FFF: Fab 50 Friday

FFF: Fab Fifty Friday teen fashion blog $50 outfit
FFF: Fab Fifty Friday byteen fashion blog 

Summer has started for us down here in Georgia and I know that some people are still trying to find bathing suits on a budget. Well ladies I have found the solution! The answer is clearance shopping! I went to different stores online looking for bathing suits that are fairly priced. I found a lot of different bathing suits in different stores that looked great and were fairly cheap. I had so much money left over that I was able to buy an outfit to put over the bathing suit and some accessories. Who says you have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks?

The floral blue, red, white, and black bathing suit top was found at Target AND it is Peter Pilotto for Target. I combined this bathing suit top with a bottom that I found at H&M because they both had the same blue.  The bathing suit alone costs $11.28 leaving with me with $38.72 to buy an outfit to put over the bathing suit. I found the shirt and pants at H&M. The white bulldog shirt looks amazing on top of the black and white polka-dotted pants. What I love about these pants is that it’s a short on the bottom with a sheer long pant on top to show the shorts underneath. I found some black flip-flops at Rue 21 and they were super cute for a shoe made of rubber. I also added a bag from H&M so that you can put any beach needs such as a towel and sunblock. And like any person should have on when going to a sunny place, I added sunglasses. The black sunglasses I found at H&M. Add a red lip and you are perfect! Yes, I said add a red lip to the beach. Why not? The whole outfit costs $47.22 so you have some change back to make sure you get a good sunblock to protect your skin. Cute and smart! 🙂