FFF: Fab 50 Friday

$50 outfit teen fashion blog
FFF: Fab 50 Friday by teen fashion blog showing how to wear a white sweater
$50 Outfit
Finally it’s Friday again. I had a busy week trying to get all my homework done and studying  for my tests. Fridays give me a sense of relief because I feel like I have a nice break all to myself without having to worry about what is due the next day. The blog gives me a way to escape the daily pressures of school, it’s a way for me to relieve stress. I look forward to doing Fab Fifty Friday because I finally realize that there will be no school tomorrow. What I also love about Fab Fifty Friday is that it helps me create an idea of what I may want to get on my next shopping trips. This week I wanted to use a sweater for the top because I’ve been needing some more winter clothes, especially with the odd weather down in Georgia. I love the pattern and the colors. This is an outfit that I would definitely show off at school, as it shows my style and my outgoing personality.

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