For the Love of Fashion Series: Untangling a Teen Boy’s Heart

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Yesterday I created a gift guide to help boys get their special girl something for Valentine’s Day. Today I’m going to help out girls get their guy a gift that will make their day. I surveyed a few of my guy friends and asked them the same question I gave the girls to get my results. The question I asked the guys was: “If your girlfriend was to get you something for Valentine’s Day, name the top five things you would want”. I made sure to keep them within the $50 price range along with the girls. Like girls, every guy has a different personality and different tastes. There were a few gifts that multiple guys wanted. I have learned a lot throughout the survey for guys, and some of the results caught me off guard.

Rules apply to all genders, before you start planning what you are going to do for your guy, make sure you know his interests well and use them to your advantage. Maybe your guy has mentioned something that he really wants or something that he has been dying to do. All guys are different, one of my guy friends told me that they would rather have gummy bears over chocolate any day. If your guy is really into sports, get him tickets to a sport event that maybe the two of you can go see together. If you have a more artistic or romantic boyfriend then they would enjoy a nice poem written by you laying out your feelings for him. So like I told the guys yesterday, the same gift won’t satisfy every boy out there. Guys want girls to listen to them as well, so by getting them a gift  they really want, it will truly show them that you do listen when they talk.

This is where some of you girls will have fun planning and setting up. A lot of guys prefer actions over gifts as well. They like it when a girl puts thought into their gift, guys like to feel special too. Girls aren’t the only ones who like to experience dates, guys like to do them too even though some of the dates would be a little different over what a girl would like to do. Most guys seemed to prefer a movie date, but they want the movie date at home. One of my friends said that it’s even more special to do it at home because you won’t have so many people surrounding you, just the girl he likes. Some of my athletic friends said they would like to spend the day playing a sport they both enjoy together. My more game invested friends said they would like to have a date where it’s just him and his girlfriend playing a video game that they both enjoy. This date would be super cute because you can get the guy a video game you both like and then spend time with him playing it. Something a lot of guys agreed on was food. There is a saying that goes: “The best way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach”. Apparently this statement is still very true because I got a lot of guys wanting dates where they either go out to their favorite restaurant or where the girl cooks something special for him. Some guys like something a little more classic, such as a cute picnic date with nice scenery. One of the guys told me that he would like his girlfriend to take him out to a stargazing date. I shared with my dad about this one and he told me that guys who know about astronomy, constellations, or a lot about stars are a keeper. He said that it shows the guy has depth and deep feelings. I thought this was a very cute date idea.

I must say that every gender likes chocolate, I have had a lot of people tell me how they would like chocolate from their boyfriends or girlfriends. Something else both genders appreciate are love letters. I guess we both appreciate the other person telling us how we are special to the other person and cute little things that make us all happy. One guy told me he would like a nice card from his girlfriend with a special note inside for him.  Another guy told me he would like money. It may sound like the easy way out but with the money you give him, you could be helping him save up for something such as a car or for college.

Some guys also like it when girls do certain actions for him. Something that guys really wanted was a nice hug from their girlfriends. This one guy told me he wanted his girlfriend to sing to him. Another one told me that he just wanted his girlfriend to devote all her time to him that day and make him feel special. One of my friends said that he just wanted his girlfriend to say “I love you”. The response that shocked me the most was when one of my friends told me that he just wanted his girl to be happy. I started thinking about that response and I noticed that girls tend to complain a lot. We don’t like to admit to it but we truly do, a lot of us put ourselves down and we make ourselves and the people around us miserable. What we don’t know is that those feelings can fall on to the guy. That day us girls need to be happy and make our guy feel special. Happiness is contagious and it causes the both of you to have a good day.

For the Love of Fashion Series: A Valentine’s Day Blueprint for Singles

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My friends and I ready to go on our mall scavenger hunt

Valentine’s Day is all about love, a day where you give that one person all your devoted attention. The thing is some people don’t have that special someone and tend to spend it alone. I usually spend Valentine’s Day at home with my family. I don’t dread Valentine’s Day like some singles do, but then again I have never looked forward to it either. Some of my single friends look at couples at school and think that they want something similar, they want a guy to show them that he truly likes them and that is how they end up feeling bad for themselves.

