Metallic Fashion Series: Silver Rights Movement

Metallic outfit teen fashion blog
As we all know, today is Martin Luther King day.  Martin Luther King inspired people all around the world to stand up for what they believe in and to stick by it. He fought against segregation between blacks and whites and wanted equal rights for people of all races. He led multiple civil rights movements and stood tall for his beliefs. I admire his leadership skills, his confidence, and the ability to move the masses. I decided to do the Silver Rights Movement in honor of Dr. King.
This week I’m starting the first outfit series of my teen fashion blog, the metallic series. I decided to incorporate metallic colors into my outfits because some people get the idea that metallics are too flashy and/or tacky. If you know how to play with metallic colors the right way and don’t put too much you can create a really amazing outfit. I want to show everyone how to incorporate metallics into your closet in a fashionable way. The metallic color in this outfit is silver which can be very modern when appropriately styled. The shape and simplicity of the colors in the skirt make it very modern. The shirt is a black and white fringed sleeveless blouse which is tucked  into the skirt. The shirt is a variation of a tuxedo shirt. To go over the shirt I added a silver blazer to incorporate a little more silver and give the outfit a little edge. The heels are mostly silver with black square outlines and the flats are mostly black with a bit of silver. The jewelry is all silver and black, all the shapes are different which makes the outfit visually interesting. The clutch is ombre, it fades from black to white. The clutch adds more circles to the outfits, yet again adding more shapes. Martin Luther King became a role model to multiple people all over the world. Do you have a role model?

Dressed in her Capitol’s Best

Hunger Games Outfit teen fashion blog
Dressed in her Capitol’s Best by teen fashion blog featuring Kate Spade
You can’t have a teen fashion blog without The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games book series is my all time favorite! I’m not a fantasy movie kind of girl, I like to be able to imagine the pictures described with words easily. These books do that for me. I can picture a scene in my head and put myself in the middle of it all with ease. Each story is unique, I can never predict what’s going to happen next. I love that for a change the heroine is a teenage girl (Katniss Everdeen). The secondary character Effie Trinket tends to make me laugh. She is upbeat, bossy, prissy and most of the time unaware of what is going around her which I find hilarious. Every time someone is talking about either the books or the movies, I have to enter myself into the conversation and spill everything I know (which I must say is a lot since I have read all the books three times). Most of my quotes and inside jokes among friends come from this series. I love watching the fashion from the Capitol’s people in the movies. The outfits are over the top, weird and original. I read a funny somewhere in the internet that Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are what the Capitol people look like in our time. Their makeup is very vibrant and attention grabbing, even the men wear makeup and dye their hair into popping colors.  This outfit is a toned down version of what you might find the Capitol people wearing. I used a yellow dress because I thought it was the perfect color to grab someone’s attention. The pleated ruffles on the skirt add that quirky look to the outfit. The necklace has orange, pink, and dark yellow stones which are also colors that grab the viewer’s attention. It is the necklace that ties all the accessories together. The makeup is very bright (as described in the book) and goes along with the colors in the outfit. If I were stuck in Panem, I would be part of district 4 because it is the fishing capitol and I just love the water… and Finnick. What district would you be from and why?