AFI Top 100 Movies #3: Saving Private Ryan, Earning It!


I was really excited about watching this movie because I heard about it a lot and a few of my guy friends had told me it was their favorite movie. One of them even told me that this movie was the only to make him cry. I’m really into emotional movies that make me cry because that means that the message and the acting is so powerful that it sparks up an emotion in me, plus I saw that the movie had Tom Hanks in it and that moved me to watch the movie as well.

So far out of all the movies I have written about, Saving Private Ryan has been the best by far! I really liked this movie and was hooked from the very beginning. Let me tell you guys a little bit about myself, I’m really into action. You throw action into a movie and I’ll have my eyes glued to the screen no problem. Saving Private Ryan was packed full of action. One of the first scenes from the movie is them fighting on the beach and everyone was getting killed. Blood and guts rained over the soldiers as they fought for their lives and their country. It was a very gory movie seeing how soldiers were being blown up into pieces, limbs were being torn off their bodies, and blood was everywhere. Another thing you guys should know about me, I’m not very good with blood. Even if it’s in a movie, I see a lot of blood and I feel sick to my stomach. I know I’m weird, I like action movies but get sick at the sight of blood. Something I found interesting was that while the soldiers were getting shot at, there were medics on the battlefield trying not to get hit by bullets and perform surgery at the same time. Talk about high stress levels! I know I wouldn’t be focused enough to try and get a bullet out of another man, I’d be running around like a headless chicken and praying I don’t get shot. I’ve complained about the other movies having cheesy effects but the effects in this movie were on point and fantastic! Everything looked so realistic which didn’t help with my blood situation but still cool. Seeing this movie has helped open my eyes to see the kind of risks that our soldiers put themselves in every day trying to protect us and our country. I really salute you all that are currently fighting or have fought in¬†a war. You guys are true heroes and I appreciate everything you do. Something that connects all three movies is that they all mention World War II in them. Citizen Kane talked about the Germans and soldiers, Casablanca was a place that rich french people went to during the war.


Me as the little girl ūüôā

While watching the movie I have noticed a lot of themes in the movie which I found very touching. ¬†In the movie one of the men that were on the mission went to go try and save this little girl even though his captain said to leave her. The soldier felt like he could help the little girl but instead he got shot. So I started thinking, can someone afford to keep their humanity on high risk situations like this or should they stick to their mission? I feel like this showed that once you go into war your main focus is to try and get rid of the enemy and protect your country so everything else that would seem right is not done because they have to stick to their specific mission. Something else I found interesting is how this movie portrayed the saying “one for all and all for one”. Basically the whole movie is these 8 soldiers risking their own lives to send private Ryan back to his mother because his other three brothers had died int he war and they could not put Mrs. Ryan through another heartbreak of losing four sons. All of the 8 soldiers stuck by each other and protected each other from harm as best they could and went to go save another one of their fellow soldiers. This shows how in the army you can form such a tight bond with each other that it becomes a brotherhood.

One of the saddest parts in the movie to me was when they went to go tell mama Ryan that three of her sons had died. This took place in World War II so they didn’t get a phone call, they would have a vehicle drive up to your house and someone would tell you. They showed an army green car pulling up the drive way and mama Ryan looking out the window at the car so you could tell that she knew one of her sons had died but she was praying that it wasn’t true. The worst part is that the audience knows she lost all three of her sons but she doesn’t so I’m waiting there crawled up in a ball imagining how difficult it must be to know that three of your sons died and you still have another one fighting in that war.

Now I’m about to rant a little here about this soldier, Upham. He was taken on the mission because they needed someone who could speak German to go along with them. I liked him at first because he kept the soldiers in the group sane and tried to restore balance and¬†good in them. The soldiers were going to kill a German soldier because he shot and killed one of their friends but Upham spoke some sense into them and they ended up releasing him. Later in the movie that same German soldier comes back and is fighting another one of his fellow soldiers and Upham knows. But what does he do? He is so scared that fear paralyzes him, hides behind the stairs and listens to a friend of his get killed by someone he gave a chance to live. Don’t just sit there and listen to your friend get beat up! Try and help the poor guy! ¬†I know that Upham was afraid of killing people but instead of killing the guy you could shoot him in the leg or the arm so that he stops beating up your friend. The worst part is that after the German soldier killed his friend he just watches the German soldier go down the stairs and back into battle. He then sits on the stairs and cries some more. Life as he knew it changed forever as he ends up killing that same German that he saved in the beginning towards the end of the movie. His decision to save that German ended up costing the lifes of many of his fellow soldiers. I’m going to leave you with a question that I don’t have an answer to: Do you think it is possible to keep your humanity during times of war? Can you afford to keep your humanity during times of war?

