Monday Inspiration Outfit: Pink and Blue Table Setting

Monday Inspiration Outfit teen fashion blog

Do you know what day it is today? I know I do, it is inspiration Monday! I’m pretty sure that with all the Pinterest viewing I do, it should become an official hobby. I just think that it’s interesting to see things that other people like, gives me other perspectives sometimes. I get a lot of inspirations from things that I find on there, I also try a lot of recipes. By the way, don’t go on Pinterest when you are hungry. During Christmas time my mom found a lot of food recipes on Pinterest and they all turned out to be amazing. I have to say, I think Pinterest might be my drug. It grips me and keeps me in its death lock.

The most recent piece that interested me was this table setting. I know what you’re thinking, what is a teenage girl doing looking at table settings? Well my mom’s passion is creating tablescapes, so when she sees something she likes and pins it, I can see it on my wall as well. She’s always posting really pretty tablescapes, but I thought I would have a little more fun working with this one. I also thought the colors went really great together.

The dress is very modern and futuristic, kind of like the vases used to hold the flowers. I used this square blue purse because it looks like the napkins used. The shoes on the bottom are pink and silver, it is a little odd, but it is definitely fun and shows you’re ready for a party. The rest of the accessories are blue and silver. Inspiration comes from everywhere, anything can become a work of art.

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