Total Goddess: A Percy Jackson Outfit

Total Goddess: A Percy Jackson Outfit teen fashion blog
Total Goddess: A Percy Jackson Outfit by teen fashion blog featuring leather handbags
At school I am always overhearing conversations among some of my friends about the book series Percy Jackson. I spent my last summer studying Greek mythology so i know a good bit about the gods and goddesses stories. The stories are very unique and interesting to know. Why is a 13-year-old studying Greek mythology during her summer recess? Because my mom made me. ūüôā She said that I need to be cultured and that was one of the things I studied last summer. Maybe I can share with you what other things I studied last summer. I read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief but haven’t had time to read any of the other books yet. There are already movies over the first two books out, they aren’t as good as the book, but I don’t believe any movie is.
In Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, the main character’s name is Percy Jackson. Percy has always been a kid who got into trouble and never did good because he thought he was dyslexic. Percy doesn’t find out he is¬†a demi god until him, his friend Grover, and his mom get attacked by a Minotaur.¬†The¬†Minotaur¬†perishes Percy’s mom. Percy and¬†Grover stumble on to camp half blood where he meets¬†Chiron and Anna Beth. Percy knows he is a¬†demi god but he didn’t know whose son he was. He later figures out during a¬†game of¬†capture the flag (when a¬†projection of a¬†trident appeared above him), he was the son of Poseidon. That¬†meant that Percy inherited Poseidon’s¬†water powers, he has the same¬†powers Poseidon has, yet¬†not as powerful.¬†That is bad news for Percy because the three god brothers (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades)¬†had an oath where they would no longer have children.¬†Poseidon needed help from his¬†son at the time because Zeus kept accusing Poseidon of taking the bolt. What Poseidon asks of¬†Percy is to find the bolt and prove him innocent, which meant he had to go to the underworld because Poseidon thinks that Hades might have taken¬†it. Percy didn’t want to go¬†at first, but he figured that was the only way to get his mom back after the Minotaur perished her.¬†Grover¬†(a satyr that¬†protects him) and Anna¬†Beth (daughter of Athena)¬†went along with him on his journey. They¬†battle¬†many obstacles trying to gather little pearls that will¬†let them into the underworld.
I started thinking about how cool it would be to create a Percy Jackson outfit, it was fun to research. I used a white shirt with a long blue and flowy skirt because Percy Jackson had water powers that were inherited from his father. I used blue and gold cuff links because when I¬†think about¬†Greek outfits from mythology times, I have always seen¬†cuff links being used. The¬†earrings to me looked like they had a design you might find¬†on some pottery or plates they used to make. The head band also looked very¬†Greek as well so I¬†included it in the outfit. The purse is silver and gold to go along with all the accessories.¬†I kept the shoes blue because I wanted to keep the attention on the rest of the outfit.¬†I would love to¬†wear this outfit because¬†it would make me feel like I’m a water goddess myself,¬†that’s until I try doing some cool trick and it doesn’t¬†work.