There really wasn’t any fashion to look at in this movie since they were concentrating more on the action and the soldiers that were fighting. I think this movie was a great movie for people to watch because it opens your eyes to look at it a little more from a soldier’s perspective. So now I think about how people complain about how much they hate their jobs but soldiers are risking their lives fighting for a majority of people they don’t even know but they still sign up. I am so grateful for the life I am given and to know that these soldiers help me live it and keep me and the rest of the country safe.

AFI Top 100 Movies #2: Casablanca, not a White House Documentary

casablanca teen fashion blog

Me as Ylsa

I can’t really recalled when was the first time I heard about Casablanca, but I know I was very young. As a child, I used the title to come up with an idea of what the movie was about so I thought it was a White House documentary for Hispanics because casa blanca¬†means white house in Spanish. As the years went by I saw movies and shows making references using parts of the movie and I started to figure out that it was a love story. I was never the kind of girl who truly enjoyed love stories, I was always that little girl who would see my parents kiss and scream “ewww” afterwards. I’ll confess to still doing that to them¬†now and then, but my sister harmonizes the ewwwwww with me so I’m not alone.

I watched Casablanca the other day with my sister and my parents and I didn’t enjoy this movie either. I will admit that I enjoyed it a bit more than Citizen Kane for sure! It’s going to be difficult for a movie to be worst than Citizen Kane. The reason I didn’t like this movie is because I feel like they had a great opportunity to make a great story out of it and they totally messed it up. This movie took place during World War II and I have always loved learning about that war because of all the interesting things that went on. They could have done a perfect love story movie about the war with Germany but instead they decided to make a really sucky love story out of it. If you really can name that a love story. That upsets me big time.

Another thing that upset me about this movie is the “love triangle”. It may just be that I’m too young to understand what it feels like to love another (or two) in that way, but I feel that love triangles are pretty pathetic. I would think that you would be able to know who you truly love easily because you would be willing to go the distance with them more than the other, but like I said, I have never experienced what it is to feel that kind of love. It didn’t help that¬†Ylsa was also being a total brat in the movie! I felt so bad for the other men that she kept leading on! It’s almost as if none of the guys could win with that girl and it’s really not fair at all to them. Girl, stick to one man and quit cheating them both. You are in such desperate need of attention that you are wasting everybody’s time.

This ¬†may be a bit off topic about what I was just ranting about but I thought that Yvonne was a lot prettier than Ylsa! Captain Louis Renault told Ylsa that she was the prettiest girl in Casablanca and all I could think was: “Are you blind?! Did you not just see Yvonne?” She was prettier than Ylsa therefore making her the reigning prettiest girl in Casablanca. Long may she reign.

I will admit that the movie did have a few key things that I found interesting. I heard a lot of quotes that came out of this movie that I have heard in multiple TV shows and movies. When Rick says “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” to Captain Louis Renault. Also when Ylsa says “Kiss me as if it were the last time” to Rick. I would have never guessed that those quotes came out of Casablanca and that impressed me quite a bit. My favorite quote out of the movie was when Rick said ‚ÄúOf all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine‚Ķ‚ÄĚ. I found this quote really interesting, how funny it is that life throws people randomly into our lives because we have a purpose with them, as if everyone that comes in and out is there for a specific reason.

