FFF: Fab 50 Friday

$50 outfit teen fashion blog
FFF: Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog featuring a blue dress

These weeks go by so fast! It almost feels like I was writing for Fab 5o Friday two days ago, and here I am again writing another post for Friday. I can’t keep up with what day it is anymore, we are already into March and it still feels like January. What is this madness?! It’s harder to enjoy the little things when they are going by so fast, but all we can do is take them in and enjoy them for the time we have.

For this outfit I found this little romper that I thought was super adorable. You could stay simple and not put anything under for the summer, or you could play around with it like I did and add a shirt underneath. I did a white and black plaid shirt under the blue and black plaid romper because it adds an interesting look. I added the bracelets because the colors went with the outfit and they look young. I added the silver shoes because it adds another color to the outfit but it combines very well. I love this outfit for a trip to the store or to go on a vacation in the spring or summer. The look altogether may look a little odd with all the different colors, but that’s how we teenagers are. We are all a bit odds at time, yet we’re young and different from each other.

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