I’m A Sinner Series: Pride Outfit

I'm A Sinner Series: Pride Outfit

When I think of pride I image someone who is over flowing with confidence but not in a good way. People with a lot of pride like to have a lot of attention on them and make themselves seem all that. It’s okay to have some pride but having too much can be a problem. We all have known people who like to be quite the show offs and who think they are better than everyone else and that kind of makes us mad. We’ve all also had our moments where we’ve shown a little bit more pride than we need to.

I created an outfit for Pride by using lots of vibrant colors and pieces that catch people’s attention. Here I made sure to use lots of neon colors. Colorful things always call attention such as sparkly things, but I thought that mixing the two would be a little too much and too flashy. I used the blazer as my central piece and created an outfit around it. The blazer had so many colors that it wasn’t too difficult to work with. I mean if I saw someone wearing this outfit I know my attention would be completely on them.

Modern Grunge

Modern Grunge outfit teen fashion blog
Modern Grunge by teen fashion blog featuring a peg trousers

Today I created another outfit using one of the trends found on the catwalks of Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2014. One of the main patterns found among the clothing was plaid. As I have stated before I thought that Tommy Hilfiger did the best using the plaid pattern. The way he styled the clothing was just amazing and I loved every piece he put out there. I would definitely not mind wearing his pieces! I also decided to use leather in the outfit as well, the leather is found in the vest over the plaid long sleeve shirt. I made sure to use black, red, white, and blue in the outfit because they were the main colors found among the trends.

This outfit is very unusual and it has a grunge look. I decided to add the leather vest on top of the plaid shirt because it added a cool effect to the outfit. I used a rose cameo on top of the vest because it goes with the color scheme and I have been wanting to work with a cameo for a while. All of the other accessories are black as well. The shoes and purse are leathery like to go along with the vest. I decided to go with the blue and plaid gloves because it added an unexpected twist to the outfit. Who doesn’t like a surprise?

Doctor Who: A Happy Regeneration

Dr. Who outfit teen fashion blog
Dr. Who: A Happy Regeneration by teen fashion blog featuring word wall art

Last weekend I was invited to a birthday party that a friend of mine was hosting. The party theme was a Doctor Who party, so I guess you could say it was more of a regeneration party. She had planned out every little detail according to the show and I though she did really well with planning out the party herself. On her birthday cake she wrote out her name in Gallifrey, which is a language used in the show. She had multiple games using characters from Doctor Who such as pin the face on the Cassandra and weeping angel tag.  The decorations all consisted of Tardis blue and she had Bad Wolf written all over the place. She also tried to use food that you might have been able to find on the show. On one of the episodes the doctor was craving custard and fish fingers, what my friend did was get vanilla pudding and make cinnamon and sugar cookies in the shape of fish fingers. She dressed as the Doctor as well while she was hosting the party. The party was lots of fun and everyone participated in all the games and we all had a blast.

I have recently gotten into Doctor Who and my perspective at everything has changed. Now I can never look at a statue without thinking it’s a weeping angel and that it will attack me once I blink. The show is very different from anything I have seen before, I don’t understand how people are able to come up with ideas such as these. The show features a wide variety of aliens, some are good and some are the Doctor’s worst enemies. Basically the Doctor is a Time Lord, which is a form of alien species that has gone extinct due to the great time war between Time Lords and Daleks. The Doctor was able to escape on the Tardis before the Daleks got to him, the Tardis is the Doctor’s time machine. The Doctor and his companions, humans he picks to travel with him, try to keep the universe in balance. The Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates, but he has a certain amount of regenerations he can use. I like the show because it always makes me think and it throws in lots of plot twists that I never see coming. I highly recommend people to watch the show.

This outfit is of course inspired by the show. I used the dark blue color in the outfit because it is the symbolic color for the show and because the Tardis is blue. I used lace up shoes because the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) usually wears lace up boots. I used a pocket watch necklace because in one of the shows they used a pocket watch with Gallifrey written all over it. I’m not going to tell you why the pocket watch was in the show, as River Song would say “spoilers!”. The earrings are Tardis blue as well to go along with the outfit. When I found the Tardis purse I knew that I had found the inspiration piece. This outfit is perfect to include in a teen fashion blog because of the big craze it’s been getting among teenagers. My favorite Doctor would have to be the 11th Doctor because of how odd he was compared to the other ones. Just by saying “bow ties are cool” he has caused many fans to go out and get bow ties in order to be like him. Do you watch Doctor Who? If so, which Doctor do you favor the most and why?