Casablanca teen fashion blog

Casablanca teen fashion blog

But back to what really is important to me about this movie, THE clothes! The clothes in this movie were super fabulous! Yvonne rocked this crop top with a deep V neck and a semi A-line skirt in the beginning of the movie. Then when she was leaving Rick’s club she put over this sheer cape looking thing¬†over the outfit which made her look even more fabulous! You go glen coco!

casablanca teen fashion blog

Casablanca teen fashion blog

Casablanca Night Gown teen fashion blog

The next outfit is Ylsa wearing a striped shirt (can’t tell what colors because the movie is in BLACK AND WHITE and it totally sucks that I¬†can’t tell what color pairing they did) under a white dress topped off with a big hat which sported the high fashion look. The next looks is Ylsa again wearing a white coat (or at least I imagine it white) and I absolutely love it, it’s super stylish and looks like something I would see a rich girl wearing in New York. The next picture is Ylsa wearing a silk nightgown in Paris which I found super elegant and luxurious. Imagine sleeping in silk every night, I would sleep like a baby.

Casablanca teen fashion blog  Kourtney Kardashian

On a completely different and random note, I was watching Casablanca and suddenly¬†noticed the girl above and screamed Kourtney Kardashian! I can’t be the only one who thinks this girl looks a lot like a tired version of Kourtney. The faces are so similar that it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference. Weird!

AFI Top 100 Movies #1: Citizen Kane or Citizen Lame?


My mom is a huge stickler about teaching my sister and I how to become more cultured. Last summer she had us learn all the different art periods and the top 100 paintings and artists. Having to learn this was a major bore and I threw a fit every time she called us into her room to learn more. She also had us read a huge book on mythology which¬†I actually enjoyed because I loved learning about the different Greek gods and the stories associated with them all. This year my mom has decided to have us learn all the classical music periods. I have really enjoyed listening to all of the different styles of music but could pass up the music lectures any day! My mom also decided that she is going to have us watch the 100 greatest american films of all time. She wants my family to finish all 100 of them before I go off to college but at the rate we’re going at we’ll probably be done by the end of the summer. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit.


The 100 greatest films of all time are movies that have been chosen by an¬†American Film Institute’s panel which includes more than 1,500 leaders of the film industry. When I first heard about my mom telling me that she wanted to watch all 100 movies I was super excited because I¬†don’t have to go through any boring lectures and I get to lay back and enjoy movies that have been picked by many actors¬†and directors. My mom had me watch the movie that was rated number one on the list, Citizen Kane. I kid you not when I tell you that it was difficult for me not to daze off. It felt like the movie lasted forever and as if it was going nowhere! It took place in the 1940’s so the effects were pretty cheesy and I can’t stand cheesy effects. Plus the movie was in black and white and I like being able to see my movies with color. It adds more life to the movie and even personality. I do understand that this was a gigantic achievement for the film industry when it came out but I’m 14 and let’s face it, all the movies from my time are¬†in color and with way cooler effects.

I didn’t like the movie but I do remember that afterwards my dad, sister, and I started making fun of it. In the beginning of the movie we get Citizen Kane’s last word which was “Rosebud”. We laughed because it was a really odd choice of words to say when you die and of course we couldn’t stop from thinking of a certain biological need (if you catch my drift). I also remember that after the movie ended my dad and I were so bored that we took a champagne bottle cork and his flip flops and started playing a ping pong like game that we called flip flop pong! Every time we hit the cork¬†we got a point and the points where scored in “rosebuds”. I know, it is stupid but we needed some sort of exercise to wake up. ūüôā


Citizen Kane (1941)


Of course as a little fashionista, I had to pay attention to the clothes that the girls were wearing which was pretty much the only fun I got out of the whole movie. There was not a lot of fashion as the movie concentrates mainly on the main character, Mr. Kane.  However, because Kane was pretty rich, he was able to buy his wives a lot of things. Some of the things they got were nice looking clothes and accessories for the era and I can always appreciate nice vintage pieces. In the first picture, his first wife Emily is wearing a dress where the sleeves come down to her shoulders with lace and flower details. The other two pictures are his second wife, Susan Kane. In the first picture Susan was wearing some sort of shawl with a fur detail  and a hat with waves in the front. The second picture shows her in a sheer shawl with crystal embellishments. This last outfit was my favorite outfit that came out of this movie because of how elegant it is.

And here I am as Mrs. Kane!

