AFI Top 100 Movies #2: Casablanca, not a White House Documentary

casablanca teen fashion blog

Me as Ylsa

I can’t really recalled when was the first time I heard about Casablanca, but I know I was very young. As a child, I used the title to come up with an idea of what the movie was about so I thought it was a White House documentary for Hispanics because casa blanca means white house in Spanish. As the years went by I saw movies and shows making references using parts of the movie and I started to figure out that it was a love story. I was never the kind of girl who truly enjoyed love stories, I was always that little girl who would see my parents kiss and scream “ewww” afterwards. I’ll confess to still doing that to them now and then, but my sister harmonizes the ewwwwww with me so I’m not alone.

I watched Casablanca the other day with my sister and my parents and I didn’t enjoy this movie either. I will admit that I enjoyed it a bit more than Citizen Kane for sure! It’s going to be difficult for a movie to be worst than Citizen Kane. The reason I didn’t like this movie is because I feel like they had a great opportunity to make a great story out of it and they totally messed it up. This movie took place during World War II and I have always loved learning about that war because of all the interesting things that went on. They could have done a perfect love story movie about the war with Germany but instead they decided to make a really sucky love story out of it. If you really can name that a love story. That upsets me big time.

Another thing that upset me about this movie is the “love triangle”. It may just be that I’m too young to understand what it feels like to love another (or two) in that way, but I feel that love triangles are pretty pathetic. I would think that you would be able to know who you truly love easily because you would be willing to go the distance with them more than the other, but like I said, I have never experienced what it is to feel that kind of love. It didn’t help that Ylsa was also being a total brat in the movie! I felt so bad for the other men that she kept leading on! It’s almost as if none of the guys could win with that girl and it’s really not fair at all to them. Girl, stick to one man and quit cheating them both. You are in such desperate need of attention that you are wasting everybody’s time.

This  may be a bit off topic about what I was just ranting about but I thought that Yvonne was a lot prettier than Ylsa! Captain Louis Renault told Ylsa that she was the prettiest girl in Casablanca and all I could think was: “Are you blind?! Did you not just see Yvonne?” She was prettier than Ylsa therefore making her the reigning prettiest girl in Casablanca. Long may she reign.

I will admit that the movie did have a few key things that I found interesting. I heard a lot of quotes that came out of this movie that I have heard in multiple TV shows and movies. When Rick says “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” to Captain Louis Renault. Also when Ylsa says “Kiss me as if it were the last time” to Rick. I would have never guessed that those quotes came out of Casablanca and that impressed me quite a bit. My favorite quote out of the movie was when Rick said “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine…”. I found this quote really interesting, how funny it is that life throws people randomly into our lives because we have a purpose with them, as if everyone that comes in and out is there for a specific reason.

Casablanca teen fashion blog

Casablanca teen fashion blog

But back to what really is important to me about this movie, THE clothes! The clothes in this movie were super fabulous! Yvonne rocked this crop top with a deep V neck and a semi A-line skirt in the beginning of the movie. Then when she was leaving Rick’s club she put over this sheer cape looking thing over the outfit which made her look even more fabulous! You go glen coco!

casablanca teen fashion blog

Casablanca teen fashion blog

Casablanca Night Gown teen fashion blog

The next outfit is Ylsa wearing a striped shirt (can’t tell what colors because the movie is in BLACK AND WHITE and it totally sucks that I can’t tell what color pairing they did) under a white dress topped off with a big hat which sported the high fashion look. The next looks is Ylsa again wearing a white coat (or at least I imagine it white) and I absolutely love it, it’s super stylish and looks like something I would see a rich girl wearing in New York. The next picture is Ylsa wearing a silk nightgown in Paris which I found super elegant and luxurious. Imagine sleeping in silk every night, I would sleep like a baby.

Casablanca teen fashion blog  Kourtney Kardashian

On a completely different and random note, I was watching Casablanca and suddenly noticed the girl above and screamed Kourtney Kardashian! I can’t be the only one who thinks this girl looks a lot like a tired version of Kourtney. The faces are so similar that it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference. Weird!

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