Monday Inspiration Outfit: Rhino Shower Curtain

Monday Inspiration Outfit: Rhino Shower Curtain teen fashion blog

The purpose of writing this post was to show everyone how we can find inspirations for outfits in everything. Most designers create their clothing according to something they saw or experienced. Most of this teen fashion blogger’s Polyvore outfits are created because I find inspirations on objects or maybe even movies and feel those ideas would be perfect in an outfit. I look for an object that I like, then I turn it into an outfit.

This inspiration Monday I decided to use this rhino shower curtain. Last year my mom and I decided we needed to do some redecorating in the bathroom before our guests came over to spend Christmas with us. Our bathroom at the time was very bland and boring, plus the curtains and towels were sort of old. We started looking for shower curtains because we think of the shower curtain as the outfit in the bathroom. Plus it would be easier to gather towels and other bathroom accessories knowing the color palette we would be using. Anyways, we were looking for shower curtains and my mom found this rhino shower curtain. We didn’t use it for our bathroom but I did fall in love with the colors used. Then an idea struck me, how cool would it be to create an outfit using this as the inspiration piece. I got to work instantly and created this outfit on Polyvore. There are millions of inspirations out there. What was the last thing that inspired you?

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