Citizen Kane First Wife[5]

Me as Mrs. Kane

Tantalizing Twenties: Thoroughly Modern Millie Flapper Costume

Thoroughly Mpdern Millie flapper costume teen fashion blog

Thoroughly Mpdern Millie flapper costume teen fashion blog

Thoroughly Mpdern Millie flapper costume teen fashion blog

As I have mentioned before in previous posts and in my about section, I’m in chorus. We do a lot of different concerts throughout the year and they are always super fun to do. The concert I enjoyed the most was our end of the year concert which we turned into an award show to honor seniors before they left. The award show we were trying to recreate in the auditorium was the Tony awards, but we named it the Rhoades awards after my chorus teacher. The Tony awards is an award show were they give awards based on Broadway performances. Each chorus class was given a different musical and it equaled a grand show over all. All of the chorus classes got assigned the song Anything Goes from the Broadway show Anything Goes as the opening and the ending. I’m in the beginners group and we were assigned to perform¬†songs from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.¬†For three months we practiced the song and¬†the dance so we would look amazing on stage. The practices were so much fun and I enjoyed getting to dance and sing because I¬†love doing both.¬†The women’s chorus class were assigned¬†Mama Mia, men’s chorus was assigned¬†Newsies, mixed was assigned¬†The¬†Lion King, show choir was assigned American Idiot,¬†and¬†the capella group was¬†assigned songs from West Side Story.

DSC_1844 1

DSC_1862 1

I thought show choir had the best performance because of how a lot of the members had great facial expressions, amazing voices, and lots of enthusiasm when they were singing. Plus I like a few Green Day songs that they sang so it was really entertaining to watch. All of the chorus groups did amazing and I enjoyed standing back stage and attending practices so I could sing along. Something you may not know about me is that I’m a huge musical girl. I enjoy being able to watch a movie and then all of a sudden hear a song with good lyrics and music to go with it. In my previous posts I mentioned how my favorite musical was Les Miserables, I was really upset when I found out that the year before I became a freshmen they did Les Mis and that I missed my opportunity in being able to perform¬†in¬†such an amazing musical. I dream of being able to sing One Day More along with other amazing voices, the layering of the voices would sound amazing.

To perform Thoroughly Modern Millie we¬†were told to dress up as flappers because Thoroughly Modern Millie takes place in 1922. My mom and I spent a couple nights looking for flapper dresses that were either purple, silver, black, white, or blue. I found this black flapper dress on Amazon and it looked amazing! I may have had a flapper dress on but I still didn’t look like I came from the 1920’s. To¬†get a more vintage look I added long pearls, long black gloves, and a very sparkly head band with lots of sparkle. The headpiece we did ourselves! The outfit looked great and it was comfortable to perform in. One of the things I was stressing about was having a wardrobe malfunction but everything turned out great. I did my best and I didn’t break any legs.


Me, Myself, and I: Middle Child

Middle Child

It’s been a while since the last time I did a Me, Myself, and I post and I decided to do yet another one! I wanted to talk about two of some very important people in my life, my sisters. My oldest sister’s name is Leighann and my younger sisters name is Megan. If you haven’t been able to guess yet, I’m the middle child of the family. Leighann is 21 and Megan is 13. Leighann has never really lived with us because she’s my half sister and she lives with her mom, but now that she’s 21 she moved out of her mom’s house. Even though I don’t get to see her as much as I would like to, I still always miss her and lover her. My younger sister lives in the same house as me so it can get a little fussy when having two teenagers in the same environment most of the day. My little sister and I fight a lot and we have our differences, some of our fights are really stupid! Although we fight a lot, I love her so much and she’s one of my best friends (a long with my mom of course). It’s becoming hard to hang out with my little sister now that we both don’t share a lot of the same interests. When we were smaller all we would do was play with dolls and go outside and play princess, but we’ve both grown out of that stage. Something that we both enjoy though is food, I like to cook sometimes and she likes to eat. Another interest we share is beauty, so what we will do is paint each others nails or do each others makeup. The way we found these similar interests was by sitting down together and talking about what we could do to spend more time with each other (which was my mom’s plan). Just yesterday my sister and I were watching George Lopez outside and we would both laugh so hard. Even though we just watched a comedian, I don’t think it will be easy to forget that day when all we did was just laugh together for the first time in a while. The picture above is a picture of my sisters and I when we went out on a little lunch and shop trip with my parents. That was a fun day because I got to be with all my sisters and at the same time go shopping!

