Tribal Nation Series: Western Tribal Outfit

Western Tribal Outfit

Teen Fashion Blog

For this series I have tried to come up with a lot of unusual ways to use the tribal print. I wanted to create outfits for different occasions because it gives people a better idea of how to style it. I did a more western style outfit using the tribal pattern this time because it would be more of a challenge on my part. I know that the sound of it is really odd, but if you work it right it can look really good. I found this tribal skirt and by itself it didn’t look all that western, but I decided to play with it. I added a white t-shirt because I felt like adding a nice necklaces against the white background would look really good. I later found this necklace that contained the whites and pinks found in the skirt. To me it looked kind of like one of those thick tribal necklaces. I added the earrings because they matched really well with the necklace and the skirt. I added some boots that looked almost like cow girl boots because what is a western look without the boots? I wasn’t going to add a purse until I found this one, it had the colors from the outfit and to me it looked like a saddle. I think that this look is very western and still incorporates the tribal very well. Patterns are something you have to play around with. All patterns can be used in many ways, but they are not always used the are the right way.

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