Monday Inspiration Outfit: Zebra Plate

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Zebra Plate teen fashion blog
Time flies when you are having fun…NOT! Finally back to school today after two weeks of recess due to a winter storm and winter break. I have to admit it felt good to be able to go back to school today and see my friends. What is not cool is the teachers piling on the homework to try and catch us up due to all the days missed. Luckily I anticipated the teachers’ frenzy and used the days that I was out of school to get ahead with my blog posts. Yay! This is my 50th post in a row and I didn’t want to miss it. One of my goals when I started the blog was to write sixty days in a row. Ten more days and I should be able to accomplish it.
My inspiration for this outfit was this cute zebra plate my mom pinned to one of her decoration boards. I liked the shades of blue used and the modern overall feeling of the plate. As I have mentioned before inspiration can come to you from pretty much anywhere, even a plate. 🙂 I tried to use different shades of blue to capture the hues of the plate. I felt I needed to work with a zebra pattern so I used a more modern version of the pattern with the top. My vision of modern also included a mix of styles in the outfit, grunge, preppy, modern and punk. Sometimes eclectic outfits like this one turn out  to be even more special because they are extremely unusual and unique.

Blossom Joy

shih tzu teen fashion blog
Blossom Joy by teen fashion blog featuring pink high heel shoes
shih tzu teen fashion blog
shih tzu teen fashion blog
Today is a super important day for one my family members, Blossom Joy. Blossom Joy is my super cute shih tzu puppy that turned 2 years old today. It may seem odd that I am excited about her birthday, but she is really special to me. She helps me get through any personal problems  I have just by looking at her cute furry face. Sometimes when I’m alone in my room and break out dancing to whatever song is  on the radio, she watches me from her pink pillow almost wondering what I’m doing. I must admit that we are all  completely guilty of pampering her. For some reason the family ended up calling her Tukers, my mom started calling her that just a while after we got her and I guess the name caught on with the rest of us. She may not be a very active pup, but when she gets excited or mad she runs around at a fast pace and attacks her toys. I would definitely hate to be one of her toys. Blossom’s favorite food would have to be hot dogs and ice. Lately we have put hot dogs in her dog food because she won’t eat the kibbles unless there is some human food to mask the taste. I can’t really blame her. A few things she really hates are taking baths and getting brushed, it’s a complete WWE brawl every time it comes around. The outfit is therefore inspired by Blossy/Tukers and her amazing birthday. The shih tzu in the left corner represents how Blossom is around our house, a pampered pup. I chose fur and pearls in the outfit because I though it went well with Blossom’s elegant and girly attitude. Blossom likes a lot of attention, that is why I used a hue of blue that will catch people’s attention. The light pink shoes were used because I took that color out of some of the flowers on the dress. I’m pretty sure that if Blossom was a human, she would wear an outfit such as this one. It represents her personality very well. I always wonder what she would talk about if she could talk. I think Blossom would be the type to complain about everything there is. If your dog was able to talk to you, what do you think he or she would say?