Charming Madison,GA Day Trip

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

It is not easy to convince a teenage girl to get out of the house unless it is something fun, however my mom puts her foot down and drags us out every now and then just to make sure that we don’t forget to: “EXPERIENCE” as she likes to put it. Over spring break¬†we took a trip to Madison, GA. Madison was¬†voted as one of the 16th most top picturesque villages in the world by Budget Travel. I’m really glad that we all decided to go in mid spring because all of the plants, flowers, and animals were out and it was super pretty. At every corner there would be some sort of flower and explosions of color painted the town. I must say that along with the flowers came a hurricane of pollen. I wore grey oxfords to walk in and by the time I got home they had turned yellow. The first thing we did when we got to the little town was walk around and visit a few of the houses, such as this one house called the Rose Cottage. In some of the pictures that my mom took of the house you can see orbs (ghosts). We thought it was interesting that of all the pictures that were taken that day only in that house the orbs were captured. Can you see the one below in my shoulder as I reach to the tree? Spooky!

teen fashion blog

Madiso Day trip 3

teen fashion blog

We then went to the Madison Tea Room. Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt of  having a real tea party with tea cakes, finger sandwiches, and the fancy hats! When we walked into the Tea Room I was taken aback at how cute the place was and how I just wanted to get myself a table and start drinking tea. We actually met the lady who owns the Madison Tea Room and she was so kind! She let my sister and I try on some of the display hats and let us walk around and take a look at the place.

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

The architecture of the houses there was amazing. There were a lot of buildings and houses with antebellum architecture. If you have ever watched Gone with the Wind, then you would totally feel like Mrs. Scarlett in one of those huge houses. There were so many different buildings there and places to go.

Teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

Everywhere we would walk, there would always seem to be something historical. I remember once we stopped at one of the historical markers and it told us that at that place absolutely nothing happened. I laughed harder than I should have, I mean it was truly unexpected. Some of the historical markers talked about people they lost during wars like the Vietnam War and some even date back to the Civil War which I thought was pretty cool.

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fahsion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

teen fashion blog

There was this one little park in the town that was super spacious and instead of benches there were about 3 porch swings on each side of the park. My family has this tradition where when we go somewhere new, we make sure to stop at a candy shop and get fudge. We got some cookies and cream fudge along with some peanut butter fudge which both tasted amazing! Not only was the fudge good, but every other food we enjoyed while we were there. We stopped at one restaurant and got some mozzarella cheese, herbs, and tomato smoked together with pita bread and that was my favorite appetizer out of them all. Some other appetizers that we tried were homemade tortilla chips and a cheese dip, some roasted garlic hummus, and fried artichoke hearts which were all good as well. My family decided that we would just rather snack all day instead of eating lunch which turned out great because we got to sample different appetizers in different restaurants throughout town. I even¬†got to try¬†a Jack Daniels bread pudding that day. It was super good! I was kind of upset that I got stuffed halfway through the dessert and couldn’t finish it, I really wanted to finish it. If you live in the Atlanta area then I recommend Madison for a really fun and¬†economical day trip. I had a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure that you will too.

Me, Myself, and I: Chorus Girl

Me, myself and I chorus fanatic

The first Sunday of every month I am going to start posting a post that tells you guys a little more about me.¬†I think that it’s important that all of my readers know something about me, it helps you guys get an idea of the type of person I am.¬† I am going to be talking about hobbies, things I like, goals for my future, interesting stories about things I have experienced in my life so far, and anything else that will help you guys create a better picture of who I truly am. I have already mentioned a lot of things in my about section, but with these posts I will go more into depth about certain things and mention some more stuff you have not read before.