Metallic Fashion Series: Shiny Like a Penny

metallic outfit teen fashion blog
We are coming close to the end of the metallic series. Even though I have had lots of fun creating these outfits, I am ready to start doing new outfits for different inspirations and hopefully do more series such as this one. So far I have done a lot of gold and silver and I just want to break away from those two colors. For this outfit I decided to use a copper color and go a little more bold with the metallic instead of a smaller piece such as some shorts or a jacket. Wearing metallic colors is like having a spotlight shine down on you the whole time you wear the piece. The more metallic you wear (as long as you know how to use them right) the brighter that spotlight will shine over you. I added the copper dress and created an outfit around it with more toned down colors because the dress is already bright enough. This dress is very versatile, the sky is the limit when in comes to mixing and matching this dress. I decided to use black and some lighter looking metallic. The black blazer breaks up all the copper at the top. The heels I used for this dress have rose gold and silver which went amazingly against the black background. I used a black and gold sandal because the design was eye-catching and made the outfit look elegant. All the accessories have black and rose gold in them which keeps everything on the same color palette. I used a rose gold and black belt over the copper dress to add even more flare. The purse has a light pink (like a rose gold without a shine), gray, and black which still sticks to the color palette. Sometimes it’s harder to make a bold step but it does pay off once people see you in it. Have you ever worn something that you weren’t sure about but once you wore it you felt amazing in it? What was it?

Metallic Fashion Series: Silver Rights Movement

Metallic outfit teen fashion blog
As we all know, today is Martin Luther King day.  Martin Luther King inspired people all around the world to stand up for what they believe in and to stick by it. He fought against segregation between blacks and whites and wanted equal rights for people of all races. He led multiple civil rights movements and stood tall for his beliefs. I admire his leadership skills, his confidence, and the ability to move the masses. I decided to do the Silver Rights Movement in honor of Dr. King.
This week I’m starting the first outfit series of my teen fashion blog, the metallic series. I decided to incorporate metallic colors into my outfits because some people get the idea that metallics are too flashy and/or tacky. If you know how to play with metallic colors the right way and don’t put too much you can create a really amazing outfit. I want to show everyone how to incorporate metallics into your closet in a fashionable way. The metallic color in this outfit is silver which can be very modern when appropriately styled. The shape and simplicity of the colors in the skirt make it very modern. The shirt is a black and white fringed sleeveless blouse which is tucked  into the skirt. The shirt is a variation of a tuxedo shirt. To go over the shirt I added a silver blazer to incorporate a little more silver and give the outfit a little edge. The heels are mostly silver with black square outlines and the flats are mostly black with a bit of silver. The jewelry is all silver and black, all the shapes are different which makes the outfit visually interesting. The clutch is ombre, it fades from black to white. The clutch adds more circles to the outfits, yet again adding more shapes. Martin Luther King became a role model to multiple people all over the world. Do you have a role model?

Cute Birthday Outfit

Cute Birthday Outfit teen fashion blog
Cute Birthday Outfit by teen fashion blog featuring purple high heel shoes

I’m attending the birthday party of one of my best friends tomorrow. As you can imagine one of the very first things that came to mind (right after what was I going to get her as a gift) was what outfit I was going to wear. I realized that probably the same two questions come to mind for most of us teen girls:  What am I going to wear? and Is it appropriate for the event? In real life I don’t have an amazing Polyvore closet to go to so the outfit options are limited. Yes, my Polyvore closet is way more exciting and full of possibilities. Since it is an intimate birthday party at her house with only a couple of her closest friends I decided to keep it casual. I love dresses so I knew I was going to create an outfit with a dress. I used pink and purple in the outfit because they are fun and girly colors, especially for an all girls birthday party. I included a snake-skin flat with pink in it to go along with  the pink leather jacket that adds an edge to the outfit. When possible I try to include something unexpected to my outfits. The snake-skin flats did exactly that for me. The heels were perfect for the outfit because it had the same colors that I used. I added a lighter pink for the purse because I didn’t want it to look odd with the pink jacket on. The jewelry is silver with pink because it would look better among the dark purple. This outfit definitely screams “I’m girly and I like to have fun!”.