FFF:Fab 50 Friday

FFF:Fab 50 Friday
FFF:Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog
Happy Friday everybody! Usually I am usually more excited about it being Friday, but it’s the summer so weekdays or weekends don’t make a difference. This summer hasn’t been full of traveling for me which I miss dearly. I miss our family camping trips that we would take to other places. I miss all the road trips we would take and see all the interesting things on the way. The last family trip we took was to Washington D.C. last year and I had a lot of fun. I love the memories we always tend to make and the traditions we have. One tradition we have is that everywhere we stop we get fudge from a local candy shop.

I decided to do a destination inspired outfit as my Fab Fifty outfit today. Today’s Fab destination would be Palm Springs because I found a shirt that said Palm Springs and it was super cute. I paired it up with a black and white polka dotted pencil skirt. For those cool summer nights in the desert I threw in a nice denim jacket to cover yourself up with. To finish off the outfit I added some black loafers for both look and comfort. Loafers are like a slipper inside a cute shoe! Love them! The whole outfit cost $49.00 and it’s perfect for the summer. I can see this outfit being worn to a night party for some reason, I just think that it would look great under a certain light. I would also wear this to walk around town or go on vacation. What I love about this outfit is how comfortable it looks to wear, and how nice it must be to walk around in. Definitely a great outfit to do some touristic things.

Inspiration Monday: Pebble Lake Outfit

Inspiration Monday: Pebble Lake
Inspiration Monday: Pebble Lake by teen fashion blog

As you guys could already tell, I really love Pinterest. It’s just an amazing site, I can look up anything and it shows me so many interesting things. A few of my favorite categories to go and look at are mostly hair/ beauty and humor. Sometimes people post things to wrong category and I end up seeing some cool things that I find interesting even though it has nothing to do with what I’m looking for. Plus with Pinterest I can post anything that I like or I may need for the future on one of my personal boards and I wont lose what I need.

One day on Pinterest I was on the humor section and all of a sudden this gorgeous picture of multicolored pebbles under water came up and I was amazed by the beauty of the picture. I found out that the picture was really Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park. I looked up the lake for more pictures on Google and I was not disappointed. The lake was beautiful and the multicolored pebbles were just gorgeous! I think I found a new destination that I would love to visit. I decided to use the picture for my next inspiration Monday because the colors were just amazing and perfect to work with, plus I don’t think I could ever grow tired of looking at that picture.

I made sure to use winter clothing for this outfit because since Glacier National Park is in Montana, you can expect it to most likely be chilly. The long sleeve shirt is light blue to represent the sky and the mountain range. Plus I was going to need a soft color in order to use bright jewelry. I put some regular jeans along with the outfit to keep the soft blue. The purse and the jewelry all included the bright colors found in the stones. I thought the watch incorporated the colors from the stones very well, plus it was a really piece of jewelry. The shoes are brown and simple because there was already so many colors in the accessories that adding more colors in the shoes would just look like a bit much.

Rocking the Brights

neon outfit teen fashion blog
Rocking the Brights by teen fashion blog featuring Rebecca Minkoff

My parents always tell me that the 80’s were their best years. I don’t understand how those years could be their best if iPhones and social media didn’t exist. I have learned more about the past decades and I have to admit, there are a few things that do make the 80’s unique. I like listening to 80’s rock in the car with my dad, he is usually jamming out to Aerosmith or Bon Jovi. When I watch shows or movies on TV where the time period takes place in the 80’s, I take note of what the characters are wearing and I compare it to what we wear now. I have noticed that we have brought back neon and still trying to keep the trend lasting with the use of neon accessories to give our outfits a boost. This outfit reminded me of something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear on the CW show Carrie Diaries. Yes, another teenage show. Like in most of my outfits, I play with pattern and color combos to make them stand out more. For the accessories, I kept them all different colors to make the outfit visually interesting. As I was researching the 80’s for this post, I also found slang that was used back then and all I can say is: “Really, people? Rad?” I have to admit “kill’em” doesn’t sound all that amazing, but for some reason it is easier to process than “rad”. So what slang do you or your local area use? I know at my school “kill’em” or “got’em” are commonly used by my classmates.