I love to sing and I love music, the feeling I get when I sing feels unreal. I sing so much around my house that I’m pretty sure that it’s starting to bother my family. Music is a big part of my life, I just love listening to the rhythm and trying to match it with my voice. I use music and singing as my stress reliever, because I think about the lyrics instead of what I’m worrying about. I love singing and music so much that I even joined chorus back in 5th grade. I got in and loved it ever since. Even though I didn’t join chorus in 6th and 7th grade, I got back into chorus in 8th grade. In chorus, we treat each other like family. Some of the people have arguments between themselves, but they always make up in the end. Recently I tried out for show choir, and I am happy to say that I got in! I’m super excited because ever since I watched the show Glee, all I ever wanted was to join a singing group like that. I love the concept of dancing along to music that I hear on the radio. I am so excited to start show choir because I have met a few of the upperclassmen in there and they are some pretty cool people! I plan to stay in chorus and show choir every year I am in high school. It feels good to have a class where I don’t have to stress about home work or upcoming tests.

Me, myself, and I chorus fanaticSomething I don’t like about chorus is the attire. We have to wear this all black dress that is really simple¬†with black flats. Not a very fun dress and not something I would wear by choice. My dad always make comments on how creepy I look because of the dress. One of the pictures above shows the full dress that I have to wear to every concert. The other picture shows a small part of the chorus on stage getting ready to sing one of the Festival pieces. In chorus right now we are working on Broadway pieces that will be preformed at our spring concert. We will be recreating the Tony Awards at our school with the Rhoades Awards! Mrs. Rhoades is our chorus teacher and she is really preppy and nice, she is a huge Broadway and Disney princess fanatic. The group I am in right now will be performing a Thoroughly Modern Milly song medley. Our opening and ending will be Anything Goes, which is all chorus groups dancing and singing. Maybe one of these days I will be able to post a YouTube video of one of our performances so you guys can get a better picture of what our chorus groups are like.

Thrift Finds

Thrift Shopping

Today I’m going to share with you a good shopping secret. It’s a¬†secret that will get you all the clothes you need, half of the normal price or less.¬†If you lean close enough you just might hear it. The secret is Thrift Stores. I know what you’re thinking, thrift stores are so uncool and no one likes to go there. I used to¬†think the same thing not too long ago. My mom then took me to a thrift store one day. She was looking for things to work with doing her crafts and table settings. I got bored and she told me to go ahead and look at the clothes. I gave her a weird look and refused. It later turned into her commanding me to look at the clothes. When I started looking, to my surprise I found a few nice shirts. I even found a belt which I desperately needed because it seems like I can never find pants that fit right.

I got four shirts and one belt. One of the shirts is floral print from Hollister, another shirt is floral print as well from The Loft, another one of the shirts was from Forever 21 which had a tribal look around the neck line, and the last shirt is black and blue stripes from Converse. The belt was a coral color, which was good because I needed a nice solid color that I didn’t already have. I paid about fifteen dollars for everything. Normally, with fifteen dollars I could only buy one shirt. I bought these shirts because I thought they would be great for future outfits to use¬†for the blog. Now when you guys see these shirts, you will know where I got them from. The reason I decided to share this tip with you guys is because people tend to think that you have to spend a lot of money in order to look good. That is not the case at all! It all depends on how you style the clothing, not where it comes from.

Ask.Fm, a Bully’s Weapon

Askfm and cyberbullying  teen fashion blog

Photo by

Today I will be talking about the social media site Although I don’t have an account, I do have a few friends who do. I have heard upsetting stories about the way the site is used therefore I thought I would be vocal about my beliefs around the site’s usage and the possible consequences of using it. ¬†To me having a discussion about it is another way to help you guys stay safe on the internet. All social media has its ups and downs, none are completely safe. is very popular among teenagers. The format is question and answer based, pretty much what you do is ask a person a question and the person gets the option to answer it or not. The thing about asking the person a question is that you can let them know who you are or you can do it anonymously. A person can either answer a question that is given to them by another person, or they can answer one of the daily questions that the site gives out. The site is meant for people who are 13 years of age or older, at least that is according to their terms of service. The site is not monitored by anybody, which can be really bad in some cases.

