Monday Inspiration Outfit: Zebra Plate

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Zebra Plate teen fashion blog
Time flies when you are having fun…NOT! Finally back to school today after two weeks of recess due to a winter storm and winter break. I have to admit it felt good to be able to go back to school today and see my friends. What is not cool is the teachers piling on the homework to try and catch us up due to all the days missed. Luckily I anticipated the teachers’ frenzy and used the days that I was out of school to get ahead with my blog posts. Yay! This is my 50th post in a row and I didn’t want to miss it. One of my goals when I started the blog was to write sixty days in a row. Ten more days and I should be able to accomplish it.
My inspiration for this outfit was this cute zebra plate my mom pinned to one of her decoration boards. I liked the shades of blue used and the modern overall feeling of the plate. As I have mentioned before inspiration can come to you from pretty much anywhere, even a plate. 🙂 I tried to use different shades of blue to capture the hues of the plate. I felt I needed to work with a zebra pattern so I used a more modern version of the pattern with the top. My vision of modern also included a mix of styles in the outfit, grunge, preppy, modern and punk. Sometimes eclectic outfits like this one turn out  to be even more special because they are extremely unusual and unique.

Rocking the Brights

neon outfit teen fashion blog
Rocking the Brights by teen fashion blog featuring Rebecca Minkoff

My parents always tell me that the 80’s were their best years. I don’t understand how those years could be their best if iPhones and social media didn’t exist. I have learned more about the past decades and I have to admit, there are a few things that do make the 80’s unique. I like listening to 80’s rock in the car with my dad, he is usually jamming out to Aerosmith or Bon Jovi. When I watch shows or movies on TV where the time period takes place in the 80’s, I take note of what the characters are wearing and I compare it to what we wear now. I have noticed that we have brought back neon and still trying to keep the trend lasting with the use of neon accessories to give our outfits a boost. This outfit reminded me of something that Carrie Bradshaw would wear on the CW show Carrie Diaries. Yes, another teenage show. Like in most of my outfits, I play with pattern and color combos to make them stand out more. For the accessories, I kept them all different colors to make the outfit visually interesting. As I was researching the 80’s for this post, I also found slang that was used back then and all I can say is: “Really, people? Rad?” I have to admit “kill’em” doesn’t sound all that amazing, but for some reason it is easier to process than “rad”. So what slang do you or your local area use? I know at my school “kill’em” or “got’em” are commonly used by my classmates.