Strike a Pose, Vogue

Strike a Pose, Vogue teen fashion blog
Strike a Pose, Vogue by teen fashion blog featuring a charm bangle

I hate to say it, but fashion week ended recently. February 13th was the last day that designers showed their creations to the public. Once fashion week has ended we all know that magazines are going to be all over the news and trends. I decided to create this Vogue outfit because it’s one of the top fashion magazines out there, and because I love the content that they publish in their magazines. I decided to include a lot of colors in this outfit because Vogue is known for the quirky high fashion looks that they always bring to the table. Also the pictures used in the dress are very chic and stylish just like a photograph you might find on the polished pages of a Vogue magazine. I made sure to keep the rest of the accessories very simple because the dress is already loud and simple accessories will keep the outfit classy and chic.

Metallic Fashion Series: Every Day Metal

How to incorporate metallic in your outfit teen fashion blog
Metallic Fashion Series: Every Day Metal by teen fashion blog featuring a leather tote
I have recently started my metallic series and so far I have had fun looking at all the different metallic clothing. This will now be my second outfit in the series and I believe that it is a perfect outfit for just going out to the store or just to hang out with friends at the movies. Do you know how to incorporate metallics in your outfits? If you feel like metallics are something that may be a little to edgy for you, you can always start of with a bit of metallic in the outfit. The only metallic you will find in this outfit is the metallic blue in the sneakers. The purse used for the outfit is completely metallic but still looks amazing and not too much where the outfit looks like it’s too much for the eye. I always think that painting your nails can be an added accessory to any outfit. That’s why I added a metallic orange paint for your nails because it makes a cute and bold statement. Since it’s still winter I added a cute turquoise hoodie with orange lettering. The orange pants tie up the letters in the hoodie with the orange in the sneaker. The bracelets and the earrings had all the colors found in the outfit. I love metallics because I like attention, and the bright shiny colors grab it for me when I wear it. What do you incorporate in your outfits to grab the attention of the viewers?