Bullies Wanted teen fashion blog can be rough on teenagers. This site has been used a lot for cyber bullying, there have been many problems that have been reported. This is an easy way for a person to get bullied because people are able to ask question on an anonymous status. That means that people are able to say bad things to a person and not get in trouble because they will never know who sent the question. People can also stalk you on there, they are able to see any of your previous activity from your profile page. There have been multiple cases of teen suicides due to the cyber bullying that happens on that site. I have a few friends that own an account themselves, and I have heard a few stories about how people ask them rude things. Some of my friends have gotten bullied pretty bad on this site. My advise is always the same, close the account and get support.

The only way you can prevent getting bullied on the site is by not getting an account at all. Users do have the option of blocking a person, but the person can still go on your profile page and look at your personal things. I don’t support because of all the harm it causes. How many more broken hearts, shattered self esteems, and deaths are going to have to happen until an adult steps in and decides to either shut it down or at least put some safeguards in place? Many people have sent complaints¬† to the founder of but he’s not shutting it down because he said that teens will still find a way to bully each other. That may be true but if shutting down the site may save a few lives, it’s all worth it. Every life is worth something and none are more important. Any life that we can possibly save is a step in the right direction. I read several heart breaking stories about the teens that committed suicide¬†during my research¬†. No child should have to go through that pain, so here I AM STANDING UP FOR THOSE BULLIED!

Here are some sites for your convenience. You can get a little more insight about the site and about the bullying that goes on every day.

Me, Myself and I: Les Miserables

les miserables teen fashion blog

I have been wanting to connect with you a guys a bit more, so I’m going to start doing posts about myself once a month. I will be talking about things I have done or that I am doing. I will be talking about things that I like and things that I can’t stand. If you guys read my About page you can learn a lot of the basics about me and even a bit about my past. With these posts I am going to start doing once a month, you get to know me a¬†bit better than what the About has to say.

My favorite movie is Les Miserables, the version that came out in 2012. I still remember those days at school where my friends would just rant about how amazing the movie was after they watched it at the movie theatre. I fell in love with the movie after I watched it. I’m a musical girl, there has not been a musical that I have not enjoyed yet. Les Mis is a musical, the music was amazing and the actors were perfection. That movie contained the best set of actors I have ever seen, they all knew how to act so well and they showed such powerful emotions. But don’t believe me, look it up, the movie received 8 Academy Awards nominations and won 3 Oscars. Evidently many other people agree with me. ūüôā My favorite song of the whole musical would have to be “One Day More”, they all harmonized so well together and the voices were so strong together.

The movie is about a thief, (Jean Valjean) who is trying to change his life around from his shameful past. He was arrested for 20 years for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister’s child who was starving. He was later released but seen as a convict by all, this makes it hard for him to find a job. In the beginning he lets go of the life of Jean Valjean, and transforms himself into Mr. Le Mayor. The movie takes place during the time of the French Revolution and we see the battles taken place. This movie had amazing music, wonderful actors, romance, action, and lots of emotion. I’m not one to cry easily at movies, but this one definitely had me crying… more like sobbing.¬†It is really¬†hard to write¬†what the movie is about because I¬†don’t want to give¬†away any spoilers.¬†I recommend that everyone watches this movie!

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My favorite character is Marius Pomercy. His voice is amazing, he is an amazing actor, handsome, and something about him just made me fall in love with his character instantly. When he sings “Empty chairs at empty tables” and ” A heart full of love” along with Cossette, I melt inside every time. There is just something about a guy that can sing that¬†catches me all the time. Another one of my favorite characters is Cossette. Her voice is so high and majestic, she sounds like an angel when she sings. One of my friend’s favorite character is Eponine, when we last watched the movie together she sang all of Eponine’s parts and I sang Cossette’s. We are always arguing about which character is better and it later turns into a long rant. When I watch the movie with my family I sing Marius’s part, and you should see me when I catch someone singing my part. I get upset and give them a death glare till they stop, or I tend to start singing louder than them so they know to stop.

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I am hooked on all of the songs from the movie, there is not a song that I don’t like listening to. I even have a Les Miserables station on Pandora, this allows me to sing to all of the songs till my little heart gives out. What I like to do when my parents are not home is turn up the Les Mis songs all the way up and sing as loud as I can. It would be a little embarrassing to have people around listening so I stick to doing it in private.