Inspiration Monday: Ranunculus Boutonniere

Inspiration Monday: Ranunculus Boutonniere
This is a picture of a white ranunculus boutonniere. Ranunculus is a really pretty flower that in my opinion looks like a rose.  The reason I chose this picture is because spring recently started and what picture would be better for an Inspiration Monday than flowers. Speaking of spring, it’s even starting to feel like it down here in Georgia! The weather all week is supposed to stay in the 70’s in the evenings and I’ve been able to see some plants starting to sprout once again and more animals are coming out.

The dress is white, just like the bulb of the ranunculus. All of the other jewelry and accessories are green like the stem of the rose. I know what you may be thinking, how come you were able to use so much green without it looking like too much? The reason is because the green is more of a duller green so it doesn’t grab too much attention making it look like too much pop. Also the dress is all white, keeping the dress a simple and neutral color allows you to play with more colors in the accessories.

Metallic Fashion Series: Commanding Metallic

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I am sad to say that this is the last outfit of the series, but happy to inform that this is the first series to many more. So far in this series I have used two outfits using silver, one outfit using a metallic blue, two gold outfits, and a copper outfit using some rose gold in it as well.

This last outfit is a greenish bronze metallic color. When I first saw the shirt my mind started thinking military inspired, therefore I did. I used a military printed pant, but instead of using the different shades of green I used a pant that had light blue to add some unexpected color to the outfit. I used the gray heels because they had a really cool pattern which went well with the military print. The gray was part of the color palette I was trying to keep. The flats are a light gray which still goes with the rest of the colors in the outfit. The accessories had a dark military green which was in the shirt and pants and had a military sort of design. The purse had the dark green as well with the khaki that are both found in the pants.

You are now ready to command those metallic colors like a general. So, at ease! I don’t know anyone  in the army but I still respect each soldier like the heroes they are. A shout out to all our troops!