Creative DIY Gift Wrapping: The Grapevine Basket

Creative gift wrapping basket

Creative gift wrapping basket

Creative gift wrapping basket

When it comes to choosing the perfect present all it takes is for you to listen. In this case my family was invited to a friend’s  birthday party and we had to figure out what to get her. She had mentioned before to my mom that she had wanted to paint some glasses and my mom remembered it.

We went to Hobby Lobby and bought acrylic paint, clear gloss spray to keep it on, and brushes (because how else are you going to paint a cool design on glassware if you don’t have brushes). We then went to the Dollar Tree and bought her two wine glasses to practice painting on. Voila! We put together a glassware painting kit in no time.

We also grabbed a lot of materials at the Dollar Tree to make the basket. The basket we found at Goodwill which is an awesome source for all types of baskets for way less money than you would spend at any other store. Besides saving some money you do something good for the environment by reusing it! The burlap ribbon and the cellophane paper we bought at Michael’s.

Since we were gifting our friend wine glasses and things to pain them with, we thought it would be a good idea to decorate the basket with a grapevine motif. Credit to my mom for coming up with the idea and being able to create a beautiful basket. It was kind of funny listening to her struggle for a couple of hours just trying to make the perfect bow. When we gave the gift to our friend at the party she got super excited! She loved the wrapping and loved the gift even more because it’s something she had wanted to do for a while. It’s always a struggle to figure out what to gift our friends, but it can be something as simple as listening to them to find out what to get them.

Happy birthday Sokia!


Creative DIY Birthday Gift Wrapping: Toy Gumball Machine

Creative Birthday Gift Wrapping  teen fashion blog

About a month ago I went to a friend’s house for her birthday party. I mentioned her party in a earlier post where I took a picture of what I wore that day. The party was a lot of fun and it was nice to see friends that I have not seen for a while. I was really excited because a lot of my closest friends were at the party so I knew it was going to be fun. They always say that time goes by fast when you’re having fun, that definitely happened in this case. It only felt like I was at the party for an hour when in reality it was about five hours.

My mom and I are very crafty, we like to create a lot of our own things. When I give out gifts I always try to make sure that it is super pretty. I enjoy the look on my friends faces when they see the cool wrapping. I think the wrapping helps set the tone for the main gift they are about to receive. I once gave one my friends her gift (it was jewelry) in a birthday glass. It’s all about creativity! The more outside of the box it is, the more it will impress the person.

Creative Birthday Gift Wrapping teen fashion blog

Creative Birthday Gift Wrapping  teen fashion blog

For this gift, I went to the dollar store to get everything I used to wrap up the true gift. I found a gumball machine at the dollar store and some tissue paper to wrap the gifts. We found one of those price tags and painted it blue, wrote “Happy Birthday” on a piece of scrapbooking paper, and put in a ribbon on the tag as well. The tag looked very unusual but cute at the same time. I used a yellow ribbon to tie the tag around the gumball machine. I wrapped the gift in decorative tissue paper and inserted the wrapped gift into the gumball machine. I thought it was a cute idea because not only does it look good, but now she has a gumball machine that she can use to store small things inside. Creativity is the key, in this case unexpected is good!