I’m A Sinner Series: Pride Outfit

I'm A Sinner Series: Pride Outfit

When I think of pride I image someone who is over flowing with confidence but not in a good way. People with a lot of pride like to have a lot of attention on them and make themselves seem all that. It’s okay to have some pride but having too much can be a problem. We all have known people who like to be quite the show offs and who think they are better than everyone else and that kind of makes us mad. We’ve all also had our moments where we’ve shown a little bit more pride than we need to.

I created an outfit for Pride by using lots of vibrant colors and pieces that catch people’s attention. Here I made sure to use lots of neon colors. Colorful things always call attention such as sparkly things, but I thought that mixing the two would be a little too much and too flashy. I used the blazer as my central piece and created an outfit around it. The blazer had so many colors that it wasn’t too difficult to work with. I mean if I saw someone wearing this outfit I know my attention would be completely on them.

I’m A Sinner Series: Wrath Outfit

I'm A Sinner Series: Wrath Outfit
I am so excited to talk about this wrath outfit because one my favorite circles to read of Inferno was the Wrath and the sullen circle. I remember that the wrath had to fight in mud while they ripped each other’s limbs apart and sometimes even beat each other with the limbs they ripped off. The irony with the wrathful is how they hurt others with their words and like pick fights, so now they are forced to spend all eternity picking fights with each other in a much more painful way. Even though the sullen have nothing to do with the outfit, I like talking about them as well. The sullen are those who pent up all feelings such as anger or sadness and never let it out. These are the people who drown in a river for all eternity to represent how in their lifetime they drowned themselves in their own feelings. Don’t you just love irony?
I wanted to be very edgy with this outfit and I really think I was able to capture that. I mean if ear cuffs, spikes, skulls, and leather doesn’t say edgy, I don’t know what will! I will admit that recently I’ve had an obsession with ear cuffs, none with spikes but they are still cute ear cuffs. I know the outfit looks a bit odd as if there is a lot going on but when I picture it all on in my head it completely works and I can totally see an awesome look. I would definitely have to shake off my good girl personality for a few hours in order to pull an outfit like this off.
I would definitely say that one of my favorite pieces is the purse. I definitely love the shade of purple and the gold spikes just look so cool. I also love the ear cuff, but like you guys already know….. I kinda got a bit thing for the cuff. I also have to admit that the leather glove is pretty cool! I mean it’s definitely got to hurt to get smacked by someone wearing it but it still looks awesome!!! I would totally without a doubt wear all of this stuff. It’s probably going to feel a bit uncomfortable but the fun I would have wearing it would over rule the discomfort.

I’m A Sinner Series: Lust Outfit

7 Sins Series: Lust

Now keep in mind when I say that I’m a sinner, it means that I’m just human and we all have points where we commit a sin.  I’ve decided to do an “I’m A Sinner” series because I thought it would be cool to portray certain sins through outfits. The order I decided to post each outfit is according to the order that it is seen in Dante’s Inferno. By now you all know I’m a huge literature fan and I can read almost anything and I will be interested. When I first read Dante’s Inferno I was completely hooked because I love how the sinners are punished based on the irony of their sin.

I’ve decided to start off with lust because it’s the first circle of sin other than Limbo. People think this circle is only dedicated for those with strong sexual desires but Dante also puts in this circle those who have died for love. Such as Romeo and Juliet, they both killed themselves for love so they would be placed in the lust circle. The sinners are stuck in a hurricane of fire to show the irony for their fiery passions. Now I have mentioned that we are all sinners but I haven’t committed an act of lust. I mean what else do you expect out of a fifteen year old?

As you can see I used a lot of red in the outfit because I wanted to show a fiery passion through the outfit. I mean what can be more fiery than the color red and an outfit with a lot of attitude? For some reason when I see this outfit I can imagine a woman with a lot of confidence and sass wearing it which is more of what I was going for when trying to create and outfit for this sin.

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Pink and Blue Table Setting

Monday Inspiration Outfit teen fashion blog

Do you know what day it is today? I know I do, it is inspiration Monday! I’m pretty sure that with all the Pinterest viewing I do, it should become an official hobby. I just think that it’s interesting to see things that other people like, gives me other perspectives sometimes. I get a lot of inspirations from things that I find on there, I also try a lot of recipes. By the way, don’t go on Pinterest when you are hungry. During Christmas time my mom found a lot of food recipes on Pinterest and they all turned out to be amazing. I have to say, I think Pinterest might be my drug. It grips me and keeps me in its death lock.

The most recent piece that interested me was this table setting. I know what you’re thinking, what is a teenage girl doing looking at table settings? Well my mom’s passion is creating tablescapes, so when she sees something she likes and pins it, I can see it on my wall as well. She’s always posting really pretty tablescapes, but I thought I would have a little more fun working with this one. I also thought the colors went really great together.

The dress is very modern and futuristic, kind of like the vases used to hold the flowers. I used this square blue purse because it looks like the napkins used. The shoes on the bottom are pink and silver, it is a little odd, but it is definitely fun and shows you’re ready for a party. The rest of the accessories are blue and silver. Inspiration comes from everywhere, anything can become a work of art.

Metallic Fashion Series: Commanding Metallic

Metallic outfit teen fashion blog

I am sad to say that this is the last outfit of the series, but happy to inform that this is the first series to many more. So far in this series I have used two outfits using silver, one outfit using a metallic blue, two gold outfits, and a copper outfit using some rose gold in it as well.

This last outfit is a greenish bronze metallic color. When I first saw the shirt my mind started thinking military inspired, therefore I did. I used a military printed pant, but instead of using the different shades of green I used a pant that had light blue to add some unexpected color to the outfit. I used the gray heels because they had a really cool pattern which went well with the military print. The gray was part of the color palette I was trying to keep. The flats are a light gray which still goes with the rest of the colors in the outfit. The accessories had a dark military green which was in the shirt and pants and had a military sort of design. The purse had the dark green as well with the khaki that are both found in the pants.

You are now ready to command those metallic colors like a general. So, at ease! I don’t know anyone  in the army but I still respect each soldier like the heroes they are. A shout out to all our troops!

Justice League Worthy

Justice League Worthy teen fashion blog

Publishing the first post of my teen fashion blog made me feel both powerful and strong so as soon as I saw the sweater I knew I want it to create a Wonder Woman inspired outfit. Although I do have to admit that been out of school due to extreme cold weather helped me accomplish even more things. The color palette is obviously Wonder Woman, but the mixing of the two patterns it’s what I think makes this outfit stand out. Did you notice the two gold cuffs as well? I love the look of wearing the same bracelet in both arms, but a regular teenager on an allowance can’t usually afford that look. Even though the outfit will show a bit of stomach, it’s still done in an elegant way. I think this outfit would make any girl feel strong. The only thing I’m missing is the lasso of truth. Now between us, don’t you wish you had one to use on your boyfriend?