tubes, and the spokes. A lot of these accessories I immediately think steam punk and grunge. Most of the accessories are dark and almost rustic so that’s why I think of it being grunge and steam punk like. I think it’s interesting how you can take something like a bike apart and create awesome accessories to wear. If you have any old bikes that you don’t use anymore then you already have multiple pieces of jewelry that you can use.  You can go to flea markets pick up some old parts that are for sale for a cheap price and make some high-end jewelry yourself. Now, I’m not telling you to go outside and tear up your bike to make accessories but keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities.

I’ll have to admit that all this talk about bicycles has me eager to go for a ride. 🙂

Etsy Digs: Bike Ride

Stores: upcyclery, RhythmicMetal, and Ballestic

Anyway, I figured that many of these stores are really small business owners so sharing their info below is my way to support them, share the love, recognize their amazing work and spread the word.

Featured Etsy stores:






















Strike a Pose, Vogue

Strike a Pose, Vogue teen fashion blog
Strike a Pose, Vogue by teen fashion blog featuring a charm bangle

I hate to say it, but fashion week ended recently. February 13th was the last day that designers showed their creations to the public. Once fashion week has ended we all know that magazines are going to be all over the news and trends. I decided to create this Vogue outfit because it’s one of the top fashion magazines out there, and because I love the content that they publish in their magazines. I decided to include a lot of colors in this outfit because Vogue is known for the quirky high fashion looks that they always bring to the table. Also the pictures used in the dress are very chic and stylish just like a photograph you might find on the polished pages of a Vogue magazine. I made sure to keep the rest of the accessories very simple because the dress is already loud and simple accessories will keep the outfit classy and chic.