Tribal Nation Series: Beach Tribal Outfit

Tribal Nation Series: Beach Tribal

Yesterday I posted the first post to the Tribal Nation Series that I’m doing this week. I talked yesterday about how the tribal pattern is a trend for spring 2014 according to the spring 2014 fashion shows. I also mentioned yesterday about how I truly like the tribal pattern because of how playful and fun it is. Tribal usually comes in brighter colors so it’s more of an upbeat pattern. Another tip I wanted to share about the tribal pattern is that you can use it for any sort of occasion whether it’s for a more casual occasion or a more formal event. You can even style bathing suits with the tribal pattern.

Spring break is coming up and I can already hear the ads on the radio talking about how we need to get the latest spring styles and stock up on things that we may need for spring break. Most people like to hit the beach during spring break because everyone has just gotten out of winter and this is the first break that we get from school after the long winter so people tend to go somewhere warm and sunny. Since most people have plans for the beach for their break and the tribal pattern is so popular this season, I created a tribal beach ware so you can spend your vacation in relaxation and style. I thought the bathing suit was perfect, it had amazing color, a good tribal pattern, and I liked the shape of the bathing suit. I really loved the neck piece because it doesn’t look like it’s part of the bathing suit but it really is. I used the orange pants with the white and gray shirt as the cover up because you could find those colors in the bathing suit and it matched really well with the pattern. I added the toms because they combined with the rest of the outfit and it also had a tribal pattern, the hat also went along well with the shoes and the outfit so I put it in because a girl needs to protect her face from the sun’s rays. I added a simple beach bag with the outfit and some simple sun glasses so it didn’t take away from the main pieces. I added the thin beaded jewelry because it’s very boho, and what girl would not like to be able to wear accessories while swimming? I also made sure to add a nice and pretty beach towel so that if you wanted to dry off, you still wouldn’t look bad doing it. I would definitely not mind wearing this to my next trip to the beach.

For the Love of Fashion Series: Valentine’s Day School Outfits

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Next week a well-known holiday is coming around, Valentine’s Day. Some people dread this holiday and others take the day to appreciate the people they love. I love Valentine’s Day because I’m a lover not a hater. Today I’m kicking off my Valentine’s Day series For the Love of Fashion and will continue to add Valentine’s day related posts throughout the week. This series will give you ideas on what to get for your special person, what to do that day, and of course tips on what to wear. Something that I struggle on every year is what I will be wearing to school that day. I always try to look special on Valentine’s Day, I have never had a boyfriend but I do like giving a good impression. I decided to help out you guys as well, I know girls have the same problem with trying to find something appropriate to wear to school. I came up with four different outfits to give each type of girl a choice. For girls who want to dress more elegant that day, the light pink outfit on the far left is perfect. The soft color palate used and modest clothing screams elegance. Girls that want to dress romantic and flirty can go with the magenta dress with the polka dot shirt under as that bow shouts “I’m girly”. Some girls have a more sporty personality and want to dress comfortably so I created an outfit with the green and orange sweater to keep that comfort. For girls that prefer a more grunge look, I created the outfit on the far right so that they can stay in their comfort zone, yet dress appropriately for that day. I know that if I were to pick an outfit out of these choices I would either go for the elegant one because I like to dress modest, or the romantic one for the spirit of the holiday. Which outfit would you choose, and why?

The Outfit Before Time

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The Outfit Before Time by teen fashion blog featuring Juicy Couture
What a completely random Monday it has been for me today. As I entered one of my classes I noticed a girl eating a straight up lime, I thought that was odd. It certainly caught my attention as I don’t think I would be able to handle the sourness. Hey, more power to her and her vitamin C intake, right? To continue with my random streak, I decided to create an outfit around a dinosaur sweatshirt. Childish? Oh, well I am 14. I think that my hipster friend is going to like it though. When I saw the dinosaur sweatshirt I nearly died at the sight of it. I don’t know if this happens to you as well but sometimes there are pieces of clothing that speak to me. It’s almost like they are screaming my name. Yep, there I go again, random Monday. I wish I owned the shoes, they are super adorable. I used purple shorts and green accessories  because they are the colors inside of the dinosaur. The glasses remind me of the mineral peacock ore, the mineral is gorgeous and have about the same or extremely similar colors. The reason I chose the raspberry fizz like color for the hat is because most of the colors were already similar enough, so to have the outfit pop a bit more I added an even more vibrant color that can catch your attention from miles away. Even though I am not the type of girl you will catch taking selfies, I decided to add the phone case because it gives an even more random effect to the outfit. This outfit is perfect for the late spring or just hanging out with your friends. If I was a dinosaur I would definitely be a Pterodactyl because if I were to be hunted down by a T-Rex, I’d have a better chance of surviving by taking flight. What kind of dinosaur would you be?