The reason I decided to do this post is because I want to give those of you who are single an idea of what to do that day. Some girls take that day to feel pity for themselves and just wallow in their sorrow rather than going out and doing something they may love. I love hanging out with my friends and family so I try to spend time with them that day and take my mind off anything that may be a downer. Below some ideas to get your mind off the whole Valentine’s Day sorrow.

Movie and Dinner Date

You don’t need a boy to go out to the movies. Get your friends together and go catch a movie. Don’t go for the cliché romantic movies, instead watch a horror movie or a comedy. I bet that horror movie is going to get your mind off your single status for good. Go to your favorite restaurant afterwards and plan your next hang out. The important thing is to have a plan so the conversation won’t end on the usual I feel bad for myself because I don’t have a boyfriend. Maybe agree to appoint a person that will be in charge of redirecting the topic of conversation if the conversation is turning gloomy.

Do a Hobby

For those of you who have hobbies, go ahead and do them that day! If you like to do a certain activity, go out and do it! Get a group together and go out to your favorite athletic park and play your favorite sport. I know shopping makes me really happy, so instead of sitting at home eating a tub of ice cream and watching the Twilight movies I’m out getting myself some new clothes.

Throw a Party

If you like to party, throw a small party for you and some of your closest friends, or even throw a slumber party.  Make it a theme party to make it even more fun, like a costume, spa, video game, baking party or a mall scavenger hunt. I did a mall scavenger hunt for my 13th birthday and we had a blast! You can even do a clothes swapping party to get “new” pieces for your wardrobe. They are not new clothes but they are new to you. 🙂

Lend a Hand

Help others! Go and volunteer with a non-profit organization like an animal shelter or a soup kitchen. I can tell you that the times I have volunteered I have always felt extremely happy. The joy about giving to others is the best gift you can receive.

Love Thy Self

One of the advantages of being single is that the money that you would have spent on that person you get to save or spend on yourself so why not go for a makeover? It can be as simple as getting a haircut or having your nails done. Go to the makeup counter of your favorite department store and have them do your makeup. All it takes is buying something simple like a lip gloss in most cases. Go get that special nail polish you have kept an eye on or that pair of shoes that you have waited months to get. It’s all about loving yourself! You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first.

Feed your Brain

Read a book, find a book club or enroll in a class. Learn scrap booking to put together all your fancy high school memories, a jewelry making class, a painting class, or a dance class. The sky is the limit! Last year I took a cake decorating class at Michael’s and it was a lot of fun. When I learn something new I feel accomplished. It is always a self-esteem booster.

Whatever you find joy in, do it! Don’t sit around feeling bad for yourself and ruin your day. Every day is worth living, live it to the fullest. I try to remember these words every Valentine’s Day and it always works out for me. At the end of the day I always end up with a smile on my face.

For the Love of Fashion Series: Valentine’s Day School Outfits

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Next week a well-known holiday is coming around, Valentine’s Day. Some people dread this holiday and others take the day to appreciate the people they love. I love Valentine’s Day because I’m a lover not a hater. Today I’m kicking off my Valentine’s Day series For the Love of Fashion and will continue to add Valentine’s day related posts throughout the week. This series will give you ideas on what to get for your special person, what to do that day, and of course tips on what to wear. Something that I struggle on every year is what I will be wearing to school that day. I always try to look special on Valentine’s Day, I have never had a boyfriend but I do like giving a good impression. I decided to help out you guys as well, I know girls have the same problem with trying to find something appropriate to wear to school. I came up with four different outfits to give each type of girl a choice. For girls who want to dress more elegant that day, the light pink outfit on the far left is perfect. The soft color palate used and modest clothing screams elegance. Girls that want to dress romantic and flirty can go with the magenta dress with the polka dot shirt under as that bow shouts “I’m girly”. Some girls have a more sporty personality and want to dress comfortably so I created an outfit with the green and orange sweater to keep that comfort. For girls that prefer a more grunge look, I created the outfit on the far right so that they can stay in their comfort zone, yet dress appropriately for that day. I know that if I were to pick an outfit out of these choices I would either go for the elegant one because I like to dress modest, or the romantic one for the spirit of the holiday. Which outfit would you choose, and why?