You Wanna Be On Top?

you wanna be on top? teen fashion blog

A few weekends ago my mom told me about this modeling call that was happening in Atlanta and we both decided it would be a good idea to hit it up. I have never been to an actual modeling call before so I will admit to being a bit nervous. I have practiced my model walk for the longest time and watched enough episodes of America’s Next Top Model to know how to smize. What is a smize you ask? Well my friends, it’s when you use your eyes to brighten up your face the way smiles do, the only trick is that you can’t use your mouth to smile. It took a lot of funny faces in front of the bathroom mirror before I could actually get it. The reason my mom took me to the modeling call was that I could gain some experience and learn how the modeling industry works.

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The model call was for a fashion show for a non-profit organization and was held at a small boutique in Atlanta. My mom and I made sure to get there an hour early so we could look around the store and do any last-minute practicing that was necessary. We ended up waiting there for nearly two hours because the people who were in charge of the modeling calls were about an hour late. I thought that was quite unprofessional, especially without a heads up. When she finally came in she handed some papers to my mom to sign since I’m still a minor.  There were only two other girls at the modeling call and they were also starting out their modeling career. The woman had me walk first and I made sure to put on the most confident look I could give and I never forgot to smize. As I walked I kept thinking “right, left, right, left. Stop! Pose, pose! you go girl! Smize and flaunt it!” I needed a bit of a confidence booster as I was doing it so it would make the walk easier on myself. The other girls went and did their walks, but they didn’t know what to do. One of them forgot to stop at the end and do a little pose and the other over did her pose. I’m sure mine wasn’t the best out there either because I am just starting out. What I did learn was that practicing and research goes a long ways. While I was there the woman also took some of my measurements to make sure I can fit into the clothes I would have to be modeling. I wasn’t too convinced with the modeling job over all because the people in charge of the model call didn’t seem to have their act together. At the end of the day, even though I am looking to enter the field I am not willing to do it with people who are not professional. I told them I would think about it but after discussing it further with my mom we decided that we would pass. The right opportunity will come, this one was just not it. Anyway, I figured you would still want to see some of the pictures from my very first model call.

you wanna be on top? teen fashion blog modeling

Now if you are also a teenage girl who is looking to land a modeling gig, then I am here to give you a few tips I have learned through my experience and the research I did.

When going to meet people, always have a smile on your face. You want to show them you are human and not some robot without emotions

Make sure that when you walk in you are fully groomed (nails are clean, hair is washed and styled well, personal hygiene is good, and the clothes chosen are nice).

Best thing to wear to a modeling casting call is a tank top to show your bone structure, skinny jeans to show off them legs, and heels to add some height and make your legs look nice as well.

If you decide to do makeup, keep it natural. Don’t go crazy with odd eye shadows and bold lipsticks. Highlight facial features and add definition to your face.

Comp cards are necessary to some modeling agencies or modeling calls so make sure to always have those in hand . These do cost money and can be expensive so before spending money make sure that modeling is really what you want.

Say you’re doing practice shoots or they are observing your walk and you make a mistake. Don’t point out the mistake and stop because they already saw it, it’s pointless to tell them something they already know. If you make a mistake just laugh it off and keep going. Laughing it off will also show the people who are hiring that you are more human and that you understand that you can make mistakes.

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight teen fashion blog
In the Spotlight by teen fashion blog featuring a tripod floor lamp
Today I decided to go browsing through stores on the internet. If I can’t convince my mom into taking me to stores then I guess I’m going to have to depend on what the internet has to offer to me. I went straight to the webpages of the stores that I usually shop at and found many cute things but nothing stood out to me.  Finally I went to TJ Maxx to look at the clothes they had, and found these pairs of shoes. As you can see they come in two color palettes. The vibrant colors caught my attention immediately and I instantly fell in love with them. The pattern and style of the heel is cool and unique. I started thinking about outfits I could create with these heels and endless amount of outfits went through my head. I started imagining this shoe with a nice A-line skirt or a straight-leg trouser. What I love about this shoe is that it looks designer and expensive but it’s only forty dollars. This shoe is an amazing find because it’s affordable and can be a statement piece. I love finding clothes that look amazing but are really inexpensive, that just means I can buy more clothes. Whenever I go to an actual store, the first thing I do is hit the clearance racks for cute and cheap things. If I don’t find anything I make sure to make my way around the other areas. One of the shopping secrets I can share with you is to not wait until you have to go somewhere to buy an outfit. Always be on the lookout for discounts and buy those pieces you know you will be able to use in a thousand ways, because you never know when you will be invited somewhere special. What is your plan when shopping?

Teen Fashion: Snowed Out

Snow Day teen fashion blog

Snow Day teen fashion blog

Snow Day teen fashion blog

Snow Day teen fashion blog

Snow fight teen fashion blog

Snow Day teen fashion blog

As I have mentioned before I live in Atlanta (the south of the United States) where snow is very rare, so when it does snow here everybody goes sort of crazy. We were hit yesterday with a snow storm that brought to the area between 1 to 4 inches of snow. You might think that is not a lot (and it is not) but the state was not ready for it. The schools didn’t cancel classes which caused an even bigger chaos. People got stranded in their cars on the interstate for over 12 hours, a woman had a baby in her car and hundreds of kids either got stranded on their buses in the roads or slept at their schools. I guess I was one of the “lucky” ones as it only took me 5 hours to get home. Waiting on the bus was particularly stressful, some of the kids jumped out the windows and ran home. Trees on the road, car accidents, and my bus getting stuck in a ditch all caused me getting home late to a frantic mother. A police officer from the Sheriff Department finally brought me home. I was so grateful.  As any normal teen would be, we were all very excited because of the snow but I was especially excited since I had never experience snow before.

Today was a snow day and tomorrow there is not going to be any school either. I was so cold yesterday that I didn’t really play in the snow, I was tired and just wanted to be inside. Today my sister and I pretty much spent all day outside. We tried making a snowman but that didn’t work out. It was still fun, we sang “Do you want to build a snowman?” from the movie Frozen while we were trying to build it. We used our boogie boards to go sledding down our driveway which is a small hill. My sister would sing “Let it go” as she would go down. We tried making a few snowballs, but we had gloves on so it was hard to pack it. I must admit that for my first time seeing snow, I had lots of fun looking at its beauty and playing in it with my sister and my mom. To warm up my sister and I made hot chocolate and popcorn to go along with our movie Mulan. Have you ever been stranded in your car due to weather?