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Teen Fashion Blog

 I was recently invited to a party which consists of everyone going to the movies, eating dinner, and having a sleepover. This invitation gave me the idea to do an outfit for the movie theatre but with the twist of adding in the tribal pattern. I always make sure to look good when I go to the movie theatre because I always manage to see someone from my school at the same theatre. It makes sense for me to find a few people from my school because the movies is the perfect hang out for teens. It’s an easy place to meet up with friends, tickets are not too expensive, and  it’s always fun to watch a good movie with people. What I love about the movies is that I can wear whatever I want without having to worry about dress code and someone from my school is bound to see it.

I love wearing skirts and dresses to the movies because I never wear them to school. I always get afraid that the dress isn’t length  appropriate because it’s kind of embarrassing when a teacher has to tell you to go to the front office and change into something more appropriate  in front of people. For my outfit I put in a dress with a tribal patterned skirt that has the colors orange, yellow, and white. The top of the dress has a picture of a tiger that has the colors from the skirt. What I like about the dress is that it looks like a skirt and a shirt, plus I like how they used the tigers along with the tribal skirt. I always bring a jacket to the movies because sometimes it can get cold inside the theatre, I don’t handle the cold very well. I added a denim jacket along with the outfit because I think denim jackets are just so cool and stylish. The shoes are yellow and tan to go combine with the colors in the dress. I used wood jewelry because the browns go really well with the colors and because I always think of wood accessories when I see tribal patterned clothing (depending on the colors of course). A movie that I want to see is the movie Divergent. It’s coming out this Friday! I read the books and they were really good, hopefully the movie will be as good. What movie have you been wanting to see?

Ask.Fm, a Bully’s Weapon

Askfm and cyberbullying  teen fashion blog

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Today I will be talking about the social media site Although I don’t have an account, I do have a few friends who do. I have heard upsetting stories about the way the site is used therefore I thought I would be vocal about my beliefs around the site’s usage and the possible consequences of using it.  To me having a discussion about it is another way to help you guys stay safe on the internet. All social media has its ups and downs, none are completely safe. is very popular among teenagers. The format is question and answer based, pretty much what you do is ask a person a question and the person gets the option to answer it or not. The thing about asking the person a question is that you can let them know who you are or you can do it anonymously. A person can either answer a question that is given to them by another person, or they can answer one of the daily questions that the site gives out. The site is meant for people who are 13 years of age or older, at least that is according to their terms of service. The site is not monitored by anybody, which can be really bad in some cases.

Bullies Wanted teen fashion blog can be rough on teenagers. This site has been used a lot for cyber bullying, there have been many problems that have been reported. This is an easy way for a person to get bullied because people are able to ask question on an anonymous status. That means that people are able to say bad things to a person and not get in trouble because they will never know who sent the question. People can also stalk you on there, they are able to see any of your previous activity from your profile page. There have been multiple cases of teen suicides due to the cyber bullying that happens on that site. I have a few friends that own an account themselves, and I have heard a few stories about how people ask them rude things. Some of my friends have gotten bullied pretty bad on this site. My advise is always the same, close the account and get support.

The only way you can prevent getting bullied on the site is by not getting an account at all. Users do have the option of blocking a person, but the person can still go on your profile page and look at your personal things. I don’t support because of all the harm it causes. How many more broken hearts, shattered self esteems, and deaths are going to have to happen until an adult steps in and decides to either shut it down or at least put some safeguards in place? Many people have sent complaints  to the founder of but he’s not shutting it down because he said that teens will still find a way to bully each other. That may be true but if shutting down the site may save a few lives, it’s all worth it. Every life is worth something and none are more important. Any life that we can possibly save is a step in the right direction. I read several heart breaking stories about the teens that committed suicide during my research . No child should have to go through that pain, so here I AM STANDING UP FOR THOSE BULLIED!

Here are some sites for your convenience. You can get a little more insight about the site and about the bullying that goes on every day.