Teen Fashion: Valentine’s Day Blues




I’m sure we all in our lifetime experience at least one Valentine’s Day Blues. Even though this year’s Valentine’s Day wasn’t bad or terrible, I didn’t really get the opportunity to hang out with any one so I kind of just stuffed my face with chocolate that day along with some Disney movie watching. Yes I know, I’m your typical teenage girl but what can I say? I love my Disney movies and I love me some chocolate. This past weekend I took liberty of going out to the movies even though it’s after Valentine’s days. The good thing about hearts though is that you can wear them any day without it being looked down upon because the holiday has already gone by. I didn’t want to wear the same old pink or red so I chose something different. I got this dress for Christmas and I thought it would go perfectly with these heart socks. I will admit I’m an odd one, only in my world can I justify that hearts and flowers go together. Also to add on to the funky pattern mix, I matched it up with some denim shoes for some extra fun. I mean while we’re still young why not feel free to act that way sometimes and dress young. I never completely understood the whole dressing older thing because we’re only young once so why not dress like it. I’ll have my time in the future to dress older and more mature but for now I’m going to be as quirky and fun as I can be.

Teen Fashion: Floral Influence



Flower 3


Flowers 5

Ever since I was smaller I have always seen flowers used in a romantic way. I would see my dad bring home flowers for my mom on their anniversaries or sometimes my dad will just surprise her with a nice bouquet. I would watch some movies where the guy would always give a girl flowers when trying to get her attention. I think it’s such a sweet gesture because flowers may not cost that much, but it’s the small gestures that shows that the person cares. I look forward to the day when a guy will surprise me with flowers and give me a themed date like Augustus Waters does in the Fault In Our Stars.

The outfit that I’m wearing above consists of a floral dress from Abercrombie. The colors include pastel pinks, blues, yellows, and greens. I wore a green sleeve less cover up that matched the green leaves in the dress. The cover up looked a little loose and bland so I added a pink belt over it. Now some of you may remember these combat boots and DIY boot socks from one of my earlier posts. I wore some very simple stud white flower earrings and for the hands I wore two thin bracelets. One bracelet was a white bow and the other one was a pink infinity sign with a heart.

Flowers are symbolic for multiple things, but the main ones are love, unity, growth, and birth. These words are very powerful to the human language and I find it very suiting how an object of nature as beautiful as flowers get’s the honor of symbolizing them. Flowers are nature’s art, it’s a way of looking at beauty and appreciating the sight.

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul”- Luther Burbank


Cute Birthday Outfit

Cute Birthday Outfit teen fashion blog
Cute Birthday Outfit by teen fashion blog featuring purple high heel shoes

I’m attending the birthday party of one of my best friends tomorrow. As you can imagine one of the very first things that came to mind (right after what was I going to get her as a gift) was what outfit I was going to wear. I realized that probably the same two questions come to mind for most of us teen girls:¬† What am I going to wear? and Is it appropriate for the event? In real life I don’t have an amazing Polyvore closet to go to so the outfit options are limited. Yes, my Polyvore closet is way more exciting and full of possibilities. Since it is an intimate birthday party at her house with only a couple of her closest friends I decided to keep it casual. I love dresses so I knew I was going to create an outfit with a dress. I used pink and purple in the outfit because they are fun and girly colors, especially for an all girls birthday party. I included a snake-skin flat with pink in it to go along with¬† the pink leather jacket that adds an edge to the outfit. When possible I try to include something unexpected to my outfits. The snake-skin flats did exactly that for me. The heels were perfect for the outfit because it had the same colors that I used. I added a lighter pink for the purse because I didn’t want it to look odd with the pink jacket on. The jewelry is silver with pink because it would look better among the dark purple. This outfit definitely screams “I’m girly and I like to have fun!”.