Inspiration Monday: Tiger in the Grass

Inspiration Monday: Tiger in the Grass
Inspiration Monday: Tiger in the Grass by teen fashion blog

Inspiration Monday has come around today and I’m sorry to say that today there won’t be a surprise like I did on the Crane on Water, however I’m still bringing in a fist full of style!

I decided to use this picture of a tiger because it reminded me of the movie The Life Of Pi. At first I was a little skeptical of the movie because the trailers never seemed that interesting. My mom then rented the movie for us to watch and I decided to give it a chance because you can’t judge a book by its cover (or a movie by its trailer). The movie had so much symbolism and it was very interesting to go through Pi’s story. I never in a million years would have thought that I would enjoy the movie the way I did. The colors were amazing, they were so vibrant and colorful and it just caught the attention of my eye immediately. Also the emotions were strong, whatever the character felt I felt with him. I feel like this movie would be an amazing movie to watch in my literature class because of all the symbolism and literary devices.  I definitely recommend you to watch this movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

With this outfit I found the perfect dress. It includes all of the colors found in the picture. It had black, dark and light tan, and white. How much more perfect could it get? The earrings and the bracelet are both black and gold to match the dress. I did not include a necklace with the dress because the neck of the dress was high up and the necklace would just hide away among all the colors. The shoes are a light tan which is also found in the dress. I decided to go with these shoes because of how chic and stylish they looked compared to all of my other choices for this dress. The purse is white with gold tigers on it which I found perfect for the outfit.

I would wear this dress to a casual elegant soiree maybe in the afternoon or early evening. The options are endless and this outfit is definitely purrrrr- fect!

Justice League Worthy

Justice League Worthy teen fashion blog

Publishing the first post of my teen fashion blog made me feel both powerful and strong so as soon as I saw the sweater I knew I want it to create a Wonder Woman inspired outfit. Although I do have to admit that been out of school due to extreme cold weather helped me accomplish even more things. The color palette is obviously Wonder Woman, but the mixing of the two patterns it’s what I think makes this outfit stand out. Did you notice the two gold cuffs as well? I love the look of wearing the same bracelet in both arms, but a regular teenager on an allowance can’t usually afford that look. Even though the outfit will show a bit of stomach, it’s still done in an elegant way. I think this outfit would make any girl feel strong. The only thing I’m missing is the lasso of truth. Now between us, don’t you wish you had one to use on your boyfriend?