Doctor Who: A Happy Regeneration

Dr. Who outfit teen fashion blog
Dr. Who: A Happy Regeneration by teen fashion blog featuring word wall art

Last weekend I was invited to a birthday party that a friend of mine was hosting. The party theme was a Doctor Who party, so I guess you could say it was more of a regeneration party. She had planned out every little detail according to the show and I though she did really well with planning out the party herself. On her birthday cake she wrote out her name in Gallifrey, which is a language used in the show. She had multiple games using characters from Doctor Who such as pin the face on the Cassandra and weeping angel tag.  The decorations all consisted of Tardis blue and she had Bad Wolf written all over the place. She also tried to use food that you might have been able to find on the show. On one of the episodes the doctor was craving custard and fish fingers, what my friend did was get vanilla pudding and make cinnamon and sugar cookies in the shape of fish fingers. She dressed as the Doctor as well while she was hosting the party. The party was lots of fun and everyone participated in all the games and we all had a blast.

I have recently gotten into Doctor Who and my perspective at everything has changed. Now I can never look at a statue without thinking it’s a weeping angel and that it will attack me once I blink. The show is very different from anything I have seen before, I don’t understand how people are able to come up with ideas such as these. The show features a wide variety of aliens, some are good and some are the Doctor’s worst enemies. Basically the Doctor is a Time Lord, which is a form of alien species that has gone extinct due to the great time war between Time Lords and Daleks. The Doctor was able to escape on the Tardis before the Daleks got to him, the Tardis is the Doctor’s time machine. The Doctor and his companions, humans he picks to travel with him, try to keep the universe in balance. The Doctor doesn’t die, he regenerates, but he has a certain amount of regenerations he can use. I like the show because it always makes me think and it throws in lots of plot twists that I never see coming. I highly recommend people to watch the show.

This outfit is of course inspired by the show. I used the dark blue color in the outfit because it is the symbolic color for the show and because the Tardis is blue. I used lace up shoes because the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) usually wears lace up boots. I used a pocket watch necklace because in one of the shows they used a pocket watch with Gallifrey written all over it. I’m not going to tell you why the pocket watch was in the show, as River Song would say “spoilers!”. The earrings are Tardis blue as well to go along with the outfit. When I found the Tardis purse I knew that I had found the inspiration piece. This outfit is perfect to include in a teen fashion blog because of the big craze it’s been getting among teenagers. My favorite Doctor would have to be the 11th Doctor because of how odd he was compared to the other ones. Just by saying “bow ties are cool” he has caused many fans to go out and get bow ties in order to be like him. Do you watch Doctor Who? If so, which Doctor do you favor the most and why?

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