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In the Spotlight teen fashion blog
In the Spotlight by teen fashion blog featuring a tripod floor lamp
Today I decided to go browsing through stores on the internet. If I can’t convince my mom into taking me to stores then I guess I’m going to have to depend on what the internet has to offer to me. I went straight to the webpages of the stores that I usually shop at and found many cute things but nothing stood out to me.  Finally I went to TJ Maxx to look at the clothes they had, and found these pairs of shoes. As you can see they come in two color palettes. The vibrant colors caught my attention immediately and I instantly fell in love with them. The pattern and style of the heel is cool and unique. I started thinking about outfits I could create with these heels and endless amount of outfits went through my head. I started imagining this shoe with a nice A-line skirt or a straight-leg trouser. What I love about this shoe is that it looks designer and expensive but it’s only forty dollars. This shoe is an amazing find because it’s affordable and can be a statement piece. I love finding clothes that look amazing but are really inexpensive, that just means I can buy more clothes. Whenever I go to an actual store, the first thing I do is hit the clearance racks for cute and cheap things. If I don’t find anything I make sure to make my way around the other areas. One of the shopping secrets I can share with you is to not wait until you have to go somewhere to buy an outfit. Always be on the lookout for discounts and buy those pieces you know you will be able to use in a thousand ways, because you never know when you will be invited somewhere special. What is your plan when shopping?

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