Tribal Nation Series: Bridal Tribal Outfit

Tribal Nation Series: Bridal Tribal Outfit

A lot of people tend to think that tribal patterns are meant for casual clothing, but that’s not the case. Tribal patterns can be used for more serious or elegant looks, it all depends on how a person uses it. Previously in the series I posted a tribal outfit that was appropriate for those who work in the office. That outfit had a tribal pattern in the skirt yet is still looked sophisticated. The thing about patterns is that they can be used for whatever kind of outfit you want as long as you can style it right.

I wanted to demonstrate to you guys how to incorporate the tribal pattern into more elegant outfits, so I created an outfit that would be perfect for a person to wear if they were invited to a wedding. I used a gray and yellow dress with a tribal pattern because I thought it was really pretty and it use the tribal pattern perfectly! I made sure to put a coat because depending on what time of year the wedding is on it could be cold. Plus I found that adding the fur coat also added some extra style to the outfit. The accessories are all yellow and gray to go along with the dress. The shoes are a pale gray as well because since there is already a lot going on in the dress and accessories, adding too much color or pattern to the shoe would look odd.

Tribal Nation Series: Office Tribal Outfit

Tribal Nation Series: Office Tribal Outfit

The third outfit to the Tribal Nation Series is an Office Tribal Outfit. I wanted to be able to show you guys how you can make tribal serious yet stylish. I have mentioned that the tribal pattern was a very fun and playful pattern, but if you are able to work with it right, you can end up with a more sophisticated and serious look. I know that if I were working in an office I would still want to be able to show off some of the latest trends yet in an appropriate way.

For this outfit I used the colors black and white because they are more business oriented colors and they are commonly used to show confidence and power. I also made sure that all the clothing was length appropriate for the work place. The skirt is knee-length black and white tribal pattern. The shirt is a simple black sheer shirt because if it were to have a pattern it would ruin the outfit by being too much. The blazer is white and black with an odd pattern that looks like a dragons tale, which I thought was pretty cool.  I kept all the accessories black (except for the earrings that had pearls) because the main attention is supposed to be on the clothes, also you don’t want things that will distract you from your work. The shoes are a glossy black because I always prefer a bit of shine to my shoes to get rid of all the simplicity.