FFF: Fab Fifty Friday

Fab Fifty Friday: FFF
Fab Fifty Friday: FFF by teen fashion blog featuring black sandals

Hey guys! I know I have not been posting much lately to this teen fashion blog, it’s getting closer to final exams and homework is just starting to pile on. Today is Friday, which means it’s a Fab Fifty Friday. I always get super excited to post these fifty dollar outfits because I can look at a really cute outfit and not hate the fact that I may not be able to afford everything . I mean an outfit, accessories, and shoes is an amazing deal for only fifty dollars. The best part is that some outfits may look a hundred times that price.

This Fab Fifty Friday I’m using a cute green dress that I found at persunmall.com! The dress was way too fabulous to turn down and only for 28 dollars! I immediately started working on an outfit for this dress and I found some more amazing deals. The shoes were super cute and only 15 dollars! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the prices, it almost felt too good to be true. The earrings were only 8 dollars, it’s not one of the best deals I have seen at Charming Charlie but it wasn’t bad for these earrings either. I love this outfit because of how elegant and modern it is. The cuts in the dress are very simple but clean and there are no patterns which makes the dress super chic. This look added up to be 50.99 which is only 99 cents over the budget, but hey just go look in some jean pockets or under you couch and I’m sure you’re bound to find some extra change laying around. Graduations are coming up and this would be an amazing outfit for that special event! Look classy and sophisticated on one of the biggest moments of your life!

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