Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 Trends

Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 Color Trends

Fashion Week recently ended, so as a teen fashion blogger I feel I have to share the trends that came about among the designers. I looked for many things that might have been popular among all the collections shown. Today I’m going to talk about the three main categories that stood out to me. These categories are colors, patterns, and the main fabrics that they used.

This year’s fall colors are black, gray, white, red, and navy blue. The main color that was used among the designers was black. I made sure to include one example of each color at the top. I also wrote down the designers that created that certain outfit so that if you wanted to, you could go ahead and take a look at what else they made. I loved these colors and I believe that these outfits in those colors are just amazing.

Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 Pattern Trends

As for patterns, this Fashion Week I noticed a lot of plaid, among the collections. Tommy Hilfiger to me honestly did the best with plaid. I’m not usually into wearing sporty clothing, but I could make an exception for his line. All of his clothes were to die for. I also noticed a few different floral patterns, I thought that was pretty interesting for a fall collection. There were many different collections that had polka dots or stripes in them. Leopard print was pretty big among the clothing as well, I loved this dress by Badgley Mischka that’s at the top. Between the slit in the front and the leopard pattern, it was a fun dress yet elegant at the same time.

Fashion Week fall/Winter 2014 Fabric Trends

As for the fabrics, I’m really glad I have a good amount of faux leather clothing in my closet because I’m going to need it for the fall. It felt like there was leather in every show, it was a leather invasion! Fur was really big as well, there were all sorts of colors and prints on the catwalk which was really cool to see. I felt like Betsy Johnson did the best with the colored fur, the colors were so weird yet cool at the same time. Fur accessories were very big too, I can’t tell you all the times that I saw a model carrying around a fur purse. Shiny fabrics and metallic fabrics were really popular as well among the designers. Sheer was really big as well, I saw multiple dresses, skirts, and shirts that had sheer and they looked lovely. I’m honestly a fan of the sheer fabric, I think that as long as you have a tank top under it can add a cool look. Plus a lot of sheer clothing flows well and I like that.

Even though this gets a little out of the categories, I wanted to make sure that I mentioned that I saw a lot of the models wearing crop tops. They were styling them in all sorts of cool ways. There were models that wore crop tops under a nice sheer shirt, some wore them over shirts, under blazers, under shirts that have a lot of cut outs in them, and much more ways. I found it interesting to see how the designers styled the crop tops in weird ways that I have not seen before. I know that I’m not very comfortable with crop tops cause I’m not big on showing skin, yet I am open to try the different ways to use one.

Models: On Your Mark, Get Dressed, Fashion Week 2014!

Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014
Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 by teen fashion blog featuring a skyline wallpaper

The Mercedes-Benz Fall/Winter Fashion Week officially started today and will extend for 7 more days. With the anticipation everybody has their eyes on New York and what is happening there. Among the biggest news Diane von Furstenberg is celebrating the 40th anniversary of her iconic invention, the all so flattering wrap dress. Everybody can wear a wrap dress, right? Rachel Zoe cancelled her show at the last-minute due to her newborn not being able to fly. The Huftington Post published the article “Rachel Zoe Will Be Changing Diapers during New York Fashion Week“, hurtful! The worst thing is that I believe it was a woman who wrote the article, although Jamie could be a boy’s name as well. In any case, so much for us girls lifting each other up!

The shows have extended now to Brooklyn and of course that added a twist to the invitees. I decided to be politically correct and call it twist and not drama because let’s face it, at least they get to attend. And it is not like the company that runs Fashion Week is not providing them with a shuttle service. So what if they have to travel all over the place, I would slither all over the streets of New York to be able to attend. Some people are just ungrateful of their opportunities, enough of my rant!

At the end of the day, what they show is not really going to dictate what I would wear as I’m not really into trends, but it is always exciting to see the shows as in my opinion many are real works of art. I always like to read about the designers’ source of inspiration. For example Raoul was inspired by the Wiener Werkstatte movement and John Chamberlain’s sculptures, Nicole Miller by female warriors, Christian Siriano by the work of the photographer Fernand Fonssagrives, and Tadashi Shoji by moorish palaces to name only a few.

Josef Hoffmann Wiener Werkstatte style teen fashion blog

Serie B, ca. 1912. by Josef Hoffmann (Wiener Werkstatte style). Photo source

John Chamberlain sculpture teen fashion blog

John Chamberlain Sculpture. Photo source

Perspective Pointille teen fashion blog

Perspective Pointille by Fernand Fonssagrives. Photo source

From the shows that I was able to watch today I have to give it hand down to Tadashi Shoji’s collection. Elegant, ethereal, romantic, classy, feminine, eternal, laser cutouts, velvet, sparkle, flowy dresses, stunning reds, and out of this world capes. I’m especially lusting for the red cape below. You all know I’m the number of fan of the show Reign. You can’t tell me that cape is not fitted for a queen!

Tadashi Shoji teen fashion blog

Tadashi Shoji Fashion Week F/W 2014

I like to imagine how a couple of seasons or years down the road some trace of what they presented in their show it’s going to reach us, the peasants of the fashion world, the ones that can’t afford their clothes and that have to wait for somebody to copy it with way cheaper materials and labor for us to be able to wear. I like to imagine how years later we are all going to be able to understand their vision, to be able to “recognize” their art, their fashion-forward legacy and finally integrate to our closets.

Thank you mom for helping me with the research!